Why Legos are Great for Kids

This is NOT a sponsored post but it contains affiliate links.¬† I just love LEGOs and wanted to talk about them. ūüôā

Why Legos are Great for Kids

Legos were created in Demark in 1932.¬† These stackable interlocking colorful pieces of plastic quickly won over parent’s hearts across the globe. Fun fact: the name Lego is derived from the¬†Danish¬†phrase “leg godt”, which means “play well.”¬† These simple little plastic pieces have since expanded to become the brand most parents know, love, and hate to step on!¬† Lego bricks have grown from a random package of colorful interlocking bricks¬†(which were great on their own) to fabulous model kits where you can create extensive models for collecting. No matter what type of Lego bricks your child loves most, there‚Äôs one thing for sure: Legos are fantastic for child development. Here are the top five reasons why I feel Lego‚Äôs are great for kids.

Wash Legos

– Legos Grow With Your Child

I hate buying a toy that I know my child will discard by next year or will find babyish in a few years.¬† Legos aren’t like that.¬† They will be something kids will play with for years and years and years.¬† Legos have dominated the toy industry for creative kids and parents everywhere. Allowing your kids to own their own Legos from toddler years and beyond will inspire loads of family fun time.¬† Plus, it’s a toy that won’t get broken or too dirty!¬† All you have to do is grab a laundry bag and toss them in the dishwasher.¬† (You can buy the laundry bag set shown above here)

Lego Figures

– Teaches Color, Shapes, & Letters

Legos are a great tool for parents of younger kids as a means to teach color recognition. These fun stackable bricks that can be interconnected in so many ways arrive in a wide range of colors which can easily help any parent teach their kids about colors.¬† The simple sets of Legos even come with kits (plan books? I’m not sure the right term) for building objects of different colors!¬† (The set above can be purchased here)¬† With the bright colored blocks, kids‚Äô attention will be easily attracted to learn colors and shapes using Legos as the tool.¬† My kids know their colors, shapes, and alphabet now but they still enjoy writing messages out in Legos.

Lego Star Wars Set

– Improve Fine Motor Skills

Whether you‚Äôre raising a toddler or a child with special needs, there comes a time when you need to figure out a fun way to improve the fine motor skills of your kids. Legos are the perfect option for a child on the spectrum, a toddler, or anyone who has a learning disability that keeps them from developing fine motor skills naturally. Legos help improve those skills in a fun and low stress way.¬† Also, a quick search on Pinterest for “Lego fine motor skills” will pull up approximately a bazillion ideas for using Legos in other ways for strengthening fine motor skills (writing letters in Play Doh using Legos, etc).¬† For older kids who want to practice fine motor skills or just want a really cool Lego set I highly recommend the Star Wars set pictured above.¬† You can buy it on Amazon here.¬† My friend’s son had it and I was amazed at all the compartments that opened up and the detail included.¬† It was impressive!¬† The sets are a great way to get older kids to sit down and focus on something for more than a few minutes.

– Encourages Creativity

Kids are known to have a creative mind from day one. With each new experience, that creativity can be expanded to grow or diluted. Legos are a great way to encourage that creativity within kids without much effort. You can use Legos to help encourage your kids‚Äô creative side as they work to build Lego models or a creative masterpieces from scratch.¬† My kids aren’t into the super fancy structures (yet) but they love to create an imaginary world for their other playthings to venture into.¬† They don’t have any little Lego people yet and I’m quite happy with that because this way they feel free to incorporate many of their other toys into their imaginative play.

Twister Game

There you have it!¬† There is my short list of reasons why Legos are great for kids.¬† Regardless of your age, Legos are a great way to encourage sharing, connecting, and bonding, which is truly the biggest reasons why I love having Legos in our home.¬† Family time can’t be beat.¬† I remember when my son was too young to play with Legos he loved sorting the pieces in the kit for his daddy to put together.¬† We happened to get a Twister game for Christmas that year so that’s what he used to sort them on.¬† Each circle had a different color of blocks.¬† It wasn’t meant to be a permanent idea but it worked so well that we get the Twister mat out each time we sort through a Lego kit.¬† It helps keep the Legos contained too so I’m all for it.¬† Happy Lego building!!


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5 Tips for Storing Legos

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5 Tips for Storing Legos

5 Tips for Storing Legos

Many would argue that Legos are the best childhood toy for kids. It seems over the years, Legos have not lost their shine and have only increased in value. Over the years kids will accumulate more and more Legos leaving a parent uncertain how to maintain the storage units for these little bricks. If you are a parent who is sick of stepping on Legos all over your home, then these 5 tips for storing Legos will be your saving grace.  This post contains affiliate links.Large Lego Box

I’m a mom who is just starting out on her Lego journey this Christmas and I asked a friend of mine, a more experienced Lego mom if you will, to share her storage ideas with me.¬† She shared the tips and I found my favorite products to go along with each tip.¬† Thank you, Brandy!¬† While I’m not sure what I’ll go with yet, I’m leaning towards the storage drawers.¬† Do you Lego moms have any tips to share?¬† Do you keep Lego Friends sets separately from the loose Legos?¬† I have so much to learn!¬† Share all your tips in the comments please!

I bought two of the Large Lego Box pictured above.¬† Do you think that will be enough to get them started?¬† It’s going to be the big joint gift we give our kids this year.

(Check out my post on How to Save Money on Legos. Even though I just now made my first Lego purchase I’ve been scoping them out since this time last year.)

Stackable Organizer

Containers with Dividers

While this may be a tedious process, consider using containers like tackle boxes that have dividers. These containers will serve as a great way to divide bricks up based on size. Lego playtime will never be the same again when you organize each brick based on size into containers with dividers. Your kids will love being able to find the right brick for the right Lego project every time.  The one pictured above is only $29.95 on Amazon now.

Party Favor Buckets

Party Favor Buckets

You know those party favor buckets you can purchase for your child’s birthday party? Those buckets will work perfectly to gather up Legos in a neat fashion within your kid’s playroom or bedroom. Hang multiple party favor bins from the wall and have your kids sort through the Legos. The Legos can be organized by size, color or similar theme within each party favor bucket. You will be happy because this is the perfect décor addition to any bedroom too.  The party favor buckets above are less than $14 shipped right now on Amazon.

Play May and Storage

Storage Bean Bags

There are many storage style bean bags on the market these days. Consider investing in some of the storage style bean bags where kids can dump all of their Legos inside of this bag, close it up and toss it to the side of their bedroom or in the closet for future playtime. These storage bean bag ideas work perfectly for the parent of kids who don’t want any organization, they simply need a way to get the Legos up off the floor.¬† The Cinch Playmat and Backpack above is only $17.95 with free shipping on Amazon.

Storage for Legos

Storage Drawer Units

You probably have seen those inexpensive plastic storage containers that have drawers at your local Walmart or similar store. These storage units that have drawers are the perfect solution to any home filled with Lego lovers. Consider investing in a few of these plastic drawer type storage bins to ensure your kids always have a home for their Legos when done playing with them. The price is just right and these often go on sale during the holiday season.¬† The cart above is my favorite choice for Legos because it has wheels so it can move around easily, has see through bins, and the bins completely and easily life out to carry to your work space.¬† It doesn’t hurt that it’s attractive to look at too!¬† Right now, this is on sale for $45 shipped (down from $99) on Amazon.

Build a Lego Room

My last tip for storing Legos is to designate one room in the house that’s reserved solely for Legos. If you have a large enough home, then this option will work wonders. Have the kids work together to bring all of their Legos into this room where they have shelves and bins to organize their Legos in a clever way without ever worrying about their parents screaming as they step on a Lego in the middle of the night.

There you have it 5 tips for storing Legos so that you are no longer the parent who has to tip-toe around their home for fear of stepping on those sharp brick pieces. Legos are a great childhood toy that inspires creativity, now you can use these tips to teach organization and the importance of cleaning up after playtime.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

If you’re looking for a few last minute stocking stuffers for your kids this no-fail list will help you out.¬† Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!¬† Some of the items mentioned below were given to me, and some links are affiliate links but all the products here because I truly recommend them.
Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids

  1. Who doesn’t love candy?¬† I’d wager to guess that most kids do.¬† These Honey Gummy Bears are made with few and simple ingredients.¬† Nothing artificial, non -GMO, no high fructose corn syrup or gluten either.
  2. These Honey Gummy Bears are just as good as the ones above but they’re sour!¬† They’re my favorite go to gummy snack!¬† You can purchase both of these at LovelyCandyCo.com.
  3. Bandages.  My kids love bandages so I try to include a package  in their stocking every year.  These Shopkins bandages will be a hit with my daughter this year!
  4. This Princess Rapunzel Light is sure to light up any girl’s life.¬† I can almost guarantee the Belle one I got for my daughter will be her favorite gift at Christmas and all year long.¬† It looks good in the day and lit up at night.¬† It has a timer so it will go off on it’s own.¬† You can find more Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Hasbro, WB, Nick, and Universal branded lights here at Shop.3DLightFX.com.
  5. I was always given a toothbrush in my stocking growing up and I’m passing on that tradition to my kids.¬† BrushBuddies.com has a variety of fun character toothbrushes to choose from.
  6. Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles with Raspberry.¬† Enough said, right?¬† They just sound amazing…and they are!¬† Truly delicious and I love that they aren’t full of nasty ingredients.¬† These are also from¬†LovelyCandyCo.com.¬† These would make a great stocking stuffer for adults too!
  7. Pocket Tissues are also another household staple that isn’t too fun on it’s own.¬† Sure, the kids need to have them in their backpack and I always have a supply in my purse but these adorable ones will be fun to carry around.
  8. Mini Thomas the trains.¬† My son loves these and carries them with him everywhere.¬† They’re super cute and inexpensive too!¬† You can find them individually at local stores but this super hero pack is from Amazon.
  9. Last but not least, Thomas tissues.¬† Tissues are a necessity this time of year but if your little one is really little they may just enjoy playing with a box of tissues.¬† They’ll be amazed that they appear one after another after another.¬† When they’re done, they can play with the mountain of tissues and enjoy a Thomas themed box.

Number 3, 5, 7, & 9 are all from BrushBuddies.com.¬† If you use promo code BB1730 you’ll save 30% off the retail price of anything in their store.


I hope I gave you some ideas on usable gifts your kids will enjoy and won’t end up at the bottom of the toy bin the next week.¬† If you have a must-buy stocking stuffer idea that you buy every year I’d love to hear about it.¬† Leave me a comment below!

How to Save Money When Buying Legos

This post contains affiliate links.

Legos are a popular toy for kids for all ages. Even adults can be found enjoying a bit of Lego building time. As time has gone on though, Legos have increased in price substantially. These little bricks could cost you a fortune, but they don’t have to. Today, I want to share a few tips on how to save money when buying Legos so that your family can enjoy this quality time together and your bank account will remain happy.

How to Save Money Buying Legos

Check the Lego Store

If you live near a Lego store then you are in luck. They have a Pick & Build wall that can allow you to save some extra cash when buying Legos. This is the perfect way to get your hands on Legos at a reasonable price, so as long as you don’t mind that they are mix and match bricks versus actually sets of Legos.

Join the Lego VIP Club

There’s a Lego VIP club where you get to earn 1 VIP point for every $1 spent. It’s always great to be a part of a rewards program that gives you money to spend on items you already buy. If you find you purchase a lot of Legos, then this is a must join VIP club for you.

Check Online Sites

There are many online sites that sell Legos. Often you can find bundled sets on sale, especially during the holiday season. Lego sets that are no longer popular may be found on eBay or other online sites too. Keep your eyes out to comparison shop online before heading out to the Lego store.

Shop Thrift Stores

While you may not always find Legos at your local thrift store, they will arrive on occasion. Be certain to pick a day of the week where you venture into the local thrift shop to see what type of Legos may have come into the children’s area. This is the perfect way to save big on Legos.

Be Aware of Retail Prices

If you truly want to save money when buying Legos then you must in the know with retail pricing. This helps ensure you are truly getting a deal if you happen to see Legos on ‚Äúsale‚ÄĚ at a local store. Be educated in what the retail price is so that you don‚Äôt get fooled by that ‚Äúsale‚ÄĚ sign.

There you have it some easy suggestions on how you can save money when buying Legos. With the holiday season quickly approaching and Legos being a widely popular gift idea, these tips should help you expand your little Lego lover’s collection without going broke.

25 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner. There will be carols on the radio, stores decorating for the season and you will start to feel a bit jollier as Christmas gets closer. If you are a parent, though, you may be wondering what you should purchase the kids this season. With so many Christmas gift ideas out there for you to sift and sort through, I decided to create my own list of 25 Christmas gift ideas for kids to help alleviate a headache.  This list includes my affiliate links.

25 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

  1. Hatchimals CollEGGtible
  2. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
  3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II
  4. Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey
  5. Emoji Pillow
  6. Fidget Cube
  7. Fidget Spinner¬†(This link is to my favorite one, it’s well made and beautiful!!)
  8. Lego People/Figures
  9. The Pie Face Game
  10. Echo Dot
  11. Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker
  12. LuvaBella Baby Doll
  13. DIY Kaleidoscope Set for Kids
  14. Lite-Brite
  15. Star Wars Bladebuilders Spin-Action Lightsaber
  16. Professional Snow Cone Maker
  17. DC Super Hero Girls
  18. SELFIE Mic Music
  19. Quadrillion
  20. Speak Out Game
  21. Electric Light Blocks
  22. Crayola Emoji Maker
  23. Simon Air Game
  24. Graphic Skinz Design Studio
  25. Spirograph Deluxe Set

There you have it, 25 Christmas gift ideas for kids that range from little kids to older kids and covers boys and girls. Whether you are shopping for a household full of kids or one kid, it doesn’t matter. Each of these gift ideas are sure to be a hit this year at Christmas time.

Hot Christmas Toys 2017 – Best Buy Holiday Toy Catalog

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Christmas Toys

Best Buy is our go to spot for TVs, computers, and well just about any tech gadgetry but did you know they also carry toys? ¬†Not just video games but toy toys. ¬†From classic toys to learning toys to tech toys, Best Buy has a wide assortment of items sure to be on many kid’s Christmas lists.

Some of the brands and products include:

  • – Hasbro Dropmix
  • – Sphero (Mini, Droids, etc.)
  • – Barbie Dreamhouse
  • – Anki Cozmo
  • – Parker the Augmented Reality Bear
  • – Lego
  • – Hatchimals Surprise
  • – Recoil Laser Tag Starter Set
  • – Osmo
  • – FAO Schwarz

Best Buy has toys available for everyone, from ages 3 and up. ¬†Plus, while you’re there you can shop for the older “kids” on your shopping list too. ¬†I’ve enjoyed browsing the¬†Best Buy Holiday Toy Catalog¬†and found so many toys I know my kids would fall in love with. ¬†While Hatchimals and Laser Tag would be at the top of the list for most kids, mine are drawn to more classic and educational toys.


We already have an Osmo and my kids absolutely love it.  Any new sets that come with it would surely delight them!

FAO Schwarz

Both of my little darlings adore stuffed animals and especially soft teddy bears. ¬†I love all the toys we have from FAO Schwarz because they are quality made items. ¬†Before this Holiday Toy Catalog I didn’t realize Best Buy carried FAO Schwarz but I’m excited to learn that they do. ¬†We love this brand. ¬†Who couldn’t love this teddy with it’s adorable little posh sweater? ¬†Too cute!


Seedling Toy

This Seedling Parker bear is adorable and very educational! ¬†It can be played with on it’s own, which my kids would play with for hours…but it can also be used with an iPad for an augmented reality play experience. ¬†This is probably at the top of my list for my kids. ¬†Educational, cuddly, and fun? Win, win, win!

Have you looked at¬†Best Buy‚Äôs Holiday Toy Catalog¬†yet this year? ¬†If not, you should! ¬†What’s at the top of your kid’s wish list this year?

Organizing the Playroom Like a Pro

Organizing a playroom like a pro

I’m excited to share this post written by Barbara Reich, Professional Organizer & Author, ‚ÄúSecrets of an Organized Mom.‚ÄĚ ¬†I think you’ll love it! ¬†I’ll turn it over to her now.

The playroom. We all know it’s an integral part of our children’s lives, but it’s also that scary room with the clutter, the unidentifiable pieces, and the funny sounds that emerge even when the kids have been asleep for hours.

You do not have to fear your playroom. Just because this is a creative space for your children does not mean that it’s a room without rules. Think of your playroom as a classroom. From the earliest days in preschool your children are taught to clean up. Home shouldn’t be any different. Before you can instill these classroom like philosophies in your home you need to set up the infrastructure to make it easy and natural. Here are some easy rules and steps to follow to help make your playroom a livable space in your home.

Group like things together: Walk through the room and begin to group like items together. All of the small animals, all of the matchbox cars, all of the Barbie dolls, and all of the puzzles should be grouped together. Use clear plastic boxes or labeled bins to store the small items that are grouped. This enables your child to find the toys more easily and is more visually appealing than having them scattered all over the room.

Group small toys in clear plastic drawers that slide out. Little hands have a hard time opening boxes with lids, and this provides a sense of order to the little animals, card games, and super hero figurines that young children love to collect.

Label toy containers with both the name of the toy and with a picture. If it works for your children at school it should be no different at home.

Use adjustable shelving that conforms to what you need to store. Over the years, the size and shape of your children’s toys will change (while clothes get bigger, toys get smaller), so make sure your shelves can adapt.

Clutter will expand to the space you allot to it. Instead of focusing on how much more space you need, consider how much more space you’ll have if you discard the toys that are broken and are missing pieces, and the gifts your children have never used.

Throw things out! If there are pieces missing or something is broken get rid of it!

Organizing and the spirit of giving go hand in hand. Ask your child to think about what toys s/he has outgrown and may want to donate to children who are less fortunate.  Begin a tradition of purging several times a year (before birthdays, holidays, and the end of school). Not only does it teach your child about giving to others, but it results in extra shelf space before big influxes of toys.

About Barbara Reich:

Barbara Reich is a nationally recognized organizing expert who has appeared on the Today Show, Inside Edition, Fox News, and New York 1 and has been featured in the New York Times, New York Post, Real Simple, InStyle, People StyleWatch, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, AARP Magazine, and O Magazine among other publications. She is also the author of Secrets of an Organized Mom.   She lives in NYC with her husband, teenage twins and dog. More information about Barbara and her organization can be found at ResourcefulConsultants.com or on her Facebook Page.

LeapFrog’s LeapTV Game System

Disclosure: I did receive this gaming system from LeapFrog to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.


Do you like to have the latest gadgets? ¬†If so, you’ll want this new educational game for your kids. ¬†Most kids love video games, right? ¬†Well LeapTV has a great little innovative product that really combines learning with video games. ¬†Plus, it even involves elements of physical activity.

LeapFrog LeapTV

About LeapTV:

  • Gets minds and bodies moving
  • Educational, active video gaming system
  • Built just for kids ages 3-8
  • Three ways to play (body motion, classic control, and pointer – like a wand!)
  • Library of 100+ educator-approved games and videos that teach skills from reading to mathematics (sold separately)
  • From LeapFrog, the award-wining creator of educational entertainment

LeapPad Review

My daughter enjoys LeapFrog’s educational books, flash cards, games, toys, and videos. ¬†She LOVES her LeapPad! ¬†When our LeapTV¬†came in the mail she was very excited to give it a try.

LeapTV Games

Both of the games we received looked really fun but right away she was most interested in the Dance & Learn. ¬†She’s been dancing along with me to one of my Just Dance games….and she’s adorable. ¬†I’ll have to video her sometime! ¬†This was right up her alley. ¬†Dancing and learning combined! ¬†This video focused on building vocabulary, phonics, the alphabet, and compound words. ¬†This is perfect for the stage she’s at too because it featured some review (the alphabet) and some new concepts too (compound words). ¬†I’m always impressed¬†at how well LeapFrog’s products¬†build off each other.

LeapTV Review

What I love most about this system is that it gets little people’s minds and bodies working together in a fun new way! ¬†The needed coordination, quick thinking, and rhythm make this an exciting and interactive system.


Do you think the LeapTV is perfect for a child you know? ¬†You can check out more about this educational gaming system at leapfrog.com. I can tell you, it’s one of my top toy recommendations for Christmas. ¬†I highly recommend it! ¬†LeapTV retails for $149.99 and is available at Walmart, Toys R Us, Target, and online at leapfrog.com and¬†amazon.com.

LeapTV Animal Salon

Prince Lionheart’s Wheely Bug Review

I’m here to tell you about the CUTEST, most adorable little mouse you ever did see! ¬†Do you think Cinderella’s mice friends were cute? ¬†Well, they may be but let me tell you, they’ve got nothing on this mouse.

Wheely Bug!

Seeeeee! ¬†I told you so. ¬†: ) ¬†This mouse is a Wheely Bug from Prince Lionheart. ¬†They gave one to my daughter to try out and she absolutely adores it. ¬†She’s had it now for several months and it’s still a toy she plays with daily. ¬†She’ll bring it food to eat, sit on it to draw or read, and of course she enjoys riding it around our house.

She enjoys riding it so much that I had a very difficult time snapping a picture with her on the mouse where she wasn’t moving. ¬†Even when she reads or draws on it she’ll scoot around a little at a time.

Wheely Bug

Here’s a picture I managed to take¬†while she held still for a few seconds. ¬†Aren’t the mouse ears a fun touch? ¬†I think they’re technically supposed to be in front of the handlebar but she likes to move them behind sometimes…and put hair bows on them.

Not only does my daughter love her little mouse but I do too. ¬†It’s a quiet toy that helps her be active and use her imagination. ¬†That’s a big win in this mama’s book! ¬†It’s a classic toy¬†that’s built well to last a long time. ¬†I imagine her kids will be able to play with this one day. ¬†It’s base is made of wood and the mouse itself is covered in a soft but sturdy material called PU. ¬†That’s a poly synthetic, man made, leather that’s waterproof for easy clean up (from the inevitable spills that come from having a toddler). ¬†It’s multidirectional castors are perfect to help her take laps around our living room with ease.

Riding Wheely Bug

Check out the mouse’s cute tail as my daughter rides away!

The Wheely Bug is a simple toy that gets hours of use in our home and I highly recommend it to anyone with a little one.  They come in two different sizes:

  • – Small 15″ L x 9″ W x 8 ¬ĺ ” H (seat) for 1.5 yrs + ($69.99)
  • – Large 18 ¬Ĺ ” x 11″ x 10 ¬Ĺ ” for 3yrs + ($79.99)

Click here to go to Prince Lionheart to take a look for yourself!

Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Grill Giveaway Ends Aug. 23rd

Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Get Out 'n' Grill Giveaway

Have you checked out the Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Get Out ‘n’ Grill?

Adorable toy for your little ones this fall from Little Tikes!

The kit includes a grill with a lid that opens and closes, a sink to the left of the grill and a burner to the right. The side burner has two pegs on the front to hold the included spatula and tongs. ¬†It also has a cute burner cover and clicking dial. There are two clicking dials on the front and one igniter button just like mommy and daddy‚Äôs grill. ¬†Plus, there are two shelves in the grill so one shelf can be used for burgers and one for hot dogs…or corn or peppers if your kids get creative. ¬†This set comes with a hot dog and bun, hamburger with bun, and a ketchup bottle. ¬†Other food and accessories are sold separately though.

Danielle from Family Centsability was able to have her kids review this grill and they loved it! ¬†Here’s what she has to say, “My 2 year old is able to use his imagination while my 8 month old loves to climb up against it and grab the individual pieces, which, I might add, are big enough and safe to leave out around him!” ¬†You can check out her full Little Tikes Grill Review to find out more!

Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Get Out 'n' Grill toy


Giveaway details:

Prize: Little Tikes Backyard Barbecue Get Out ‘n’ Grill

Entry dates: 12:01am EST 08/09/13 until 12:01am EST 08/23/13

Enter to win: Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Please allow a moment for it to load. All entries are optional but the more entries completed, the more chances you will have of winning!

The winner will be drawn through the Rafflecopter widget then contacted via email. They will have 48 hours to reply with their mailing address. The winner’s name and address will be sent directly to the sponsor so they can mail out the prize.  If a winner does not reply within 48 hours a new winner will be drawn.

Good luck!!!

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