I’m a firm believer in beauty.  I love beauty.  My aim with this blog is to create something beautiful that is worthy of your time.I appreciate fine and beautiful things but they aren’t my treasures.  I know what is really important in this life and I know it’s not things.I am constantly on the look-out for ways to simplify and organize every aspect of life — from the way I manage my time and money, to the recipes I make each day, how I clean and organize our home, and especially in my role as a work-from-home mom, wife, caregiver, volunteer, business person, etc!


I’m Ashley, the wife of a wonderful man, Michael, and mommy to a precious little girl and sweet little boy.   I’m passionate about making the most of the time I have here on earth.
Do you ever wonder how to find balance and purpose in your busy life?  This blog, along with our other sites, is dedicated to encouraging you in the many roles and relationships you have.  You’ll find articles and resources added regularly under each topic. So, pull up a cozy chair, a cup of coffee, and stay for a while.