Second Chance to Win on eBay with Liberty Mutual Insurance

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Liberty Mutual Insurance for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever bid on something on eBay only to have someone swoop in at the last second and outbid you?  I’ve been there many times and I hate it when that happens!  Now, with Liberty Mutual Insurance eBay Bid Protection, you might get a second chance at that lost item!


I’ve been outbid before.  I spent time searching for that rare item and researched a good and fair price to offer.  I placed my starting bid, not too high but not too low.  Hours go by and no one bids against me.  I wait, and wait, and wait.  With only a few minutes to go I refresh the page frantically.  I have a second tab open in case I need to raise my bid.  It has my max bid typed in and ready to go.  Refresh, refresh.  I think to myself, “Yes, I’ve got this!”  With two seconds remaining someone out-bid me.  I scramble to submit my highest bid but it’s too late.  I see the “You’ve Been Outbid” notice.  Ahhh, so much time wasted!

If you’re an eBay shopper, I’m sure you’ve been there too.  It’s disappointing.  Wouldn’t it be great to get a second chance at that eBay auction you lost and have that possession you had your sights set on?  Yes, I think so!  Well, with Liberty Mutual Bid Protection Sweepstakes you can enter a sweepstakes to win an item that you were outbid on!

This sweepstakes covers items that are in the Cars & Trucks and Home & Garden categories of the eBay marketplace.  You could win a CAR!!!

Here’s how you can enter:

  • – First, go register!  Easy peasy.
  • – Then, anytime you place a losing bid on an item in the Cars & Trucks or Home & Garden categories between $500 and $1000, you are automatically entered!

This sweepstakes ends September 1, 2015 so you have plenty of time to browse around and enter!  Happy Shopping!

* Eligible entries are losing bids in the cars & trucks category between $15,000 and $30,000 placed by June 15, 2015, as well as any other losing bids on items in the cars and trucks or home & garden categories between $500 and $1,000 placed by September 1, 2015.

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Wasting Time + Puddle Jumper Review

This post brought to you by Stearns Puddle Jumpers®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Embracing Homemaking.

I firmly believe that it’s important to occasionally “waste time.”  Kids young and old need to take time and just “be.”  When I reflect on my summers as I child I remember swinging, swimming, exploring, studying the clouds, and joking with friends.  We never wore watches but when it started to get late we listened for the call for dinner.  Be it good or bad, times have changed.  Kids don’t wear watches because they all carry cell phones.  As a parent, I want to be intentional about my parenting this summer.  I greatly desire to slow down and enjoy life.  I want my daughter to spend time reading, playing with friends, building things, going for walks, getting wet, and to learn new things about the outdoors that surround her.

During the childlike season of summer, I hope to embrace the simple moments.  I only wish my parents and grandparents lived closer so that they could spend a lazy summer afternoon with my kids, just as I spent time and learned invaluable lessons from the “downtime” with my grandparents and great aunts.

While I wish for nothing but smiles I giggles I have to plan ahead to keep my kids safe.  Among other preparations, I think having a good flotation device for each child is imperative if you plan on going near the water.

Puddle Jumper

Do we plan on getting wet, this summer?  Ooooh yea!

My daughter above is sporting an adorable vintage Janie & Jack swimsuit (check out other cute little girl swimsuits!) and her brand new, Coast Guard approved, Puddle Jumper.

Puddle Jumper Turtle

Unlike a standard bulky life vest that can inhibit their swimming, the Puddle Jumper allows for a wide range of movement.  Each arm has a buoyant band and across the chest is another flotation device.  All three sections are connected with a soft but sturdy material and then it buckles in the back.  This genius design allows youngin’s to float with their head held up completely out of the water.  While it’s secondary to the huge safety benefit, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t require time to blow it up!

The Stearns Puddle Jumper is the perfect accessory to ensure safe water play in either the backyard or public pool. Visit for more information.

Blue Puddle Jumper

It’s adorable and affordable.  I don’t know a mom who doesn’t love these!  Check out, my friend, Trisha’s little guy sporting his cute Puddle Jumper!

Do you plan on slowing down this summer?  Besides playing with sidewalk chalk and looking for dinosaurs in the clouds, what simple moments do you look forward to creating?

Summers fly by when children are young – mark this one with the intention to grow closer to those you love.

Happy summer!

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Sterling Prevail Shower Door

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sterling for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Along with summer’s sweat, sunscreen, and dirt comes more baths for the little ones!  Baths can be a headache for some but for us, the key to a smooth bath time has been routine!


When we announce it’s time for a bath my daughter knows what to expect.  She knows that it’s her job to get her pjs, Dad will run the bath water, and I’ll carry my son and grab his clothes and the towels.  Then my daughter picks which towel she’ll use (her brother is still too young to care) and we begin.  We always clean the hair first because it’s their least favorite, then wash everywhere else, and then they can play.

Establishing our routine has helped cut down on meltdowns because there are no surprises and no negotiations taking place.  We have our routines for morning and bed time too.  For me, it’s critical to have a routine when they are the sleepiest.  That way there’s no debate, it’s just time for so and so.

Does your family benefit from a bath time routine?

Bath time means a lot of lifting kids into the water (thanks, hubby!) and a lot of leaning over to scrub little dirty toes. Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology are a great addition to any family’s bathtub (or shower).  It has a flexible track, which is comfortable, easy to clean, and a smart addition to any showering space.  Unlike other tracks you don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on it or it digging into your elbows when your cleaning the kiddos.  It’s also great for washing dogs and for relaxing in the tub with your feet up – things you can’t do with a hard shower track, but the ComforTrack technology makes it possible.

The track is also extremely durable.  Its heavy-duty material withstands rigorous testing, ensuring that it will outlast day-to-day wear and tear. What’s more, the track features a low profile and sleek shape that is easy to keep clean. This innovation is truly a win-win for today’s homeowner.

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Do you have any tips for making bath time with kids easier?