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Along with summer’s sweat, sunscreen, and dirt comes more baths for the little ones!  Baths can be a headache for some but for us, the key to a smooth bath time has been routine!


When we announce it’s time for a bath my daughter knows what to expect.  She knows that it’s her job to get her pjs, Dad will run the bath water, and I’ll carry my son and grab his clothes and the towels.  Then my daughter picks which towel she’ll use (her brother is still too young to care) and we begin.  We always clean the hair first because it’s their least favorite, then wash everywhere else, and then they can play.

Establishing our routine has helped cut down on meltdowns because there are no surprises and no negotiations taking place.  We have our routines for morning and bed time too.  For me, it’s critical to have a routine when they are the sleepiest.  That way there’s no debate, it’s just time for so and so.

Does your family benefit from a bath time routine?

Bath time means a lot of lifting kids into the water (thanks, hubby!) and a lot of leaning over to scrub little dirty toes. Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology are a great addition to any family’s bathtub (or shower).  It has a flexible track, which is comfortable, easy to clean, and a smart addition to any showering space.  Unlike other tracks you don’t have to worry about accidentally stepping on it or it digging into your elbows when your cleaning the kiddos.  It’s also great for washing dogs and for relaxing in the tub with your feet up – things you can’t do with a hard shower track, but the ComforTrack technology makes it possible.

The track is also extremely durable.  Its heavy-duty material withstands rigorous testing, ensuring that it will outlast day-to-day wear and tear. What’s more, the track features a low profile and sleek shape that is easy to keep clean. This innovation is truly a win-win for today’s homeowner.

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Do you have any tips for making bath time with kids easier?

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  1. Our routine has been a little off since it is summer, but during the school year we stick pretty closely to it. It was so much faster to bathe all the kids when I could throw all 3 in the tub at once!

  2. Having two older boys, getting them to bathe can be a chore in itself! It was so much easier when they actually wanted to take a bath rather than fighting me to get in the shower every day.

  3. Bathtub is so much fun with my little guy! He loves to sit there and play with his toys.

  4. I think this flexible track is awesome! They sooo should have had this years ago!

  5. My kids love bathtime so theyre in there forever. We need to give them time limits and set alarms tohelp them stick to that!

  6. I can feel the pain of leaning over a metal rail in my mind. This is SUCH a better alternative!

  7. That was one of the main reasons why I never wanted a sliding shower door, the hard tracks! Very cool product. My kiddo loves bathtime, and I really need to make it into a routine because we do struggle sometimes with getting the hair washed and limiting the time playing.

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