January Decluttering Challenge 2019

January Declutter Challenge

It’s easy to collect things through the year.  Things we don’t need.  Things others could use.  Things we can sell.  Things we need to find and just put to use.  At least my family does this.  If you have too much stuff and your house could use a decluttering jump start then this challenge is for you.  This January Decluttering Challenge is a daily checklist for you to easily remove things from your home that you no longer need.  Feel free to donate, gift, recycle, or use up these items before opting to throw them away.

We have an active and encouraging Live With Less Facebook group that I would love to have you join.  You can share before and after photos, ask for advice, and share encouraging photos of things you’re letting go of.  You can join by clicking here.


Happy New Year!  I hope you’ll join our Live With Less Facebook group so we can connect and chat!

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  1. Anyway to get notifications daily on what to work on? It would not let me click the notify boxes below.

    • Hmm, I’m curious what notify boxes you’re seeing. Unfortunately, we don’t have an email reminder for each day but if you join our Facebook group called Live With Less (the one that’s linked to in the post) you can get daily reminders there. Plus, you’ll be able to see other people’s posts of what they’re letting go of and interact with others if you choose to. It truly is a great community of people.

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