How to Keep the Kids Happy in the Car

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Helping your kids get in the “auto attitude” can be helpful in keeping them happy on the road.

Keep Kids Happy in the Car

Do your kids fight against car rides? Sometimes explaining expectations for behavior can help prevent a lot of issues that would arise. Kids CAN be logical, especially if we model it. Mentally preparing them with consistent instructions is a great way to break the brooding habits.

  •  –  You are in a contained place.
    Discuss the surroundings. This concept is similar to using your inside voice. Because we are inside, we should be quiet; we should be giving; and we should be
  • –  You have rules for your safety.
    “I know you’re in the the third grade, but you still have to sit in your booster seat.” We all know that as our babies get older they want more freedom, even at the cost of safety because they don’t understand the consequences. It might be effective to discuss the repercussions in a child appropriate way of not being safe, like not sitting in your booster seat, playing with the windows, and not wearing your seat belt.
  • –  You need to be considerate of the driver.
    Along with the previous idea, kids should be aware that their actions can have implications on others. Carefully explain what effect they could have on you as a driver. They should also be aware that they could distract other drivers by distracting you, like a domino effect. This would be a great and easy object lesson to show that personal responsibility affect the group.
  • –  You can have fun in the car!
    So far this has been a pretty serious talk or series of talks you’ve had with the munchkins. Now’s a good time to bring in the big guns – fun! By suggesting ways they can have fun in the car and facilitating those ways, you’re teaching your young sponge-minds that they are in charge of their own situation based on perspective. Being positive right before a car ride makes a big difference too. Something like, “We’re going to be in the car for 45-minutes, so this is a great time to…”

Being prepared with repetitive guidelines and having a positive attitude about the car ride can make all the difference. What are some ways you prepare your kids to go on the road?

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