Kitchen Decluttering – 12 Week Challenge


Welcome to the first week of the 12 Week Declutter Challenge! I am thrilled to start this adventure with all of you!

Remember this week’s challenge will officially begin on February 21st but feel free to work ahead!  For full details on the challenge click the link here.


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Remember to join this challenge you need to join our Live With Less Facebook group or email me the pictures of your progress.  Between you and me, the group is way cooler because it’s full of fabulous people with loads of encouragement!

Without further ado, here is the rundown on Week #1!

Area #1 is the Kitchen/Pantry

The 5 Sections are as follows:

  • – Counters
  • – Cabinets
  • – Pantry
  • – Drawers
  • – Refrigerator and freezer

Here’s an example of what your week may look like.

Sunday – Rest, work ahead, add an album in our Live With Less Facebook group for this challenge, whatever you want to do!

Monday – Counters

Tuesday – Cabinets

Wednesday – Pantry

Thursday – Drawers

Friday – Refrigerator and freezer

Saturday – Rest, catch up, work ahead, whatever you want but make sure you add the photos of the work you’ve accomplished this week to our Live With Less Facebook group.

What if you have an enormous kitchen and only get 2/3 of your cabinets decluttered?  That still counts because you got two+ cabinets cleared.  Hopefully it will be motivation to clean the rest too but for this challenge you’ve met the requirements.

Ideas for the Kitchen

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  1. Lynn Chenard says:

    It is stated that the challenge starts on Feb. 21st which is a Sunday but the order is starting on Monday…I am confused (it happens often!!). Which is it? Also I was wondering if the kitchen included the dining room? If yes I am in a lot of trouble…so much work for a day, even a week…hope the answer is no (fingers crossed!)

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