Spice Drawer Organization!

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Spice Drawer Organization - Clever!

One area in my home that was always messy was my spice cabinet!  Because of the numerous products out there for spice organization I will assume I wasn’t alone.  Here are a few products that might get the job done but weren’t a good fit for me.  {Keep reading for my solution!}

Spice Cabinet Steps

These little steps for your spices are cute and would fit them nicely in a cabinet.  They’re an affordable option at only $7.99 at Bed Bath & beyond.  However, I see myself reaching for a spice on the top rack and knocking a bottle or two crashing to the ground below.  I fear I would often be left cleaning up a mess of spices broken glass.  This is definitely not a good option for a.) clumsy people or b.) short folk.

Spice Rack Pull Out

This Spice Stack sells for $24.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond and holds 18 full size bottles.  Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t this option look way to complicated.  There’s no doubt I would be pulling out every drawer to find the spice I needed in the last drawer.

Spice Rack Towel Holder

This Paper Towel Holder with Spice Rack is adorable no doubt but less than practical in my opinion.  Coming in at $79.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond it’s definitely not a cheap option to hold five spice bottles.  Plus, I don’t need another thing to dust in my house.

Magnetic Spice Rack

This storage method has no doubt made it’s way onto thousands of Pinterest boards…I think it may even be on one of mine.  However, what it boasts of in beauty, it lacks in practicality.  There’s no doubt that these magnetic storage tins are adorable.  You could store them inside of a cabinet, on the wall, or even on the back of your oven.  At $19.99 for 6 at Bed Bath & Beyond, there not a bad price either.  My problem with them is the size.  They are too small to hold a full bottle of say, Thyme.  What do you do with the half empty containers until it’s time for a refill?  It’s my prediction that these might cause more clutter than they save.  Yes, you could buy the smaller and much more expensive containers but who wants to do that?  Plus, how would you store bay leaves or other longer spices in these tins?  Break them in half?  I’m not sold.

Rotating Spice Rack

I happen to own this spice rack and I love it!  It was a wedding present from years ago that’s held up very well and I still get compliments on it.  I do believe it’s gone down in price since I added it to my registry too!  It now sells for $59.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I have no problem with this spice rack per se but I just need more space than 20 jars can give me.  While I’m still using this spice rack I’ve also found a fabulous other solution to help store all my spices.

Spice Drawer - Genius!!!

My solution: a spice drawer!

You could buy one of those fancy trays to stick in your drawer or make your own but I’m here to tell you that lying them flat works just fine.  I filled my drawer with all of my spices and stacked them so there wasn’t much room to roll around.  Now I can just open my spice drawer and find what I want without having to pull, lift, or rotate the bottles to read them.

For those curious folk who are studying that picture to see how I have them organized I’ll let you know that it’s nothing special.  There’s no alphabetical order or special formula, it’s just in the order of the most used to least used.  You may also notice that I’m a little brand loyal but not entirely.

Right now, I’m very happy with this solution and I’m sharing it in case it might help you too.  If you found this helpful pin it on Pinterest so others can find it too!

What spice organization are you currently using and are you happy with it?

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  1. I haven’t ever thought about a spice drawer, great idea. I have a ton of spices but I have them in racks.

  2. What a great idea! I need to clean out one of my drawers & do this- I use a step shelf kind of thing & knock mine over ALL THE TIME.

  3. We have a big basket of spices…and then a cabinet and then some that are just always out. This is so organized it made me weep a little. I want a spice drawer. So, this is now a weekend project! Thanks! 🙂

  4. suelee1998 says

    I have so many spices! I just wish I had room and a free drawer to organize them this way, this is a great idea.

  5. Jennifer Soltys says

    Very nice! I have all my spices in a cabinet taking up valuable space in my tiny kitchen!! I will have to take your suggestions.

  6. Daisy Tremorev says

    How cool! I need to copy your idea and organize our spices.

  7. How smart. I use a spice stacker but would never have thought of doing a spice drawer. Clever you!

  8. Virginia @thatbaldchick says

    I don’t have a drawer big enough for all of my spices, but your drawer turned out great!

  9. This looks so much better than all of my spice jars all over the oven, in the cabinets, etc! Thanks for a great idea!

  10. Tammy_3DifferentDirections says

    Mine are just on a shelf in my pantry – at least their all in one spot, but they aren’t organized in any way at all in that spot, lol.

  11. SippyCupMom says

    I love all of these ideas! I really need to organize mine.

  12. Megan MNMSpecial says

    I have never tried a drawer. I’m not sure I can give up the realestate, haha. Great ideas.

  13. You just made my OCD soooo happy.

  14. I always try to organize my spice rack….then I use a few spices and never put them back where they go. But I love the idea 🙂

  15. Holly Zegalia says

    Mine are all cluttered in the middle of the cabinet.

  16. I use the one that you twirl on the counter!

  17. Crystal Gibson says

    We have a spice cabinet and it is packed full. It’s the little narrow cabinet by the stove. I hate it but we have no other place. I may have to figure out a way to convert one of the drawers to a spice drawer. I love Bed Bath & Beyond. We have one very near to us that I shop in often.

  18. I would love to be more organized when it comes to all my spices. Right now I have them on a shelf and on lazy susan.

  19. Melissa Au says

    I have a cupboard with everything in it. There isn’t any organization to it at all. This is something that I definitely need to get on top of this year!

  20. Mommys_Busy says

    Hah! Love how you show off all those other racks and then basically shoot them down since they won’t work for you. That drawer option is great, until you need like 10 spices for one meal and suddenly the drawer’s a total mess. Though if you get a few of those super cheap dividers just for size, that’d prob solve that issue too.

  21. Digna Dreibelbis says

    I have a similar metal spice rack and I love it. The only thing I don’t like about these counter racks is how the containers get so dusty and greasy. Yuk. I wish I had more cabinet room so I could get it off the counter.

  22. Wendy Del Monte says

    I have that Spice Stack and I love it! I need to go through all my spices to check for freshness, too!

  23. Hmmm love the idea and think this could work? I would need to relocate some things from one drawer so this could happen, and yet doable. Surprised I didn’t think of this one sooner! Love it!

  24. My spices are in a small, upper cabinet and it is difficult to get to those in the back. I really don’t even know what is back there. I’ll move my dish towels from a large drawer to baskets in that cabinet so I can move my spices to a drawer. This will force me to get rid of long-forgotten, stale spices and par down to what I use.

  25. Mine are in a small cabinet too. I will move dish towels from a drawer to that cabinet so I can put my spices in the drawer.

  26. Yes as much as I loved this idea, when attempting such we have way too many spice containers for the drawer I was planning to use. This is a bummer because it is my hubby who is the cook and makes use of most of these spices. I have already tossed spices I thought should have gone and he was not happy. ha? Either way I’m mulling over how to deal with the current situation though I assure you if in its current cabinet location, we do have a lot of spices!!

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