Sandwich Ideas for Kids

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I was a picky eater because my mom was a picky eater, because her mom was a picky eater.  I’m going to stop this here.  To the best of my ability, I’m going to try to keep from daughter from being a picky eater.  I may not have the time to fix a fancy gourmet dish every meal but I will make the time to give her a variety of foods.  For instance, we’ll often eat sandwiches for lunch but we try not to do the same sandwich but once every few weeks.

Bubble Cheese

One of her favorites, which we serve with veggie sticks and nuts, is what we call a bubble cheese sandwich.  It’s a slice of cheese broiled on a piece of bread.  Quick, easy, FUN, and yummy!  {Check out our 30+ wholesome snack ideas for kids}

Sliced Grape Sandwich

We just recently tried out a sandwich which her great grandmother greatly loved.  A sliced grape and peanut butter sandwich!  We put a slice of bread on top but I wanted to give you a picture of what it looks like inside.  It’s a fresh take on peanut butter and jelly!

Ham and cheese sandwich

We take a plain old ham and cheese sandwich up a notch buy adding mayonnaise on one side, butter on the other, and a sprinkle of oregano.  Toasted bread if I want to really take it over the top. 🙂

Nature's Harvest

Fixing meals for kids is fun because they’ll love anything…most of the time.  To make delicious sandwiches, start with Nature’s Harvest® bread.  It has at least 8 grams of whole wheat in every serving.  You can find Nature’s Harvest at your local Walmart.

What’s one of your family’s favorite unusual sandwiches?

My Love of Walnuts Revealed!

This post is brought to you by Emerald® Nuts. All opinions are my own. 

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved walnuts.  My mom always stored the ones she used for baking in the freezer {Is that normal?  I do it now too because she did but I never stopped to think about it before now.}…and I would always sneak a few for a snack.  I couldn’t help myself, they are so good!!  Until recently, I never knew anyone else liked walnuts for a snack.  Cashews, sure, everyone and their mom likes those.  Almonds, yes, especially people looking to curb their appetite.  Walnuts?  Who knew it was a common snack?  I’m so glad to have discovered Emerald®’s Almonds and Walnuts travel container.

Emerald Nuts

It’s my two favorite nuts in one easy to carry container.  By the way, my daughter is now hooked on both walnuts and almonds.  Hey, at least it’s a healthy thing to be addicted too!  Check her out toting her can of nuts on the back of her bike.  She’s just now learning to ride a bike and she thinks she can’t get on unless there’s something riding behind her.  🙂  I love this stage!

Emerald Almonds and Walnuts

My son also likes our new healthy snack, not because he can partake himself but because he likes to use it as his personal maraca anytime we leave it within his reach.  He’s at a fun stage too!

Here are the other Emerald Nuts varieties available:

  • – Whole Cashews
  • – Deluxe Mixed Nuts
  • – Peanut, Almonds, and Cashews

They make a great snack to keep in your diaper bag or car for snacking on the go!  If you’re a nut for walnuts, like me, look for Emerald nuts at your local Walmart.  Here’s a printable coupon for $0.55 off a can!

Nature’s Harvest Sandwich Art Contest

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Nature’s Harvest®.

If there is one thing my daughter and I like to do together, it’s to be creative!  Whether it’s making paintings for Daddy to hang up at work, inventing crazy dance moves, storytelling or cooking together, she likes to be original!  This week my daughter and I had a fun time experimenting with different sandwiches and different shapes we could form them into.  Works of art, I tell you!  Does your family like to make creative sandwiches too….or do you think they would?  If so, you should stretch your creative muscle and enter Nature’s Harvest® Sandwich Art Facebook Contest!


Nature’s Harvest® Bread is baked fresh with at least 8 grams of whole grains per serving and it comes in several different family friendly varieties. In a recent survey of moms with children ages four to 13, Nature’s Harvest learned that nearly half of moms are concerned about their children’s nutrition and that 52% consider whole grains one of the most important nutritional considerations when they purchase food at the grocery store. When looking for a great tasting bread with whole grains, Nature’s Harvest is “The easy choice for whole grains.” Isn’t it great that there are no artificial flavors or colors?  It seems like everything these days has artificial ingredients inside.

I was telling my friend, Danielle from about our creative lunch endeavor and she loved the idea.  She has two young boys that are similar ages to my children and it was fun to talk about different lunches we could create using things we already have.  We both have noticed one thing – even though it takes a bit more effort to make a creatively displayed sandwich our kids end up eating them better and eating healthier foods than they would have otherwise.  Healthier foods, eating without complaining, children helping with the prep work?  Win, win, win!


Fun Flower Sandwich for Kids

This was my daughter’s favorite sandwich of the week!  I would have personally gone with the dinosaur but she’s a girly girl and of course she loves the flower the best.  This was very was fun and simple to make.

Here’s how we made our flower sandwich:

  1. First we cut circles our of two slices of bread using an upside down cup.
  2. We put peanut butter between them.
  3. Added Smucker’s jelly on top with a spoon.
  4. Cut American cheese into triangles with a knife and laid around the flower.
  5. I cut the carrots and cucumber slices.
  6. My daughter arranged the carrots to form the stem and the cucumber slices to represent the ground.
  7. Garnish the flower with frozen blueberries and you’re done!

Do you have some sandwich art skills?  If so, make sure you enter the contest!

Emerald Breakfast on the Go

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Emerald®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Breakfast isn’t always easy, is it?  Especially breakfast on the run!  I’m thankful to be able to stay at home and make my kid’s breakfast most mornings.  My husband usually has to scurry off to work before it’s ready so he is often one of the many, many Americans who eat breakfast on the go.  Sometimes I have to get out of the house early with the kids too so I find myself eating a bowl of cereal like a mad woman.  I hate that feeling but I need that fuel to keep me going so I can press on with my day.

Emerald Breakfast On the Go

There is an easier way!  I’ve recently discovered Emerald® Breakfast on the Go!™ Nutty Bites.  We have only tried the Cinnamon Pecan flavor so far but I can tell you that it was such a hit with my family that we’ll be grabbing a few other varieties next time we’re at Walmart!

Breakfast takes a little pre-planning but a busy day is no reason to skip the most important meal of the day.  Emerald’s Breakfast on the Go bites are full of nutty protein to help keep us full so we aren’t tempted to snack the rest of the morning.

Speaking of snacking, I think these will now be a regular staple in my diaper bag for when someone (who didn’t eat a protein filled breakfast) gets the munchies before it’s lunchtime.

If that wasn’t good enough- you have a chance to get a free $5 gift card from Walmart to buy these for free!  The first 100 people that complete the survey at will gt a $5 Walmart gift card!  Like Emerald on Facebook to stay in the know!

Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

This post is in partnership with SUNSTAR GUM, but opinions are my own.


Did you know that about half of Americans 30 and older have gum disease?  I didn’t until recently!  As I’m nearing the big 3-0 I’m starting to take my health more seriously than before.  Mainly because I want to keep my metabolism going as strong as it can but the care of teeth AND gums is important to overall health too!  The main cause of inflammation in the gums is an accumulation of dental plaque.  Plaque doesn’t really hurt teeth at all but it is very bad for gums!  It can cause tooth loss, receding gums, tooth sensitivity and pain.  Gum disease (also known as gingivitis) has even been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and other illnesses.  When left untreated, gum disease, can lead to tooth loss and can even develop into periodontal disease.  Periodontal disease can harm your teeth themselves and your bones, not just the gums!


Here are simple tips for to maintain healthy gums and fight gum disease:

– Brush your teeth twice a day – Brush gently in circles and gently brush up to the gum line.

– Floss daily – My husband likes to say, “You only have to floss the teeth you want to keep.”  Flossing is important and with the fun flossers they have now a days there’s no excuse to not be practicing good flossing habits with your kids.

– Avoid sugar – Try and limit your consumption of acidic and sugary foods and drinks.

– Visit your dentist – Try to get a cleaning twice a year. Your dentist will not only make your teeth feel brand new but they’ll also keep an eye on any red flags you may have.  It’s always better to catch gum disease and cavities early!

– Don’t smoke – This is a given, right?  Smoking (and snuff) not only yellows your pearly whites but they can have an adverse affect on your gum health.

Gum Disease Prevention

SUNSTAR GUM wants to make sure that adults and children know how and are equipped to protect themselves from gum disease.  In fact, they’re so passionate about gum health that they’ve launched a campaign #YourGumsMatter.

Take pride in your smile and take steps to protect it everyday.  You only get one set of teeth, make them last!