Zero Prep – Road Trip Car Games for Kids

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Road Trip Car Games for Kids

Car trips can be awful but I’ve found them to be sooooooo much fun if I go into them with a good attitude and a plan.  I’m all for kids getting bored but I think it’s fun to mix in a few games along the way too.  Let them come up with their own games too!  I bet they’ll surprise you with what they create!  In the mean time, here are my zero prep – road trip car games for kids.  I hope your family finds them helpful!

I Spy

How to Play: Someone says, “I spy with my little eye something…” (Or the old version my great aunt taught me, that goes “Riddle, Riddle, Riddle Marie, I see something you don’t see and it is…”)  Either of those statements are followed with a clue to an object that someone sees.  The clues are usually based on color.  For example, ….something that is red.  A fun twist is to give a shape as a clue.


The Banana Game

How to Play: Each time someone sees a yellow vehicle, they yell out “Banana!” and they receive a point.  The player with the most points at the end of the predetermined time or when you reach your destination is the winner.  A fun twist on this game is to have kids find a specific model or type of car instead of color.  My kids love to find mustangs and convertibles.


Count the…

How to Play: Pick anything that you want your kids to count and begin.  We count school buses on the way to school every day (we homeschool so this is only once a week for co-op but they have fun with it).  We count motorcycles on Saturdays because my son loves motorcycles and loves to see how many are on the road this time of year.  We had 19 last Saturday and we only went to three places.



How to Play: This is an easy but a short lived game.  We get to play it twice on our way to visit family though so it’s a keeper in our house.  When you enter a tunnel, everyone holds their breath.  I used to love this game but I’m old and lazy now. ha. Whoever can hold their breath the longest is the winner!


Name That Tune

How to Play: My kids loves this game but I am absolutely dreadful at it. My kids play it by humming a song and letting everyone else try to guess the name of that song.  I can’t eeeeeever win.  Never ever.  Maybe if we played snippets of songs on the radio I might have a better chance?  Nah, probably not.



Family Road Trip Songs



How to Play: I love storytelling and find much value in being about to tell stories.  This is one fun and super easy way to help cultivate the love of storytelling in my kids.  One person starts the story with a sentence, such as “Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden who lived in a humble cottage.” Players continue taking turns adding a new sentence at a time until the story until it’s complete or it becomes too ridiculous and everyone is doubled over laughing. I always imagined these would be fun to write down but I’ve never actually done it.  Maybe I could secretly record my family the next time we play.  That would be a fun memory to look back on years from now.


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Springtime is Playtime – Voice of Play

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My family loves spending time outdoors and now that spring has sprung we’re itching to get outdoors again.  There’s something about hearing the wind blowing, smelling freshly mowed grass, and at this time of year, hearing the baby birds chirping.  Plus, it’s the best way to get a little energy out of kiddos that have been house bound all day.

My daughter loves to make up games as she runs around the yard.  Those are the best games!  The rules are fluid and change as we go but it’s always fun.

Duck Duck Goose

Duck, duck, goose is a family favorite.  We’ve played it by our own rules for so long that I really can’t remember how it’s played correctly.  My daughter’s favorite part is how we describe each duck as we go around tapping heads.  For instance, happy duck, silly duck, or angry duck and we have to make the expression of the name we’re given.  It’s fun but of course any game can be made fun when playing with family!

Play at the Park

Recently, we’ve rediscovered our love of local parks.  Some have full on sun and some have shade.  Some have rubber mulch and some have sand.  Some have fully updated equipment and some have mostly broken pieces.  All of them are wonderful!  They provide a place to get some energy out, soak up some vitamin D, and meet some new playmates.  As a homeschooling mom it’s important for me to squeeze in every bit of socialization I can while out and about and the parks are a great place for that.

That picture of my son cracks me up.  He always insists on swinging face down.  I like to think he’s pretending to be Superman.

Playing at the Park

Check out this picture of my son who loved running free at the park.  That was his favorite activity.

What are your favorite outdoor activities to do during the warm days of spring?

Ideas for Outdoor Family Fun

Outdoor Play

At last, the days are getting longer and spring is on its way. It may still be a while before it’s warm enough to enjoy outdoor games with your youngsters, but now’s a great time to start planning your family activities for the warmer weather. Here are some simple games that you can enjoy with your kids in the comfort and convenience of your yard.

Make a base

It doesn’t take much to fire children’s imaginations. With some simple garden toys and equipment, you can help your little ones to create bases and dens that will keep them occupied for hours on end. Slides and climbing frames are always a hit, and tents can also be ideal. Bear in mind that these games are usually best if siblings and friends join in.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Hunt for treasure

No tot can resist the allure of a treasure hunt. You can hide all manner of objects around your garden, from sweets to toys. To ratchet up the excitement, introduce an element of competition. You might pit your kids against each other to see who can find the most objects, or introduce a time limit to make the challenge more difficult. However, to prevent squabbles, try to make these games fair and always share out the spoils.

Test your kids’ sporting skills

You no doubt want to ensure that your youngsters get plenty of exercise, and what better way to encourage them to burn some energy than by organizing your very own sports day. You can include everything from running races to obstacle courses and egg and spoon races.

Painting With Water

Get creative

You can also make use of your yard for a variety of creative activities. For example, give your kids some chalk and let them write and draw on your paving slabs. This might look messy, but a splash of water will quickly clear the scribbles away. Even easier, get your kids painting patterns with water. All you need for this is a container of water and an old paintbrush.

With games like these, you won’t struggle to keep your tots entertained this sunny season.