Ideas for Outdoor Family Fun

Outdoor Play

At last, the days are getting longer and spring is on its way. It may still be a while before it’s warm enough to enjoy outdoor games with your youngsters, but now’s a great time to start planning your family activities for the warmer weather. Here are some simple games that you can enjoy with your kids in the comfort and convenience of your yard.

Make a base

It doesn’t take much to fire children’s imaginations. With some simple garden toys and equipment, you can help your little ones to create bases and dens that will keep them occupied for hours on end. Slides and climbing frames are always a hit, and tents can also be ideal. Bear in mind that these games are usually best if siblings and friends join in.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Hunt for treasure

No tot can resist the allure of a treasure hunt. You can hide all manner of objects around your garden, from sweets to toys. To ratchet up the excitement, introduce an element of competition. You might pit your kids against each other to see who can find the most objects, or introduce a time limit to make the challenge more difficult. However, to prevent squabbles, try to make these games fair and always share out the spoils.

Test your kids’ sporting skills

You no doubt want to ensure that your youngsters get plenty of exercise, and what better way to encourage them to burn some energy than by organizing your very own sports day. You can include everything from running races to obstacle courses and egg and spoon races.

Painting With Water

Get creative

You can also make use of your yard for a variety of creative activities. For example, give your kids some chalk and let them write and draw on your paving slabs. This might look messy, but a splash of water will quickly clear the scribbles away. Even easier, get your kids painting patterns with water. All you need for this is a container of water and an old paintbrush.

With games like these, you won’t struggle to keep your tots entertained this sunny season.

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