Spice Drawer Organization!

Quick disclosure: I’m an affiliate of Bed Bath & Beyond and I’ve used my affiliate links below.  If you purchase anything through my link I’ll get a tiny amount and it won’t cost you a penny more.

Spice Drawer Organization - Clever!

One area in my home that was always messy was my spice cabinet!  Because of the numerous products out there for spice organization I will assume I wasn’t alone.  Here are a few products that might get the job done but weren’t a good fit for me.  {Keep reading for my solution!}

Spice Cabinet Steps

These little steps for your spices are cute and would fit them nicely in a cabinet.  They’re an affordable option at only $7.99 at Bed Bath & beyond.  However, I see myself reaching for a spice on the top rack and knocking a bottle or two crashing to the ground below.  I fear I would often be left cleaning up a mess of spices broken glass.  This is definitely not a good option for a.) clumsy people or b.) short folk.

Spice Rack Pull Out

This Spice Stack sells for $24.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond and holds 18 full size bottles.  Maybe it’s just me but doesn’t this option look way to complicated.  There’s no doubt I would be pulling out every drawer to find the spice I needed in the last drawer.

Spice Rack Towel Holder

This Paper Towel Holder with Spice Rack is adorable no doubt but less than practical in my opinion.  Coming in at $79.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond it’s definitely not a cheap option to hold five spice bottles.  Plus, I don’t need another thing to dust in my house.

Magnetic Spice Rack

This storage method has no doubt made it’s way onto thousands of Pinterest boards…I think it may even be on one of mine.  However, what it boasts of in beauty, it lacks in practicality.  There’s no doubt that these magnetic storage tins are adorable.  You could store them inside of a cabinet, on the wall, or even on the back of your oven.  At $19.99 for 6 at Bed Bath & Beyond, there not a bad price either.  My problem with them is the size.  They are too small to hold a full bottle of say, Thyme.  What do you do with the half empty containers until it’s time for a refill?  It’s my prediction that these might cause more clutter than they save.  Yes, you could buy the smaller and much more expensive containers but who wants to do that?  Plus, how would you store bay leaves or other longer spices in these tins?  Break them in half?  I’m not sold.

Rotating Spice Rack

I happen to own this spice rack and I love it!  It was a wedding present from years ago that’s held up very well and I still get compliments on it.  I do believe it’s gone down in price since I added it to my registry too!  It now sells for $59.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond.  I have no problem with this spice rack per se but I just need more space than 20 jars can give me.  While I’m still using this spice rack I’ve also found a fabulous other solution to help store all my spices.

Spice Drawer - Genius!!!

My solution: a spice drawer!

You could buy one of those fancy trays to stick in your drawer or make your own but I’m here to tell you that lying them flat works just fine.  I filled my drawer with all of my spices and stacked them so there wasn’t much room to roll around.  Now I can just open my spice drawer and find what I want without having to pull, lift, or rotate the bottles to read them.

For those curious folk who are studying that picture to see how I have them organized I’ll let you know that it’s nothing special.  There’s no alphabetical order or special formula, it’s just in the order of the most used to least used.  You may also notice that I’m a little brand loyal but not entirely.

Right now, I’m very happy with this solution and I’m sharing it in case it might help you too.  If you found this helpful pin it on Pinterest so others can find it too!

What spice organization are you currently using and are you happy with it?

Free Weekly Meal Plan

Free Weekly Meal Plan

Meal planning. Do those words send chills through your body like they do mine?

I’ve often told my husband that if he would just tell me what he wants to eat for the week then I’ll have it ready each night.  Of course, he’s too sweet and just says something like, “I know whatever you fix I’ll love.”

For me to meal plan I have to sit down with him and plan what we’ll have.  The choices overwhelm me.  I know that sounds silly but they do!

It comes as no surprise that I’m not one of those on-top-of-things bloggers who has a meal plan on their blog every week along with printable shopping lists.  haha  Nooo, not me.

Lucky for you (and ME!) I have a blogging friend who I just love to pieces, who has created a weekly meal plan on her blog.  You all know Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen, right?  Well, if not, this is a great time to hop over to her site to get to know her and see all the yummy recipes that she has to offer.  I’m very, VERY, very excited about this new feature on her site and I hope that you are too.  She even has a gluten-free option listed for each day as well.  I can’t wait to try some new recipes and have a plan for next week!