Benefits of Drinking Water and How to Enjoy It

Most of you know that drinking water is beneficial after all our bodies are mostly made up of water. With that being said, what we know to be good for us isn’t always easy to do. Many people struggle with drinking an adequate amount of water on a daily basis, so today I wanted to share a few benefits of drinking water and then some tips on how to enjoy drinking water. This should help inspire you to get clever with water intake and in turn, start being hydrated on a regular basis.

Benefits of Drinking Water and How to Enjoy It

Alleviate Headaches

When you start to feel headaches coming in, grab a cup of water and drink. Often times we get headaches because our body is telling us we need more water. Drinking water will help alleviate headaches over time, as you work to get your body back to a proper level of hydration.

Promotes Weight Loss

Another benefit of drinking water is that it helps promote weight loss. Since water has zero calorie content, you’re not putting extra calories into your body. When you drink more water, it helps your stomach feel full and in turn, you start to see that scale move down finally.

Flushes Toxins

Drinking water is one of the best ways to help flush your body of toxins. We eat so many different types of foods and drink things that aren’t good for us. If you’re looking to keep those toxins at bay, then increase your water consumption as it is a natural way to flush toxins from your system.

Maintains Regularity

Lastly, drinking the proper intake of water on a daily basis will help keep your body hydrated which ultimately helps maintain regularity. We often suffer from constipation because our body doesn’t have enough fluids. Water is the perfect solution to help you get back to being regular.

How to Enjoy Drinking Water

There are many options on the market for water bottles that can help you enjoy drinking water. Whether you order a sports bottle that has lines to track how much you drank or a humorous sports bottle meant to inspire you or cheer you on as you chug that water, you can easily enjoy drinking water using a sports bottle.

You may also purchase fruit infuser bottles. These water bottles make it easy to add cucumbers, lemons or even blueberries into your water without the added bad stuff that comes with flavored water. Adding a little natural flavor to your water is a great way to maintain proper health while enjoying a favorite flavor.

Why I’m Not Giving Up On Modern Medicine

This post is from my new friend Jessi who writes at

Why I'm Not Giving Up On Modern Medicine!



If anything made me a true believer in modern medicine, it was having a preemie. The simple fact is if Jack had been born 20 years ago, he would not be alive. Modern medicine saved my life and his in every way possible.

Hospital Paperwork

See all these pages? It’s some of the record of his extraordinary care.

Each page describes the procedures, medicine, and care instructions for our boy’s 115 day NICU stay. The very marvels of modern medicine that allowed him to survive are contained therein. It represents the decades upon decades of painstaking research to understand things like TPN, surfactant, IVH, NEC, Apnea, Bradycardia, BPD… and that is just scratching the initial surface.

First Day of School!

Of course Jack has been out of the NICU for over four years now, but his medical care continues and our life in and out of hospital walls is just something we have to deal with… because it is how our boy lives, whether we like it or not. His chronic conditions – hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy – require an incredible amount of intervention and they are not going away. So, yeah, you bet I am thanking God for every, single advancement in the field of medicine. For the things that keep him alive and for the new and promising treatments on the horizon.

Unfortunately, I have seen some alarming trends taking place within our privileged American society, the very society that used to be a beacon of medical hope for so many. Instead of embracing and promoting the advancement and treatment of conditions like cerebral palsy with traditional medicine (think clinical trial and FDA approval), I see some jumping on a different bandwagon. Peddlers touting a cure by diet.  People clamoring that babies not get vaccinated. Those claiming “cure-alls” with things like scented oils.

The sad thing? We are so desperate for these “cures” that some of us are giving up on modern medicine for a quick fix. We are buying into 21st century snake oil propaganda.

Friends, I know preemie parent desperation. I know the feeling that we would give anything, pay anything, for a cure for our child. For the chance at a better life.

But I know desperation is no place to make an informed decision about such life and death matters. I hear the same story from my readers, from my friends. Their child has some sort of condition, and people scream out “No! Don’t take that over-the-counter med! All-natural is best!” Not only are these statements the epitome of a guilt trip, it is the opposite of safe advice. All-natural is great for minor illnesses, but we are not messing around here. There is nothing about Jack that I would put in the “minor” category. His life is at stake.

What a tricky world we have to navigate as preemie parents.

I know what it is like to blog about your child not eating and then find an in-box full of messages from well-meaning people about nutritional supplements. You go to any of these websites and they are touted as the end-all to I know what it is like to see my internet pages peppered with CP related advertisements about super secret treatments. I have gotten messages about “clinics” in South America and somehow they are the only place in the entire world with the magic pill! And then the next week, I see a report on these shady “doctors” getting wealthy off of gullible and desperate parents. There is a whole underground industry of these folks preying on the vulnerable.

I have learned to be vigilant. Please don’t buy into the quick fix. Please don’t disregard decades of scientific research for a fad. Being vigilant and trusting our primary doctor has been the only way to make it through without either hurting our child, or going bankrupt.