A Happy Life is a Daily Decision – Celebrate it!

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I think a happy marriage, or a happy life, is a daily decision.  A decision to celebrate the little things and not get too wrapped up in the unimportant.  To focus on the good instead of the bad.

To celebrate being alive and healthy.

Flowers from kids

To cherish the weeds given from a loving heart.

Paint Pallets

To enjoy new paint pallets and the opportunity to express yourself.

Shaker Cabinets

To enjoy your newly decorated shelves even if you don’t have the crown molding installed yet.  The shelves are finally like I had envisioned when we ordered the cabinets a half a year ago!

Pyramid of toys

To appreciate your child’s pyramid of toys they erected before falling asleep.

Life isn’t lived from one big celebration to another.  Birthdays and holidays are spread out too far for that!  I’m trying to remind myself to focus on the positive because I truly have a lot to be thankful for!

How do you celebrate things?  In our house we like to celebrate by singing and dancing together….and food.  We love a good meal!

Bertolli Meal

Just this week we celebrated my daughter learning to whistle with this delicious Bertolli Chicken Florentine & Farfalle meal for two.  With salad and bread we spread the meal out and made it work for the three of us.

Bertolli Chicken Florentine & Farfalle

This meal is delicious and only takes 11 minutes to cook!  That’s my kind of meal.  We like to keep the Bertolli Frozen Chicken Florentine and P.F. Chang’s Frozen Beef and Broccoli on hand for such spontaneous celebrations.  They are both delicious and cook in a short amount of time.

Bertolli Skillet Meal

Simply pour, cover, and stir occasionally. Voila!  It’s that easy and incredibly delicious.  My daughter loves it so much that she has declared spinach her new favorite food.

Bertolli Meal for Two

We’re looking forward to celebrating the beginning of potty training soon (and hopefully the end!), my daughter’s first loose tooth, her first field trip, her last day of school, and so many more!  How do you celebrate life?

Italian Proverb

Crock Pot White Chicken Chili Recipe

White Chicken Chili

A dear friend of mine made this chili for the first time the other day and was sweet enough to share some with me.  It is amazing!  Being the blogger that I am, I took a picture of it when I ate the leftovers the next day.  I hope you’ll give it a try and if you do, stop back by here to let us know how you liked her recipe.  I think you’ll love it!

White Chicken Chili
Recipe Type: Crock Pot
Author: Stephanie – EmbracingHomemaking.net
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 6
This is a hearty meal that is a breeze to throw together. Plus, it freezes well!
  • 3 frozen Chicken breasts
  • 1 can of Black beans (don’t drain)
  • 1 can of Corn (don’t drain)
  • 1 can of Kidney beans (don’t drain)
  • 1 can of Rotel (don’t drain)
  • 1 package of Ranch dressing mix
  • 2 8 oz. of Cream cheese
  • 1 package of Shredded mozzarella cheese
  1. Put all of the ingredients in the crock pot and cook for about 8 hours.
  2. After the chicken is cooked, shred it.


Free Weekly Meal Plan

Free Weekly Meal Plan

Meal planning. Do those words send chills through your body like they do mine?

I’ve often told my husband that if he would just tell me what he wants to eat for the week then I’ll have it ready each night.  Of course, he’s too sweet and just says something like, “I know whatever you fix I’ll love.”

For me to meal plan I have to sit down with him and plan what we’ll have.  The choices overwhelm me.  I know that sounds silly but they do!

It comes as no surprise that I’m not one of those on-top-of-things bloggers who has a meal plan on their blog every week along with printable shopping lists.  haha  Nooo, not me.

Lucky for you (and ME!) I have a blogging friend who I just love to pieces, who has created a weekly meal plan on her blog.  You all know Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen, right?  Well, if not, this is a great time to hop over to her site to get to know her and see all the yummy recipes that she has to offer.  I’m very, VERY, very excited about this new feature on her site and I hope that you are too.  She even has a gluten-free option listed for each day as well.  I can’t wait to try some new recipes and have a plan for next week!