Wet Ones Six Flags Giveaway!

I am that mom.  Yes, that one.  I always have wipes with me.  Baby wipes?  Maybe.  Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes?  Always.  As a parent I want my kid to have fun playing at the playground and with friends but when it’s time to leave they know to grab a Wet One.  Germs don’t stand a chance with me. 🙂  As a part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, I am partnering with Wet Ones wipes to get the word out about the Wet Ones Six Flags Kid’s Ticket Offer (which is totally awesome I might add!!).  As a #WetOnesAmbassador I am being compensated by Wet Ones to participate in this campaign.

Wet Ones

I loved going to amusement parks when I was younger and I’m excited about the opportunity to take my kids to Six Flags soon.  We just got our tickets in the mail this week!  Along with my bottle of sunscreen and my tube of Chapstick you can bet I’ll be taking a stash of Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes.  They’re a great way to wipe off dirt and grime from messy tables but are also great for cleaning hands before eating.  They kill 99.9% of germs.  When you can’t get to a sink with soap, this is the next best thing. …or maybe better since you don’t have to wrangle the dirty door knob on your way out of the bathroom.  (Am I the only one who struggles with this?)  I love that Wet Ones are hypoallergenic so they don’t even irritate my son’s sensitive skin.  They’re great for even the littlest of hands.  They have added aloe and lanolin so they don’t dry out your hands – I love that because I’m also a lotion freak.  I just want constantly clean and moisturized hands, is that too much to ask? 🙂

Wet Ones Singles

Because you have to pack light when you go to an amusement park, I’m planning on taking a big handful of the Wet Ones Singles.  I can store them in jean pockets, back pack pockets, or anywhere because they’re so thin.  I usually opt for the travel packs to keep in the van and a canister to keep in my diaper bag.  The canister also fits in a cup holder.  How do I know that?  Well, I might have two containers of Wet Ones in our van.  We have a lot of cup holders and only 4 people so I might as well put them to good use, right?  No matter what the size, Wet Ones has us covered.  If you’d like to find out more about Wet Ones, visit WetOnes.com and see where they are sold near you.

Discounted Six Flags Tickets

If your family would like to plan a trip to Six Flags this summer you’re in luck because Wet Ones has a great offer to help get you get there cheaper.  When you buy participating Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes you can take advantage of a great ticket offer!  First, buy a participating Wet Ones product between 5/1/16 and 7/15/16. Then visit WetOnesSixFlags.com. From there follow the directions and complete your request by 11:59:59 A.M. ET on 7/15/16.  You’ll receive a discount coupon for a FREE Six Flags weekday kids ticket (up to a $51.99 value) with the purchase of a full price general admission ticket on weekdays or $10 off one full price general admission ticket on weekends.

Win FREE Tickets

You heard me right, FREE TICKETS ya’ll!  One reader of Embracing Homemaking will walk away with 8 FREE tickets to Six Flags for the 2016 season.  How does that sound?  To enter, comment below and tell me why Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are your favorite compared to similar products.  The giveaway ends on July 26, 2016 at midnight EST.  Good luck!

UPDATE: We have a winner!!!  Congratulations goes to TIM!! 

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  1. Nicole S says

    With two dirty boys, this is the only brand that gets the job done the first time when we are on the go. Always have some in my car 🙂

  2. I swear by them in the classroom because there is no harsh cleaning smell and they still kill the germs.

  3. Harmony B says

    Most other wipes aren’t anti bacterial, with 4 boys and lots of germs its important to have

  4. I really like that wet ones are exactly as they are advertised. They are wet and have a lot of solution on it so that I can really clean up the messes that my little boys make. Just when I think I’m done cleaning up one mess, they’re able to create another so wet ones are my go to! 🙂

  5. I’m very new to the parenting world and have gotten so many great tips and pieces of advice from seasoned mothers. I love using Wet Ones (seriously, I’ve tried their whole line) because of the multiple benefits that each of their products has. They have sensitive products, antibacterial products and fresh scent packs (I have a sensitive nose) so they have products for every situation and person.

  6. These are my favorite because they are convenient and affordable. My boys make lots of messes so I like to always have these on hand for a quick clean up.

  7. I enjoy being able to clean up a variety of different messes (especially ones in the car and on the table) with the wet ones. It sanitizes and picks up a lot of the little gunky messes that other wipes leave behind.

  8. I love using wet ones. My wife got me hooked on them. I was always wondering how she did her magic and the wet ones are definitely a huge help for the boys.

  9. My car is stacked with wet ones. My kids and I are constantly on the go but that always means that messes seem to follow us. These certainly do the trick in cleaning up messes and making sure that there is no stickiness or ickiness left behind

  10. I received a sample in the mail and was hooked from the start. My house has tons of wet ones. I like that they get the job done quickly and efficiently

  11. Durability is my favorite thing about wet ones. They don’t break a part or leave little fuzzies behind.

  12. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    We are outside ALL summer long and I never leave home without Wet Ones! They are one of the most important things in my bag.

  13. Christina G says

    I put the little mini packs in my daughter’s school lunchbox. They are a big help to her because she is still little and a messy eater, but she knows how to clean up with Wet Ones! We love them.

  14. I have a container of Wet Ones in the car for after my daughter’s horseback riding lesson. We both get quite dirty helping clean stalls and brushing and cleaning horses. I trust that we go home clean with Wet Ones.

  15. Kristen Cook says

    Wet ones help keep me and my family from getting sick. I love that they are safe to use on little ones’ hands!

  16. I too will carry baby wipes with me for the rest of my life! They are seriously the best invention if you have children – or if you have messy husbands! 🙂

  17. Wet ones are great for quickly cleaning up messy little hands and leave a fresh clean scent behind

  18. Like Robin, I never leave home with Wet Ones! We’re moving past the baby wipes stage of parenting and I love that these are just as durable and clean up messes!

  19. These are great for car rides with the kids as well as taking these to the beach. Always keep these close nearby.

  20. I’ve never used Wet Ones before, but after reading this post they are going onto my shopping list! I’m a wipe freak, but so far only use baby wipes. I love that these are antibacterial though, and that they also moisturize. You just gained a convert!

  21. I love Wet Ones because of the individual packs I can throw in my purse, plus they smell good AND they are easy on my kids skin.

  22. Stephanie says

    I’ve used Wet Ones several times and they always work really well! It gives me peace of mind to be able to wipe something down and know that it’s clean. 🙂

  23. Jessie Payne says

    Growing up, my dad ALWAYS had Wet Ones around – in the car, in the kitchen, in the bathroom – because they cleaned well, were durable and got the job done! Following in his footsteps, I have a container of them under each bathroom seat and in my glove compartment. MAJOR Wet Ones fan here!

  24. Kenda Smith says

    I love how easy they are to grab. When you’ve got a 6 year old covered in muck, you don’t have time to fiddle around with some floppy plastic package. I need those wipes PRONTO!

  25. Rhonda Fuller says

    I love to carry wet ones in my car. Quick to grab on the go. Great to use for easy clean up. No soap and water available no worries use a Wet One.

  26. I like having the ability to sanitize anything at a moment’s notice especially with a baby around.

  27. I like Wet Ones antibacterial wipes when we travel to see family. We take them on our long drives to clean up after stops. We don’t have time for sickness!

  28. Jessica marinaccio says

    With 4 girls you would think i wouldn’t have the messes i have but i do… The princess is the sloppiest of all… Wet Ones are so easy they tuck in anywhere and make life easier for this mom.

  29. Jamie Gillenwater says

    I love that Wet Ones are durable and can stand up to toddler messes without drying out our hands. When we are on the go during the summer, they fit perfectly in backpacks, purses, and diaper bags!

  30. I love Wet Ones Wipes! I use them for everything from cleaning my little ones hands to wiping down his highchair after a messy meal. They are much more durable then other wipes I’ve tried. I can use less wipes to clean the same mess! Saving this momma money and precious time so I can spend more on my little man!

  31. My LO loves rocks… I have to keep wet ones wipes with me everywhere I go be able to wipe her hands off when she gets into the rocks lol

  32. patricia alner says

    I love these because we cruise alot. It is important to keep our hands clean to prevent the norovirus. We use them not only for our hands but also the phone, remote, faucet, countertops, door handles etc. Anything the kids will touch to protect them.

  33. Sounds like I need to start buying and using Wet Ones!!!

  34. I love the travel ones that make it easier to get rid of the unknown germs lying around.

  35. I really like the individual Wet Ones to send with my kids to sporting events or mission trips. I like the tubs for picnics and large get togethers.

  36. I like Wet Ones because they don’t leave our hands with a residue like some wipes do.

  37. I find them more affordable than the other comparable brands, and we go through a lot so affordable is great.

  38. I haven’t used them in awhile, but now I’ve got to get some! It’s important to have antibacterial wipes to clean hands and faces after eating out or using public toilets. Convenience and portability are key as well!

  39. I like wet ones because of the packaging, size of the wipe, and the anti-bacterial aspects.

  40. I love that I can just grab them and go and then use them on anything… shopping carts, dirty hands, anything gross that needs to be wiped free from germs!

  41. Rachel Hanes says

    With two under 3 and teething happening DAILY there are always boogers, sticky fingers and messes. Hooray for Wet Ones and tickets to six flags!!

  42. Love how convenient and thick they are!

  43. I love having the individual packets that are so easy to throw in my purse or diaper bag! As a mom, you never know when you’re going to need them and it’s great to always be prepared

  44. Wet Wipes are so versatile, from wiping countertops to cleansing grimy little hands I love them!

  45. I usually have baby wipes on hand, but those individual packaged wet ones sound great! I may be headed out to get some soon 😉

  46. They do what they are suppose to do! They work!

  47. I love the individual packs!

  48. I love this giveaway, and I LOVE Wet Ones. I keep them in my purse at all times. I’d love to win a trip to Six Flags for the family.

  49. I ALWAYS keep Wet Ones on hand. I have 5 kids, so there are always messes at all times! Great giveaway, too. 3 of the kids are old enough to have a blast at Six Flags.

  50. Kimberly Voisin says

    Wet Ones are the best because my kids love to say the name. They think it is incredibly funny to ask for a ‘Wet One’. Keeping my kids clean is important but the fact that my kids like them makes them the best.

  51. Wet ones are awesome for EVERYTHING! Seriously. In the purse, in the car, in the bathroom! They make life so much easier.

  52. I don’t live by a Six Flags anymore! I miss it! This is awesome deal for all those that live close to it!

  53. Abigail C says

    Because sometimes life is messy. Germs happen. It’s nice to have a germ fighting wipe in your bag!

  54. Dennis Fry says

    Kills germs, need I say more. Oh and they smell nice too!

  55. Jill Paterson says

    I love wet wipes for my dogs….leave a container at the back door – no wet dirty paws on my floors!!

  56. Emily Allen says

    These wipes are great for anywhere and everywhere! I’m a bit of a germ freak and I’m always wiping my daughter’s hands when we’re out. I like that wet ones takes care of hopefully most of any bacteria we pick up out and about.

  57. im embarrassed to say I’ve never used these! I had no clue they came invidually packaged… Can’t wait to try them!!

  58. I work in a doctor’s office! We use them ALL day long!!! They are easy to work with and never tear like some of the other brands. 🙂

  59. Wet ones individual packs are amazing! Because they can be slipped into a pocket I never have to go anywhere with wipes because they’ll always fit. I’m a first time mom of a four month old, and I always need wipes, but I don’t always want to carry my diaper bag, so the individual packs come in handy.

  60. Caroline Gangl says

    Even though my twins are almost 15 years old, I still carry Wet Ones wherever we go.
    I keep the reclosable package in my glove box in the car, single use packs in my purse and backpack, and there is usually a cannister floating around our van.
    Older kids make different messes than the little ones: makeup mistakes, spilled drinks from soda to iced tea to coffee, and dirt and grime from color guard equipment. ALL these things can be removed from faces, hands, arms, legs, feet plus most clothing and car upolstery.
    Don’t know what i’d do without thrm!

  61. I leave a container of Wet Wipes in the car, they’re convenient for cleaning up hands and faces after sports when the kids want a quick snack.

  62. Shauna Torres says

    I love them because they are antibacterial. I know that sounds crazy, but my middle daughter has allergy induced asthma and even the common cold can cause a flare up… so having these on hand for when we go to the grocery or even amusement park helps keep her safe from anything that she may pick up.

  63. I.like wet wipes because they never dry out and are great for cleaning messy hands! I keep Wet Wipes in my van and purse at all times!

  64. Leslie Robles says

    They are so convenient to have….especially with a soon to be three year old. She loves getting dirty.

  65. I think wet wipes are super convenient and my toddler loves wiping his hands which I find hilarious :p

  66. I used Wet Ones because I love the thickness and scent. Others are thin and overwhelming.

  67. I love that they are convenient and easy to keep on hand at a moments notice.

  68. Jennifer Rupe says

    Love Wet Ones! They are mild yet cleansing. Hold up for multiple kids hands as well.

  69. Ashlee Cave says

    I like Wet Ones because of the packaging and the fact that it is easy to take anywhere!

  70. Jana Hardin says

    I teach school and these are great to take on field trips and on the playground. It is easy to just clean up the messes quickly. They are also great on field trips for them to clean their hands before lunch.

  71. Sara Phillips says

    I live that they don’t leave me feeling sticky like other brands!

  72. Megan Cone says

    I like this brand because it doesn’t smell like a harsh cleaner but I know it gets the job done! I keep the little wipes in my sons lunch box for him to use before her eats at school! I also have them for his desk! These wipes have kept us healthy and I would definitely take them with me to 6flags! Germs everywhere 🙂

  73. Lydia Vance says

    I have 3 kids and i love wet ones wipes to carry around with us to parks and other public places. Off-brand wipes are just too thin and flimsy and I never feel like they clean well.

  74. Tatum Cole says

    I love wet ones because they are super convenient! I keep them in my house, my purse, and my car! Wet ones helps me keep up with my daughter’s messes. ?

  75. I love wet ones because after my 6 month old enjoys his sweet yummy baby food, and there is an absolute mess everywhere including himself, it’s easy to just grab one out of the container and clean him right up!

  76. Kate krivulka says

    The packaging and size of wet wipes is way more convenient then other comparable brands!

  77. Wet ones offer different package types that make them so versatile compared to other brands. The individual packs are handy to throw in a clutch, the small packages work for the diaper bag and the container is in the car! They are durable enough to clean two boys and whatever they find to show their creativity.

  78. Wet ones help me stay clean and not feeling so “germy” when with my toddler or the many many students I work with every day. Keep them everywhere!

  79. Cheryl frank says

    I love that they have no scent practically! They’re easy to pack! And perfect mommy on the go! Baby wipes just don’t do it sometimes!

  80. Emily Schoenick says

    Love that they are antibacterial!

  81. Honestly I like Wet Ones the most because I enjoy the scent!

  82. Jennifer Novinger says

    I have Wet Ones on hand at each door, because my pre-teen kids LOVE to go everywhere barefoot and DON’T love to take showers, (yet) so they are perfect for the grimy black bottoms of feet before they walk all over my carpet or jump in their beds. !

  83. Lisa Chesnut says

    I love the individual packets of wet ones. We are on the go a lot and those fit great in my purse. I have two boys so we go through a lot of wipes. I have one that eats buffalo wings everywhere we go so after that he needs wet ones for sure. Also the packets are great since we fly a lot as a family. There are so many germs on a plane. We use the wet ones to clean off our seat belts, arm rest and trays in front of us. Those tray are gross and really need a wet one to wipe them down. Wet ones are always a part of my trip bag.

  84. Jane Andrews says

    I love the individual packets; they are great for throwing in my purse or my toddler’s backpack. They’re durable and antibacterial. I’d say they’re a must-have for the momming gig!

  85. Kathryn Adams says

    I keep wet ones in the car. I have 2 boys and they make lots of messes. These things really get the sticky off

  86. I am seriously obsessed with wipes. Especially wet wipes! I love them for the car and trips! We always get some in our stockings at Christmas! Germaphobes like me are obsessed. Have you tried the individually wrapped ones?!

  87. Priscilla arguelles says

    I love wet wipes because they come in convenient sizes for trips, but especially because my daughter would rather use her shirt as a napkin… so when they are handy she can clean her hands with them and kill those pesky germs.

  88. Autumn G. says

    I’ve never used wet wipes before, but they sound amazing. I like the idea of antibacterial without all the watery mess of the soap. 🙂

  89. Cool! I love WetOnes and Six Flags! Good combo! 🙂 I like how they clean and sanitize and freshen all in one step. I need easy!!

  90. I keep hearing great things about these. Sounds like I need to get some and try them out!

  91. We always have Wet Wipes handy especially with the new baby! I love them because we are able to clean our hands anywhere we go.

  92. I like the travel Wet Ones because they are easy to slip in your pocket that way you can use them anywhere.

  93. I love them because they are easy open and close and they dont make my hands feel sticky afterward. I keep a package in my car as well.

  94. Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes are my favorite because they are handy in so many ways! In my purse, backpacks, car, home…where ever! I can grab them and go, too!!

  95. We like Wet Ones wipes because they’re easily portable – my kids are messy so I like to keep them in the car.

  96. I like Wet Ones because they work the best!

  97. I love the antibacterial wipes, because I work around several people that are always sick; and we all have to share a phone, a desk, and a computer keyboard!

  98. What a great giveaway. Six Flags is so much fun. It’s handy that Wet Ones come in single packets. You never know when you will need one.

  99. They’re my fave because my son’s big into sports. People share gear and everything gets dirty and germy. These fit easily into his gym bag (and my purse) and make us feel better! 🙂

  100. Wet Ones are such a great product. It’s nice to have them on hand. I love the individual packets.

  101. Wet Ones really come in handy for nearly anything. With all age kids it’s important to have those on hand. I have some in my glovebox of the car at all times!

  102. We are such huge Wet Wipes fans in my home and like you I’m always wiping my son down after we leave everywhere (especially the subway!). I love how Wet Wipes has the individually wrapped options that way I save the big container for home (did I mention I sometimes clean my house with them?) and have the smaller packs on hand in my purse!

  103. I love that they are so convenient compared to other products. Great for cleaning dirty kids’ hands on the go!

  104. Elizabeth Lampman says

    This is a great ticket offer. I always keep Wet Ones in the car for emergencies. They come in handy when you grab a snack on the go. I would love to win tickets to Six Flags.

  105. Even G-Ma loves em! So convenient to leave in the car for little messes big and small!

  106. Rebecca F says

    Wet Ones are such a great product, and at a great price! We love that they are convenient to take with us and they make my hands feel clean afterward. Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. I don’t use wet ones often, but they definitely clean hands better than baby wipes! Maybe it is time I keep them in stock. Always! ?

  108. I love using wet ones! They are so handy to travel with, and great to have in my classroom for sticky hands! They aren’t greasy and they smell great. When hand washing isn’t an option, these are the only alternative I trust. 🙂

  109. These wipes are so handy to have! I’ve been using Wet Ones for years and will stick by them for a lot more!

  110. Wet ones are the best. I keep them in the car, at work and in each bag. So easy to take along and use to get rid of germs and keep clean.

  111. Wipes like these are so important. They clean everything and do it well. It is great to keep them in the house, car and your purse.

  112. This is a great giveaway! I use wipes for everything (especially for my 7 year old who gets messy eating anything lol)

  113. Wet Ones brand wipes have always been my go-to wipes. I especially love that they don’t dry out quickly like other wipes. They’re fantastic!

  114. Wet Ones brand wipes are my favorite because they are durable, convenient and effective.

  115. Andy Wilson says

    Love wet ones wipes! They are super useful!

  116. Wet Ones are life savers! Especially when your little ones like to get messy! I never leave the house without some.

  117. Wet Ones are great cause they offer both the pop up tube and individual packaged. I use them to wipe down tray table, seat belt and other surfaces when I travel

  118. Sherryl Wilson says

    With 7 kids.. we keep these everywhere!

  119. I love wet ones because of the size of the towelette and the anti-bacterial properties.

  120. Krista gates says

    I love the smell of wet ones and I love that they are antibacterial

  121. Anita Jackson says

    I keep Wet Ones in my bag for all those disgusting places – NYC subway, food courts, etc. especially since they’re convenient and don’t irritate my sensitive skin

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