Family Summer Bucket List

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Banana Boat® and OFF! ® . The opinions and text are all mine.

Now that the kiddos are home from school on summer vacation, I’m sure you’re racking your brain and surfing Pinterest to try and think of new activities to do with them. This is both good for your sanity and their development. 🙂 Even though we homeschool I want to be intentional about summer so we can enjoy it to it’s fullest. I have waxed on and on about how wonderful summer is and how most of my childhood memories are from summer vacations so I won’t belabor that here but I have a fun family summer bucket list to share with you.

To keep things fun and exciting here’s our personal summer bucket list. It has 16 different activities so we can pick one big activity to do each week and some of the little ones we can do multiple times. There are even a few of these ideas that will be perfect for rainy or those unbelievably hot days.

Family Summer Bucket List

As many of you know we just moved into a new house and a lot of things are different here. Good but different.

Schwinn Girl's Bike

For instance we have to drive our bikes to the bottom of our incredibly steep driveway before we can go riding.


We also have a pond out in front of our house so now have the opportunity to teach our kids how to fish. I’m excited about that!! In the picture above you can probably spot the crane but do you see the squirrel too? He was actually laying in the road when I drove by and hopped up and ran away when I came up. I guess even squirrels enjoy basking in the sun!

Tree Swing

We live in the woods now so we don’t have a yard (yet, we will have some grass by next year if we can help it!). That means we can’t play ball as easily outdoors as we did last year but now we have a really great tree swing!

Having a pool will be a little more challenging as we try and pad the concrete so we don’t make a hole in the bottom.

Banana Boat

No matter how many things have changed, there is one thing that has remained a constant for us and our kids – SUNSCREEN. It’s not only a must for our own outdoor safety but that goes double for our kids. Banana Boat® always has our family covered and their new SunComfort™ sunscreen is supposed to help sand brush off easily – I love that feature and hope we get to go to the beach sometime to test it out! It moisturizes, is water resistant for 80 minutes, and is available in SPF 30 and 50. No matter what, Banana Boat® SunComfort™ has us covered for gardening, hiking, or any backyard adventures we undertake.

Insect repellent is as equally as important for summer outdoor play. Especially with us living by a pond now I want to be extra cautious about bug bites and the nasty things they carry so we frequently spray each other down with OFF! Active®. We always spray it on our own hands first before applying it to our kids and we make sure to wash the skin exposed to the spray with soap and water when we come indoors.

To help us remember to apply the proper protection before leaving the house we have a basket that we have sitting by the front door of our house. Now when we go to put our shoes on we’ll always be reminded to protect ourselves against the sun and mosquitoes. If you want to make a little basket like this of your own you can find all the items including the basket itself at Walmart.

Summer Must Haves

Sunscreen? – Check!, Insect repellent? – Check!, fun water bottle? – Check!, bubbles that my son insists on having anytime he’s outdoors? – Check!

What do you have planned for this summer? I’d love to hear your ideas and add to my ever growing to-do list.


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