Remove Rust With Cola

Rusty Tools

What do you do when rust takes over your once loved items?  Buy expensive cleaners?  Donate them?  Hide them in the back of your drawer and pretend you never saw the rust?  Joene from our Live With Less Facebook group posed this question to the group and was surprised by the answer.  Several people mentioned that she should soak them in cola so she did.  30 minutes later the change was remarkable.  Take a look!

Rust Removed With Cola

They don’t look like the same items, do they?  Now they are stunning!

The cola contains carbonic acid which reacts with the iron oxide in the rust and breaks the bond it has with the metal.  I’ve also heard that if you have stubborn rust you can rub foil on the soaked item for even more rust busting power.  The foil is stronger than the rust but not strong enough to scratch chrome.

Thank you for sharing, Joene!!

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Remove Rust With Cola

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