How to Be a Minimalist

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How To Be a Minimalist

Everyone is obsessed with buying more and more belongings. Unfortunately, not everything we buy is really important, and that would explain swollen garages and basements in many homes. There is nothing more fulfilling than living with less, owning what you only need. Although some people may find this a little weird…especially if they are into hoarding stuff, minimalism is one sure way of not just saving money but also decluttering your home and office desk and these tips can help you achieve that.

How to be a minimalist?

Here are 3 tips for the beginning minimalist!

  • –  Buy Only What You Need
    This is an interesting idea that can actually turn you from being a hoarder into a minimalist. Avoid buying something that you do not need. This will only lead to a house that is so full that you have nowhere to pass. Instead, ask yourself if you really need anything before making a purchase, and you will be surprised by the items that you will walk right on past.
  • –  Sell or Donate What You Don’t Need
    One of the reasons you probably have a basement and garage full of stuff is because you do not use those items. Instead of storing them away, go ahead and sell or donate them. How do you know what to give away? It is quite simple, anything that you have not used for about six months (or at least a year) is surplus to requirements, and you can let go. One interesting way to accomplish this is by posting one time on websites such as Craigslist, eBay, or Amazon.
  • –  Unsubscribe from Mailing Lists
    Living with less does not just end with decluttering your home. Many of us have subscribed to mailing lists that keep sending things that are probably mot even necessary. Dealing with a full inbox robs you of your time and unsubscribing from such lists will help you declutter your life. Remember, ignorance is bliss, and you will not be tempted to buy something if you do not know about it. is a great service for helping you unsubscribe to mass emails quickly.

These are not very big changes.  They are small but they lead to a better life where you will not be bothered by clutter.

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