Straw Art for Toddlers

Straw Heart Card

This little art project was my daughter’s idea.  I bought brightly colored straws and had plans to create cutesy straw necklaces with them.  My daughter had other plans.  As I was cutting them (and chasing them all over the place because it’s impossible to cut them without them jumping ten feet!) she told me that she wanted to glue them to paper.  I said sure!  Then she suggested making them into a shape.

Cut Straws for Crafts

I tried to keep the colors and their lengths consistent with one another (because my daughter is a touch OCD) but that’s not necessary!

Heart drawing

First, she drew her heart (heart balloon if we’re getting technical).  I might add, that this is her first heart that looks like a heart.  Bravo!

Glue Heart

Then the glue!

Straw ArtFinally, the fine motor skill practice fun part of adding the straws to the glue.

Easy peasy!  What toddler crafts have you completed recently?  I love new ideas!


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