Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft

Easter Bunny Egg Holder
Are you looking for a fun craft idea for Easter?  Try this cute grass stand to hold your Easter eggs and if you want to go the extra mile you can turn your egg into a cute critter.

This is my first Pinterest remake.  I took the idea from this pin and put my own little spin on it!

The idea is very simple!

Materials Needed:
– Colored foam
– Glue
Fiskars scissors
– Tape or a stapler

1. Cut a strip of green foam to the approximate size of the egg but giving it room to wrap around slightly.  Cut the strip as tall as you want the grass to be.
2. Use fancy scissors to cut the grass strips or do like I did and free hand it.  Then secure the foam around the egg using tape or a stapler.
3. Free hand bunny ears and paws (or a chick’s beak and wings, etc.).  Use a Sharpie to add any small details.  Use glue to adhere these to your egg and you’re finished!

Remember, it’s okay if it’s not perfect!  How likely is it that you’ll keep it for more than a few weeks?  Not very, right?  So, don’t worry about it and just have fun.  It’s not like you’ll draw lopsided eyes on your bunny and take a picture for all the world to see.  I’ve already done that so no worries.  ha!

My daughter and I had a lot of fun with this craft.  I did the cutting and drawing myself (with her instructions of course) and let her glue the pieces together.  She loved this craft!  I’m glad we used a paper egg because she has carried that bunny around with her everywhere!  Casserolie as she calls him.  Which is an absolutely hilarious name for a bunny; I love it!

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  1. How cute! Great way to involve the kids in Easter preparations. Love the colors!

  2. This is so super cute! I love the use of foam, I always forget about how cool it is to use in crafts. This bunny makes me smile!

  3. That is so adorable! How fun would it be for the kids to make different colored ones to be place holders for a family Easter dinner?!

  4. I love quick and easy crafts like this. So cute!

  5. Ashley, that is absolutely the cutest egg holder ever! I think making several of these into an Easter centerpiece would be the perfect Easter decor!

  6. This is just adorable. I love how easy it is and colorful too

  7. This is so cute! My grandchildren would love these.

  8. This looks like a fun craft I could do with my kids. Thanks!

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