A-Team Family Halloween Costume

Halloween has already passed but I must show you our Halloween costumes from this year.  Because our kids are still too small to have a preference we decided to choose for them.  We chose to go with one of our favorite TV shows of all time (my absolute favorite!) – the A-Team!  We recently finished watching the entire season on Netflix and I was ready to start over but my husband thought we should watch something else in between.  Now we’ve moved on to MacGyver.  He’s still great, don’t get me wrong, but he’s no B.A. or Hannibal or Face or Murdock.  Not even close.

Now for our costume reveal.  Drum roll please…

Murdock and Hannibal Halloween Costumes

This is me in a giant sea monster costume.  I was Hannibal in his sea monster costume which he regularly dressed in on the show for his side job.  My daughter (Murdock) threw us a curve ball on Halloween night.  She was scared of my costume and cried and cried.  We had been talking up the A-Team to her and introducing her to the characters.  Looking back now, it would have been wise of us to tell her that I would be in a sea monster costume and not a grey haired man.  Oh, but we made memories!  After two minutes in that suit for pictures I was out of it for the night.  If anyone wants to buy a practically new sea monster costume, let me know!

A-Team Halloween Costume

My husband was Templeton Peck (aka Face) and my little boy was, you guessed it, B.A Baracus.

Mr.T Halloween Costume

B.A. stands for Bad Attitude so we thought his crying fit our theme for the night.

Murdock Halloween Costume

Check out her costume details!  We made her a custom shirt that says, “Minds are for people who think” just like the one Murdock wore on the show.  I drew a tiger and the words DA NANG 1970 to replicate Murdock’s signature bomber jacket.  I think she was an adorable Murdock!

A-Team Murdock CostumeAll in all it was a fabulous night, we had fun, made memories, and she walked away with a small bucket full of candy, or as she calls it trick-or-treats. 🙂

The pictures in this post were taken by the talented Alyson Lawton.  If you’re in the same area of NC that I am you’ll want to check out her site AlysonLawton.com.  She does tremendous work at a very reasonable price!


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  1. Awe your little guys face kills me! The photos turned out darling! Wish I lived in the area we are always looking for a good photographer!

  2. Those costumes look great. I’d love too do a family set but the hubby wouldn’t go for it.

  3. You guys were adorable! Loved the pictures. What a cute idea for Halloween!

  4. Aw, what fantastic costumes.

    Your little B.A. Baracus is just too adorable.

  5. I have never watched the A-Team, but your family costume choices are ADORABLE!! I hope to do something like this next year. We are thinking Big Bang Theory!

  6. Sooo cute and creative! I love the homemade costumes and your little girl crying made me LOL! So cute!

  7. Haha I can’t believe this. This is such a brilliant family costume idea!

  8. She does do great work, but she had a great family to photograph too…how cute you all were! Poor thing, those crying pics (why do kids look so cute even when crying?)

  9. I don’t know who the A-Team is but I love that you all dressed up together. What a cute idea!

  10. oh my gosh these might be the best costumes quite possibly EVER. We didn’t dress up this year, isn’t that LAME?!

  11. Adorable!! Oh, man. I was such an A-Team fan growing up. This is such a clever family costume idea.

  12. These are just too cute. I love dressing up together with my family. We were a sports team this year. 🙂

  13. Very unique costumes! Poor lil guy just wasn’t haven’t it huh? 🙂

  14. Those are ADORABLE! I love you in the sea monster costume!

  15. Awww… she didn’t want to be B.A. I remember watching this show as a kid… long, long ago

  16. Soooo cute! And yeah, I totally would have been out of that seamonster costume in a hot minute! However, you did look pretty stinkin’ adorable in it!

  17. that is hysterical. I love how creative you got

  18. What a cute idea for a DIY Halloween costume! I used to buy costumes but I love the idea of just being creative and including the whole family.

  19. How cute are they.. take advantage because when they get older like my son he won’t let me pick…lol

  20. Stephanie Keeping says

    What cute photos! You can tell a lot of memories were being made.

  21. Oh my gosh. How cute are these. Great pix. What a wonderful family idea too. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Oh my goodness, look at that face! He was NOT happy, but adorable!

  23. OMG. I’m dying here and sending this to my husband. LOVE!

  24. Oh my goodness! You all are too cute! Love the creativity!

  25. Oh how fun, and yes those memories will be worth it even if you didn’t get to wear the costume all night. 🙂

  26. CUTE! I tried to get my kids to dress alike over the last few years. They want nothing to do with it!

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