Natural Spring Cleaning Mixes

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While it may sound more convenient to head out to your local household retail store to purchase cleaners from the shelf, it’s not necessarily cheaper or better for your family. If you’re looking to be more natural with your spring cleaning efforts this season, then please read on for some natural spring cleaning mixes that will help you save money and refrain from the use of harsh chemicals.  I’ve divided the solutions by what you’ll use them to clean.  I hope you’ll find the list helpful!  If you buy store bought cleaners there are safe ones out there.  Mrs. Meyers is a favorite of mine.

Natural Spring Cleaning Mixes

Clean that Stove Hood or Vent

Using mineral oil on your stove hood or vent will surely make that stove shine. Whether you’re looking to remove dingy dust or fingerprints, mineral oil is your go-to natural spring cleaning option.

I love Amazon’s brand of microfiber cleaning rags.  They have 4.5 stars and over 3,700 reviews!

Polish up Stainless Steel

It’s crazy to think that the ingredients in your kitchen can help you polish up stainless steel. Using a small amount of white vinegar on a cloth will clean up the steel and olive oil after will boost the shine.

Clean the Stove Top

We all know how dirty that stove top can get from cooking meals for our family. The trick to getting those burners and the stove top clean is using vinegar and baking soda, let it soak and then wipe down.

Use Lemons for Everything

You’d be surprised how many things you can clean using the simple fruit lemon. You can use this to clean off faucets, shelves, and counters all by itself without mixing it with anything.

Clean the Oven

Use baking soda with water mixed together to create a pasty texture, wipe down the insides of your oven, let it sit for a half hour to an hour and then wipe the inside of your oven clean.

Clean the Kitchen Pots

If you have pots with caked on grime, you can use salt to help scrub away the grime. Soak the pans with a mixture of 3 tablespoons of salt in a couple inches of water.

Bathroom Cleaning

You can create an all-purpose vinegar mixture that is 1 part white vinegar with 1 part water. This mixture can be placed in a spray bottle and naturally clean any area within your bathroom.

Clean the Microwave

Many families can relate the annoyance of a dirty microwave. Place ½ cup of white distilled vinegar with ½ cup of water, heat in the microwave until boiling and wipe away all of that grime.

Clean Laundry

Using 1 teaspoon of tea oil in your laundry will help rid clothes of that dingy cling-on dirt and stains that often take over your kid’s clothing.

Clean the Home

You may also use tea oil as an all-purpose cleaning. Mix 15 drops of tea oil with 1 quart of warm water and place in a spray bottle to clean the entire home.

There you have it, a few natural spring cleaning mixes that will surely help you get that home looking shiny and new in no time. With spring season here, it’s time to get that home looking it’s best to help boost your spirits after a long winter season.  (I know it’s still technically winter but now that Christmas is behind us I’m looking forward to warm days)

How to Have Fun While Spring Cleaning With Kids

Spring cleaning season is here and with that comes the need to get the family on board to clean together. Open up those windows, get the air flowing through the home, and get prepared to make spring cleaning with kids a fun event with these ideas. This post contains affiliate links.

Spring Cleaning With Kids

Visual Timer

Use a Timer

Many children work best when a timer is put on. This timer can be set in 10-15 minute increments. This establishes a goal for your children to reach. I recommend visual timers for kids so they can see a picture of how much time is left.  (Here is a great visual timer from Amazon for only $24)  As the timer winds down, your children will know to step up their game and get that cleaning task done before the timer goes off. For each new task, set the timer again. This is a fun way to keep the family motivated when tackling spring cleaning.

Name Tags

Create Job Titles

For every family member, there should be a job title. This job title will define what tasks and area of the home each family member is in charge of. Giving each family member a job title will make them feel confident and excited to be in charge of their job duties during spring cleaning. Job titles can include fun titles such as Sweeper Upper or such to make spring cleaning a bit more humorous.  If you happen to be like me and have young kids who love stickers of any kind, you might enjoy making personalized name tags for them.

Put Music On

Music is a great motivator for adults and children. Consider making your spring cleaning a family dance party affair instead of a dreary boring day of hosing out the house. Have upbeat dance music playing that’s family-friendly to ensure everyone stays on task and motivated to continue on in their mission to help get spring cleaning done.  The Greatest Showman soundtrack is our current favorite.

Root Beer Float

Celebrate Your Successes

Lastly, be sure to celebrate together as a family whenever a large task has been accomplished. Whether you go out to dinner, make some sweet treats or have some root beer floats, find a way to celebrate together as a family to reward everyone for their hard work. When the children know a reward is the final step in this spring cleaning event, they will be extremely motivated to keep helping.

There you have it 4 fun ways to make spring cleaning with kids fun. It’s great to get the whole family involved in spring cleaning because it will take far less time to complete and it helps teach children the skill of learning what to get rid of and what to donate. As you work to spring clean the home, you can separate piles into junk, yard sale, and donate piles to venture off to the local shelter to donate any reusable items.  Speaking of, you may be interested in my 200 Things to Throw Away post.  I don’t really advocate throwing away everything but only after things can be donated, recycled, etc. do I suggest throwing in the trash.

Things to Throw Away