Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review and Giveaway

This post contains the review of a Lilla Rose product given to me in exchange for sharing my opinion.

There I was, minding my own business, half-heartedly browsing a Facebook group for homeschooling parents.  I was trying to plan what extra “fun” things I’m going to try and add into this year’s curriculum when there it is.  It hit me like a pretty piece of metal. Umm,  Like a flexi clip.  Okay, I don’t have the words but it hit me.  And in a good way.  There it is, a beautiful head of hair pulled back with a single metal clip and a note that said something to the effect of, “I opened the doors this morning and I closed them late this afternoon and this hair clip hasn’t needed adjusted.”

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review

Boom! Right?  That would grab any woman’s attention.  Especially, this mom who (let’s be real) lives in a ponytail or twist up do with a boring black plastic clip most days.

I needed that secure clip in my life even if it was a little more glamorous than would naturally appear in my life.  I inquired to know more and found out that she has a Help for Hair facebook group (you can join it here if you’d like).  Brilliant name for her group, right?  It turned out that the group was very helpful.  Once accepted into the group I asked a lot of questions, found the correct size for my hair, and quickly added $70 in hair clips to my cart.  I loved the clips and had to have them in my life.  I wanted some for my daughter too, not all $70 worth was for myself (don’t worry, they aren’t that expensive!).

I saved these items to my cart and went about my day waiting for my daughter to wake up so I could ask her which of the clips I had saved were her favorites.  I’m usually good about guessing these things but she’s getting older now and it’s always best to double check.  While I was waiting, I noticed the stylist who shared this rescuer of my hair had requested to join my Live With Less Facebook group (you’re welcome to join here too!).  What a coincidence, I thought!  A little while later we were chatting and she suggested giving me a hair clip in exchange for hosting a giveaway on my site.  Now, normally I don’t do those but as I just told you, I had added quite a large list of items to my shopping cart and I thought why not save a little money….besides, I love to support small businesses and talk about what I’m passionate about and I was sure I would love these.  And I do.  I LOVE them!  Truly, truly.

Celtic Knot Hair Clip

Here I’m wearing the celtic knot in a large flexi clip.  It’s the one I chose to try out because it’s simple but fancy at the same time so it will go with a wide selection of clothing styles.  Plus, I just love celtic knots, don’t you?

This hairstyle was the first of many attempts to try new things.  I’m excited for the wide world of Lilla Rose hair style video tutorials.  The stylist I mentioned earlier, Kristi Bothur, has several great video tutorials in her Facebook group.

Mini Flexi Hair Clip

I bought my daughter a mini flexi hair clip and she loves it.

She was so proud that she wore a hair clip like her mommy.

Flexi Clip for Kids

Each month, Lilla Rose has a special they promote and this month is a free bobby with a $40 order and two with a $50 order.

Lilla Rose August Sale


Click here to shop and see what beautiful flexi clips and bobbies they have!

This pineapple is a new flexi clip (and messy bun pins) will only be available in August while supplies last.   The monthly clips usually sell fast (from what I’ve read in groups- I tell ya, I’m a hard core Lilla Rose flexi clip user now!).

Lilla Rose Hair
Okay, now for the giveaway.  You can win a free flexi clip from sizes XXS-Medium (Value up to $16).
Here’s the link to the giveaway —> Enter Giveaway Here!
The main giveaway entry is a simple form with optional other means, like commenting on this post for example and checking out Kristi on social media.  By entering the giveaway you’ll be signing up to get monthly specials and can unsubscribe at any time.  The giveaway will end August, 14, 2018.  Good luck!

I Dyed My Hair With eSalon

Thanks to eSalon for sponsoring today’s post in conjunction with the Mom it Forward Blogger Network.

Before kids I had no problem dropping $100 every three months to have my hair colored.  I had highlights from the time I was 14 to the time I had my daughter.  I bought the right shampoo and conditioner.  I had the top of the line dryer.  I spent time washing and fixing my hair every. single. day.  I couldn’t understand why people would skip days washing their hair.  Man, how things change!!  Now, my hair is 90% dry shampoo by Thursday.  I go at least nine months between hair cuts and my hair has been my natural color for around 6 years.  Not only would I have to pay the very high salon fees but also find a babysitter and pay them to watch my kids.  It’s just too much for this stage of life.

College HairHere’s what my hair looked like for most of my college days.  This was my first Facebook profile picture taken with my very trendy at the time Blackberry. 🙂

In my goal to take better care of myself this year I’ve started going to bed earlier, taking a walk every day that’s it’s nice out, and “do” my hair everyday.  My hairdo might only be a nice braid but it’s better than a plain ponytail and it makes me feel a little bit better about myself.  When I was given the opportunity to try eSalon’s at home hair color I was hesitant.  I’ve never done at home color because I’ve seen the awful outcomes that some of my friends have had.  eSalon isn’t cheap hair color but is salon formulas – customized salon formulas – sent to you at home so I gave it a try.

eSalon is the first and only customized hair color service globally and it’s available in the US, UK, CA, and Europe. They launched in 2010 and to date they have shipped over 1,000,000 unique hair color applications!!

Wedding Hair Color

I loved how simple’s website was easy to navigate and helped me chose the right formula and color for my hair.  I was able to send in different pictures of my hair and describe exactly what I was looking for.  The expert colorists will review your information, your chosen color, and choose a color just for you.  If they have any questions they’ll call to chat with you personally before creating your hair color.  They didn’t end up calling me so I guess I gave good directions but I also have that colorist’s email and phone number if I ever have any questions or concerns!  I wanted a color just a bit darker than my own.  That’s what it was when I met my husband and he loved it like that.  My hair was also very short then so maybe I’ll have to go to a salon after all but I’ll be saving tons of money coloring my hair myself.

The absolute best part about eSalon is that it’s risk free.  If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your color you’ll get your money back guaranteed.  If you are happy with it then they’ll save your color history on file so you can reorder it whenever you like.  Okay, that is the best part but the next best part is the cost.  It’s unbelievably cheap in my opinion with each custom color application only being $19.95.  I can’t believe I can color my own hair and have it look the way I want it to for $20!  That’s less than the cost of the babysitter I would need to get an appointment at the salon.

Natural Hair Color

This is a picture from a few months back showcasing my natural hair color.

When my box of color arrived my great aunt and grandma happened to be visiting with me so they got to help me out while the kids were in bed.  Like I said, I’ve never colored my hair at home so I had no expectations and wanted back up so I didn’t dye my neck brown or something.  Inside the box were two bottles of color, two developer bottles, a packet of shampoo, a packet of conditioner, a stain guard, stain remover, a brush, four hair clips for sectioning off my hair, and two handy pairs of gloves.  The bottles of color arrived with my name on it!  I love the personalization they included!  My color name even had my initials in it.  We worked together following the step by step instructions and had fun talking girl talk while my aunt worked.

Before I share my before and after pictures I want to explain why my hair is pulled back.  It’s simple you see, my hair is SO long now that I have to pull it back in some way or it drives me crazy.  I decided to take real before and after pictures because if you were to see me in real life, this is what I look like.  Even with my hair pulled back I think I’ll be able to see the difference.  I know I can and I love the results!!

eSalon Review

The left is the before picture and the color looks dull, the after color on the right is dark, vibrant, and look how shiny.  My hair looks so much healthier with a little bit of color.

I love this color and feel confident that I can do it myself next time…and there will be a next time!  At only 20 bucks how could I not do it again?  The process was simple, the color was great, and it took much less time than if I went to a salon.  Oh and if I sign up for them to ship me my color automatically when I need it I’ll be able to save 20%!

Thinking of giving it a try?  If so, I have a deal for you!!  Your first order is only $10 for first time clients (50% savings!) – be sure to click on this link to save 50%: