6 Things Moms Should Never Leave Home Without

Everywhere you look, there are countless suggestions and rules for parenting. You’re being too careful… You’re not being careful enough… Do this, don’t do that! But being a new parent is all about trying different approaches and seeing what works for you. The first kid is a mystery – you’ve never done this before, and no matter how much you read or talk to friends, everything changes once that baby is in your arms. But as your child grows, or as siblings arrive, you get into the swing of things and get your own routine. Getting out of the house doesn’t take an hour anymore, and you don’t need three bags and seven changes of clothes!

While each kid has different needs (favorite toy or blankie, or a food allergy, for example), here are six things we always have in a bag ready to go on outings:


Keeping a roll of Ziplock bags has proven useful time and time again. They’re perfect for separating out portions of food for multiple kids.  They’re great for small portions of leftovers when you won’t want to bother with getting a big to go box.  Don’t have a trash can nearby? Put dirty diapers, wipes, or clothes in a large bag. Child about to be sick? Use one as a sick bag to save your car upholstery (and avoid a messy cleanup)! There are sizes for every need. Thin, tall bags are perfect for handing out snacks, while large gallon bags hold wet clothes from a day at the pool or in the rain, and the empty bags take hardly any space!


While we’re on the subject of baggies, use one or two of them to keep snacks in at all times. If your kid has a favorite snack, maybe a cereal, maybe dried fruit or a trail mix, keep a baggy of it in your bag so it’s there any time you leave the house. It’s perfect for when you’re running late or are out longer than expected, with kids getting fussy and anxious for food. It’s also perfect for keeping their beautiful little mouths quiet while mommy and daddy try to get an errand done.

Sturdy Sippy

Keep your favorite sturdy, spill-proof sippy cup in the bag, ready to go. If you forget to grab a drink for your little one, you’ll be thankful to have it so you don’t have to rush home or hear “I’m sooooo thirsty!” from the back seat the entire trip, after explaining fifty times why they can’t have your full water bottle which is bound to spill all over. And in a more rare, but has-happened-to-me event, your remember your child’s drink, only to accidentally leave it at the mall play place after they hid it in their super secret hiding spot (or threw it in a trash can).

Huggies Little Snugglers


If your little one is in diapers, even if they only wear them at night, keep multiples in the bag! We all have times where we plan to be out for 20 minutes, and three hours later, we’re finally heading home. If you didn’t plan on being out that long, you’ll be happy to have the extra diapers. We prefer to have Huggies Little Snugglers on hand ourselves. Little Snugglers have held up better than any brand we’ve tried for our kids, with less leaks and never a broken tab, no matter how active they get. And our little ones find them the most comfortable, like a #SecondHug. If your child is a deep sleeper like ours, diapers are a must on mid to long trips. If he or she starts nodding off, pull over for a bathroom break and put their diaper on to avoid a wet car ride home. And spills happen too, so always bring more than one!


Speaking of spills and diapers, always keep a fresh pack of baby wipes handy. Your baby is going to need them, whether for a dirty diaper or a quick bath after spitting up. You’re going to need them, whether because you touched a dirty diaper or got spit up on. And your toddler is going to need them, because you can outgrow the dirty diapers, but not sweat, milk mustaches, peanut butter beards, or sticky fingers. Even your car is going to thank you for this one – wipes are great for cleaning up sticky spills from the upholstery while you’re on the go.

Extra Clothes

Did I mention spills yet? Sometimes wipes and an extra diaper aren’t all you’re going to need. Even the best diapers can blow out, the most careful kid can make a huge mess, and the best sippy cups in the world won’t help when mommy or daddy forgets to put the valve in the lid and the cup gets held upside down while your little one gazes in wonder at the liquid sprinkling out of the spout into their lap, cup holder, car seat… everywhere. You need to have extra clothes. It doesn’t have to be a full outfit, it doesn’t have to match, and it doesn’t have to be right for the season. But when you’re twenty minutes into a grocery shopping session and the clothes get soaked, especially with something smelly, you’re going to have two choices – grab the extra clothes you have just for such an occasion, or buy a new pair of clothes at whatever price this store has.

One last thing to remember, just as important as all the items above, is to restock! Wipes dry out, sippy cups get used and dirty. Refill diapers, snacks, and clothes as needed when you get home, so they’re ready to go next time. If you’re always ready, you never have to explain why you’re always twenty minutes late because of the baby any more (but let’s be honest – it’s a great excuse to have sometimes).

Kids at Sams Club

My kid’s love shopping at Sam’s Club because they can ride together in the cart.  🙂

If you’re needing to get started on your supplies, Sam’s Club is offering a great deal on diapers right now, too! If you purchase two products from the Huggies Little Snugglers or Natural Care Wipes lines, you can get a $10 Sam’s Club e-Gift Card, on top of $3 instant savings just for being a Sam’s Club member! So go on, make a check list of the things you absolutely can’t forget to take when you leave the house, and get your bag always-ready!

Save Money on Luvs Diapers With Coupons & Ibotta

This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs. I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

Luvs Diapers

Mamas, do I have a deal for you!  Right now, all month long actually, Luvs is offering multiple opportunities to save money on diapers!!  First off, here’s a fabulous $2 printable coupon for Luvs!  It’s valid on any one package of Luvs – bagged or boxed!  $2 off, easy peasy.  I don’t know a mom around that doesn’t love a little savings on diapers!

Luvs Ibotta

Luvs doesn’t want you to just save a little, they want to help moms save a lot!  Luvs has partnered with Ibotta to offer a $5 cash-back rebate on any boxed Luvs diapers 54ct. or larger.  This deal won’t last long!  For maximum savings you can purchase your box of Luvs and pair the $2 coupon with the Ibotta rebate for a total savings of $7!  Seven dollars!!!

If you’ve not familiar with Ibotta, don’t worry, it’s an easy app to learn.  Start by downloading the app for your Apple or Android device. After you buy your box of Luvs, simply open your Ibotta app and search for “Luvs” to find the $5 offer.  Follow the step by step directions within the app and once your purchase is verified you’ll receive your $5 within 48 hours.  (The step by step process involves scanning the product’s bar code and your receipt so keep your box and receipt handy)

More about Ibotta:

  • –  Once you get to a $20 minimum, you can deposit your Ibotta cash into your Paypal account or redeem for a gift card including Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Walmart.  Free money!

More about Luvs: 

  • –  According to Luvs, “When parents choose Luvs over Huggies Snug & Dry, they get outstanding superior overnight protection that locks away wetness 2X better, and they turn diapers into dollars by saving up to $150 per year.”

Target Pampers Deal $0.10 Per Diaper


This post contains affiliate links.Pampers

My friend just shared this deal with me and I’m just copying it and pasting it so I can shop for myself before it ends at midnight tonight!

Target: buy any 3 boxes of diapers, get $20 gift card. Spend $150 on baby items, get $25 gift card. Use promo code CARTWHEEL at checkout and save extra 10%. Use Target Red Card and save extra 5%. Free shipping with Target Red Card or $50+ purchase.

This is how it worked out for me…

I bought 6 boxes of Pampers size 2 diapers. Added up to $149.95. I threw in some Hyland’s teething tablets that I needed to pass the $150 mark. Used promo code for 10% off plus used my Target Red Card Debit card to save another 5% off. Free shipping. I got $65 in gift cards. Total spent on 672 diapers was $62.22 (that’s w/gift card total subtracted…out of pocket was $127). That makes it 9.2 cents per diaper!!!

Happy shopping at Target!!

New! Huggies Little Movers #MovingMoments

I participated in an Influencer Program on behalf of Mom Central for Huggies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. #MovingMoments

Huggies Little Movers

My little princess recently she just wiggled out of diapers and is embracing big girl panties.  Before we made the big switch she wore Huggies Little Movers.  She was/is a big mover.  She likes to hop, do forward rolls, and dance.  Oh, how she likes to dance!  Huggies Little Movers were great to keep her dry even during her long and active play dates.

Huggies Double Grip

I think it’s great when a company that already makes an excellent product continues to improve and make their product even better.  Huggies is one of those companies.  Their new Little Mover diapers have double grip strips to extra hold and protection.

While my oldest little mover is out of diapers, my littlest one is just starting to scoot and wiggle.  Can you believe he’s already pushing the limits to his size 2 diapers?!!  It won’t be any time until he’s out of his diapers and into his sister’s old diapers.  We picked these new Little Movers diapers at Target and I’m crazy about them.  My little wiggler is squirmy as all get out and these diapers hold it all in.  He may only be able to move a few feet right now but he’s constantly rolling on his side and turning himself in a circle.  He’s SO very close to rolling over!  If he could just figure out what to do with his one  arm he would be a roller.

Huggies Little Movers also have an adorable set of Mickey and Minnie prints!  My daughter loved them and I’m sure my son will too when he’s old enough to notice such things.  They’re just adorable!

If you have an active baby or toddler you should definitely swing by Target and give Huggies Little Movers a try.  I think you’ll love their super stretchy waistband and double grip strips.

Fruity Fluff AppleCheeks and Blueberry Giveaway

Fruity Fluff Giveaway

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Fruity Fluff Diapers

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Fruity Fluff Applecheeks and Blueberry Diapers Giveaway

Fruity Fluff Giveaway

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