New Slate GE Products at Best Buy

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Slate appliances

As you know, I’m renovating my bare kitchen in our new house now.  While walking through the store recently I stopped in my tracks with I saw GE’s new slate colored appliances.  I took a photo right away, sent it to my husband, and called him.  (If I hadn’t overloaded my phone with photos recently I’d show you!)  We had been debating on which new appliance color to choose (Yay! New appliances!) and when I found this one I absolutely fell in love.  My husband nonchalantly, as men do, said, “Yea, I like it.”  Woo!  I haven’t bought them yet but we will soon because Best Buy is having a tremendous deal on them right now!!  More on that later in this post but now I want to show you some pictures.
GE Slate Fridge

Simply gorgeous, right?  Sleek and sophisticated!

GE Slate Oven

I’ve read that this slate finish resists fingerprints and is easy to clean.  So no matter if you have a modern, or a country, or a classic shaker style kitchen you can easily update it with the hottest appliance color…and a great trusted brand, GE.

So tell me, do you love the new slate color half as much as I do?

Disclaimer: Requires purchase of select GE Profile appliances from the following categories: Refrigerators, Ranges, Wall Ovens, Microwaves, Cooktops, Dishwashers, Rangehoods, Washers and Dryers. Rebate has maximum value of $1500 and minimum of $100. Value determined by number of eligible appliances purchased. See to submit online and for full details on manufacturer’s incentive. Redemption value received via mail in form of Prepaid Visa Card. Offer valid 3/30/16 – 4/26/16.

This fabulous deal is only available at Best Buy so and be sure to check out the GE Brand Store to learn more about the slate finish, and how it can work for you!

Nate Berkus Inspired LG Kitchen Appliances

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Earth Day is today!  Happy Earth Day!  In keeping in the spirit of the day let’s talk about conserving our resources just a little, shall we?  We could drive more efficient cars or skip the car altogether some days.  We can swap out our light bulbs for the more efficient and much brighter LEDs.  For me, one of my favorite ways to conserve energy without having to lift a finger is to buy energy efficient appliances.  My refrigerator runs constantly so that’s an important appliance to have an energy star rating.  My washer and dryer also run constantly, or so it feels like anyway!  I love having an energy efficient washer and dryer set so I can be sure I’m saving as much money as possible there.

LG Nate Berkus Fridge

As you know, we’re about to move and when we do we’ll be needing a new fridge to call our own.  This new refrigerator from LG caught my eye, it’s called the LG Studio Line “Beauty by Design.”  It’s energy star certified!

Nate Berkus Kitchen

One look at the LG Studio Collection and it’s clear: Beauty is more than just skin deep. In any showcase kitchen, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside.  The line is inspired by Nate Berkus so it includes pro-style features like hefty metal knobs and flat doors.  I love it!  These appliances look like they’re both well-designed and hardworking.  What do you think?  Do you like this new line as much as I do?

An estimated 170 million refrigerators and refrigerator-freezers are currently in use in the United States.  Woo!  More than 60 million refrigerators are over 10 years old (guilty!), costing consumers $4.7 billion a year in energy costs.  By properly recycling your old refrigerator and replacing it with a new ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, you can save between $35–$300 on energy costs over its lifetime. Use the ENERGY STAR Savings Calculator to find out exactly how much money you’ll save by replacing your existing refrigerator.

Right now Best Buy is offering 18 months major appliance financing or 10% rewards (increased from 5 to 10% for April!) and 10% back in grocery purchases.  Plus, free delivery on purchases $399+.  I’m all about free delivery but especially when it comes to big and heavy appliances!

Keep What You Love Safe With Canary and Best Buy

This is a review for Best Buy. I was sent product, but was not compensated.

Canary Best Buy

When my new Canary Indoor Wireless High-Definition All-In-One Home Security came to my door I was excited!!  I had waited for this baby and it is fabulous!  It’s said to help keep our home safe and sound with motion detection notifications. I love motion detection, and that concept really takes home security to a new level. By the way, once the alarm is activated it uses a 90+ dB siren. That’ll do it! If the alarm is tripped it is the only mechanism that has a localized emergency call feature, so you can contact emergency services wherever you are. I was also impressed to know that it learns the cadence of your home, so it can send you accurate notifications with fewer false alarms triggered by pets or other regular activity in your house. Some motion detectors can too sensitive.

Canary Security

For setup, I just placed the Canary in a central location, plugged it in, and connected to our Wi-Fi. Though I’m not scared of technology nor incompetent, I still wanted reassurance that I was install it correctly. At Best Buy you can get Netgear® Nighthawk™ DST Router and DST Adapter with Geek Squad included. This is a brand new router that was exclusively developed between Netgear, an industry leader in the networking world, and Best Buy, to help provide consumers with an easy, all-in-one solution to support their home’s connected devices. This is heavy duty router and is great for houses with a large number of devices connecting to it – around 10! Many households may experience slow Wi-Fi, dropped calls, or experience “dead zones;” this router helps. It has a Dead Spot Terminator(DST) that helps you get rid of the Wi-Fi dead zones, which is really important when you’re relying on your internet connection for your safety.  It’s fabulous in our house now and I’m glad we got it before we move into our new house that is much bigger.  I don’t think our other router had the range that this one does.

Canary Auto Armed

A couple of features make it a great system. It has live stream video which I can watch from my iPhone, and everything is in HD 1080p resolution. That means I see all the tiny details, as well as at night because of the infrared night vision. It touts up to 20 feet away! I’m looking forward to this option when they kids are with their babysitter. I can see what’s happening. Plus, when the kids get older this may be a good way to play a prank on them… 🙂

Big Best Buy Special Holiday Shopping Event – Nov 7!

Best Buy Pre-Black Friday Sale

Black Friday isn’t for another three weeks, but Best Buy is starting the shopping season out right with a a Black Friday presale, taking place tomorrow, November 7.  Tomorrow, ya’ll.  Get your shopping shoes laced up and your reusable shopping bags ready!  Best Buy is offering extensive discounts on Apple products, Sony, Microsoft, Xbox and many others.  Best Buy has said that “This is the biggest event of the year for Best Buy stores and there will amazing deals, free gifts, demonstrations and sweepstakes to win prizes!”

Best Buy’s Black Friday presale will go down from 1 – 5 p.m. Saturday, at select Best Buy locations.  Check here to see if your location is participating!  In addition to FUN and savings, Best Buy is offering a free tech gift to the first 100 customers at each participating location.  Woo!  Customers can also enter to win a $1,000 Best Buy gift card.  Happy shopping, ya’ll!

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Get Ready for the Holidays with KitchenAid and Best Buy

KitchenAid Kitchen

I have the privilege of cooking being fun and not a chore. I have a really chill family, who loves to eat, so cooking is celebrated. However, that doesn’t mean that my cooking is like how granny did it. I use all the modern tools. I love fancy gadgets as much as the next girl but since I don’t have a huge kitchen so I need the items I have to do more than one purpose.  Can you guess my favorite appliance?  I simply don’t want to ever go without my Kitchenaid mixer.  I love it, love it, love it!

My grandmother had one of those hand mixers that gave you hand a horrible, vibrating massage every time you used it.  Funny story, when my friend got married, her mother-in-law gave her an original 1970’s green hand mixer.  When she was making homemade cookies for her brand new hubby the mixer started smoking! She rounded up her gift cards from the wedding, went out and bought a stand mixer, and never looked back.  I love my KitchenAid mixer.  Even though I regret getting it in the shade of red I did (it’s not a good idea to choose colors online…it wasn’t for me anyway) I still love it and use it all. the. time.  I think it’s my favorite kitchen purchase.

KitchenAid Stove

I didn’t know that KitchenAid offers OTHER appliances! I must have been living under a rock! There are new Slide-in Ranges for the tradition kitchen, which comes in your preference of electric or fuel. These ranges have Even-Heat™ Technology which mean flawless cooking (if you followed your recipe!). Exclusive to KitchenAid, the Steam Rack and Steam Bake cooking options help you make the perfect choice for your cooking needs. The Baking Drawer will help you with the large meals, so you can keep dishes warm while you fix others. OR you can slow cook OR bake at a different temperature than the main oven. Basically, it’s like having a double oven. **Drool**

KitchenAid Fridge

KitchenAid also manufactures Refrigerators – the grandaddy of all refrigerators! They have the beautiful french style doors with plenteous drawers for all your organization hogs… I mean goddesses. Five Door also offers even more organization with easier access to foods. The New 36” French Door Bottom Mount Built-in Refrigerator expands their offering with platinum interior design too. This is the luxury line for sure with soft close pantry drawers, crispers, and UNDERSHELF lighting. ***More drooling***

If you’re planning on re-doing your kitchen SOON, KitchenAid is offering some great incentives.

  • –  With the Purchase of any range/OTR Pair, you get a free 10-piece painted stainless-steel KitchenAid Cookware set (through 10/31/2015)
  • –  When your purchase 3 or more KitchenAid major kitchen appliances, you save an additional 5% (also through 10/31/2015)
  • –  18 month financing on Major Appliance purchases $599 and up or 10% Back in Rewards
  • –  Free delivery, haul-away & recycling on Major Appliance purchases $399 and up

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

SWASH at Best Buy

This is a sponsored post for Best Buy but as always, all opinions are my own.


Dry cleaners are great in that you don’t even have to get out of your car and your clothes are being taken care of – but what if there’s a solution for taking the best care of your clothes without having to leave your home?  That would be pretty great, huh?  The SWASH Clothing Care System is the solution for saving you time, money, and your clothes!  The SWASH System  is a 10-minute in-home clothing care system that’s now available for purchase at Best Buy.  If this sounds like something right up your alley, I encourage you to visit your local Best Buy to see the SWASH System in-person and take advantage of two fabulous offers:


$150 off SWASH Clothing Care System at Best Buy

when you buy any Whirlpool Laundry Pair at Best Buy (Hurry, only valid May 17th thru June 6th!)


$75 Best Buy Gift Card when you buy SWASH

starting June 7th and only available thru June 20th


The SWASH™ System Saves Three Ways:

Saves You Time – Allows garments to look their best in as little as 10 minutes. So say goodbye to excessive washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning.

Saves You Money – People who dry clean at least once a month spend about $758. With the SWASH system, you can cut your dry cleaning bills by 50%.2.  Plus, no need to load up the kiddos and spend gas money!

Saves Your Clothes – The SWASH system is gentle and doesn’t wash away dyes or cause pilling or fading, so you can actually extend the life of your clothes.  I love this about it!

Swash in Bedroom

SWASH operates quietly and has a sleek design that makes it look perfect in any room.  It comes in two colors shadow and linen.  Keep it in your bedroom, your walk-in closet, the living room, anywhere it is convenient for you.  Any standard outlet will do for your SWASH system so you could set it up almost anywhere!  It’s a great time saver because it will help you wear your clothing more between dry cleanings.  Less ironings and washings mean that the fabric will hold up longer…which means more money in your freshly pressed pocket.

SWASH Review

SWASH not only makes your clothes look good but it makes them smell great too!  The SWASH Clothing Care System uses SWASH Pods made by Tide that neutralize odor and leaves clothes smelling clean.  For those with sensitive skin issues (like my family), you can get the Sensitive SWASH Pods (which are only available at Best Buy).

Is SWASH something that could benefit your family?  I know I’d love one!