Ways to Refresh Your Home for Fall

Fall is coming!  Ya’ll knew that though, right?  As much as I’m still excited about our upcoming late summer vacation I’m also very excited about the fall season. …and the football, the leaves, the sweaters, the cute boots, and the fragrances of fall that come with it.  Oh, and the fall colors and candles too.  And pumpkins!!  Sigh.  There’s so much to love about fall.  This review was made possible by iConnect Influencer Management, Febreze and Swiffer was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Now where was I?  Oh yes, fall is coming!  To help you usher in the fall season I’ve rounded up 5 ways you can help refresh your home for fall.

Burlap Pumpkin

1.  Add some pumpkins.  Real pumpkins, painted pumpkins, ceramic pumpkins, or wooden pumpkins.  Any kind of pumpkins can do!

Febreze fall scent

2.  Refresh the scents.  To help get your home ready for fall Febreze has fall scented air refreshers.  Not only can they get rid of yucky smells you don’t want in your home but they can fill your home with dreamy wonderful scents.  Scents have been known to boost your mood and my family loves how their Big Sur woods air refresher smells.

3.  Hang a free fall printable.  The internet has a lot of free printables and I’m sure if you look you’ll find one just perfect for your home.  “Happy Fall, Ya’ll!” is one of my favorite fall slogans. 🙂

Sweater Pillow

4.  Bring out some throws.  I love my chunky orange blanket and white sweater pillow.  They both scream fall and are extra comfy while snuggled on the couch reading a book.
Swiffer Green Box

5. Give your home a good cleaning.  Spring cleaning is the season that gets the most attention but fall cleaning is just as necessary.  Fall allergies are up and at em and staying on top of household dust and pollen will help keep allergy sufferers happy.  Plus, who doesn’t love a clean and nice smelling home?


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Good luck!

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  1. Open windows and let the fresh air in.

  2. Karen Singer says

    Opening the windows as I clean to let the cool, crisp air blow through the house.

  3. I bring out the fall candles, start packing up some summer clothes, and do a deep fall cleaning/purge!

  4. Judith Kaplan says

    To be “fallish” i change over my linens in the kitchen to fall themed placemats and to a fall themed hand towel. I change over candles to pumpkin smell or change out for a rust color. I also do a couple of things from your post, throws and pumpkin items.

  5. I don’t do much to clean for fall – I usually just keep up with cleaning every day so it doesn’t become daunting. 🙂
    But I do take out my comforter and send it to the dry cleaners.
    And change my bathroom colors to more earth tones.

  6. I like to open my windows and let the nice cool fall breeze come in. For an extra nice touch I buy fresh sprigs of eucalyptus to place around my home. It smells amazing!

  7. Carla Roberts says

    I have a Fall door wreath and a few Fall decorations that I put out. My favorite thing is burning Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candles! On the first cool day, I enjoy opening the windows and French doors so the breeze freshens the house as I make pumpkin spice bars.

  8. I love to get my fall scented candles out , wash bedding and linens and steam clean my floors.

  9. We open the windows and burn pupkin and harvest apple scented soy wax tarts!

  10. Candace Northrop says

    Fall cleaning? Is that a thing? I’m still working on my SPRING Cleaning list!!! I just got out my fall decorations last week. The house looks great with all the orange and deep burgundy and browns all around.

  11. opening windows when ever the chance to let the fresh in and the sounds.
    Currently painting my whole home inside, all the rooms, ceilings and walls….what a difference to cheer up the place and freshen it as well.

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