6 Ways to Make a Bad Day Good

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Ways to Make a Bad Day Good

Do you ever have a crummy day where you just can’t seem to shake it?  It’s like you have your own version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day playing out before your eyes.  I’ve had days like that.

My most recent “bad day,” was this week and like most days, wasn’t absolutely terrible or completely bad.  It just had some bad parts that I was choosing to dwell on and that messed up the rest of my day.  Sometimes I need to step back and remember that while bad things may happen to me that are beyond my control, I can control my reaction.  While I can’t avoid bad things happening I can direct my attitude and actions and make my day better.   Here are a few things I do when I want to make a bad day good.

  1. Laugh – Laugh at yourself.  Laugh at your favorite comedy.  Laugh at cute YouTube videos (these from Buzzfeed are adorable!).  Laugh at your favorite comic strip (Pearls Before Swine kills me every. single. time!).  Even take a moment to laugh through your funny board on Pinterest.  What?  You don’t have one yet?  Here’s mine and from there you can build your own.  A funny Pinterest board is a great way to brighten your spirits on a bad day. {Full honesty, I was delayed in writing this post because I spent so long looking at that board.  It cracks me up!!}
  2. Phone a Friend – Really, pick up the phone and call someone.  Okay, so maybe they won’t answer but call the ones who will.  I only have a few people who will answer when I call and my mom and grandma are two of them.  Talking with someone you care about can do wonders.  You can talk through your problems and then get your mind off of your troubles.
  3. Think of Your Favorite Things – I haven’t actually done this one but it’s one that my daughter suggests often thanks to The Sound of Music. 🙂  A few of my favorite things are puppies with wet noses, balloons, surprises, giving gifts, and hugs from my kids.
  4. Pump Up the Jam – Turn on some tunes and dance your heart out.  Dance like no ones watching!  My kids love to get in on this with me.  Dancing to some old 60’s music with them cheers me up every time.
  5. Take It Outside – Get some fresh air, feel the sun on your back, listen to the birds sing, and stretch your legs.  Being in nature always makes me appreciate the little things in life more.
  6. Mix It Up – Change your routine.  When I get down I like to try and change up my schedule.  Maybe a trip to the mall is in order or just slow down and drop a few things that were on the docket for the day.  This week when it felt like everything was going wrong I changed up our daily routine and had an impromptu snack.

Jolly Time Popcorn

We had popcorn, Jolly Time popcorn which seemed to fit what I was aiming for.


Popcorn is usually an evening only, whole family snack but this day it was just for the kids and me.

Jolly Time

My son loves that popcorn is a snack that he and his sister can enjoy together.  His allergies limit what he can have and it’s nice to see him able to eat the same thing as her.

Popcorn Flower

My daughter said that this piece looks like a flower blooming.  I love her bright outlook on life and how she sees beauty everywhere!

Eating Popcorn


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What about you?  What do you do to turn your frown upside down?

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  1. Talking it out with a friend always helps me get it all out and get over it 🙂 And when my kids surprise me with the sweetest hugs if they see that I’m down. That’s the best thing ever!

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