Spring Style Idea Board

Spring Inspired Style

Despite the bees and the pollen, I absolutely adore spring.  As I’m typing now I can hear baby birds chirping and as I glance up I see the sun peeping through the new green leaves of a maple tree right outside my window.  I love it.  Spring gives a peaceful, hopeful feeling doesn’t it?  It does for me anyway.  Because of my love for spring I try to incorporate spring inspired style into my decor.

Blue Paint

As many of you know, I recently moved and while I don’t have much unpacked I am enjoying the freshly painted baby blue walls of my home.  It gives it a serene spring like feeling, don’t you think?

Since my new home is over double the size of my old one I’m in the market for some additional furniture and decor.  I’ve been looking around and once again, I’m drawn to the fresh and pastel palettes that remind me of spring.  While I haven’t finalized many purchase decisions yet I’ve had time browsing and shopping around.

I absolutely adore Wayfair and am glad that I was able to partner with them for this post.  On Wayfair.com I was able to create a “Spring Style” idea board.  Anyone can create one (or a dozen!) – it’s easy to do once you log into your account.  While I created this board with the idea of my living room (partly pictured above) I loved the process so much that I’m going to go back and create a nautical one for my son’s room and a frilly girly room for my daughter.  Once we get a little more settled in I think I’ll try my hand at decorating our patio with their lawn and garden decor.

Take a look at my Spring Style board below and let me know which of the items I chose is your favorite!

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Ashley is very happily married and the mother to a beautiful little girl and handsome little boy. She is the main voice behind Embracing Homemaking.


  1. I love that couch. We’ve been looking for a new couch for a while.

  2. Carissa Pelletier says:

    So bright and spring-like! I love browsing Wayfair.com, especially for bigger items that are easier to have shipped to me!

  3. I think my wife could get in trouble on Wayfair with an empty house!! Congrats on your new home decorating it will be fun!

  4. Roxanne Morrison says:

    Love the chair! Your beautiful blue empty canvas inspired me to Wayfair.com

  5. Spring really is wonderful! My absolute favorite on your Spring Board is the chair (first one – top left-hand corner!) So classic and beautiful!

  6. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    I love Wayfair! They have some of the cutest stuff there, don’t they?

  7. Spring is my favorite season! Wayfair has some amazing decor and the ones you chose are gorgeous! I love the accent chair!

  8. I love all these decor! I would love to have many of those products. I love colors like those too. Some of my favorites!

  9. Janeane Davis says:

    I like the vases of flowers you shared on the board. They would fit into any room.

  10. I love that apple blossom wreath! so pretty.

  11. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I love all the flowers. It always makes me feel more like summer with a bunch of flowers in the house.

  12. Elizabeth Lampman says:

    That chair would be a great piece to have. The flower wreaths are a nice touch.

  13. I do love the blue color on your walls! There are so many cute decorations for spring from Wayfair. I think I really love the 6 white herb pots though. Really cute!

  14. Wayfair.com has such great stuff. Love the spring wreaths you’ve picked. It’s so much easier shopping online for a new home. Less stressful and so many more options!

  15. Love this! I’m totally on a decorating kick right now!

  16. I love the floral arrangements and that chair. So pretty and fun for spring.

  17. I love your colors and the things you’ve chosen for your style board, I’m going to go make one of my own!

  18. What beautiful accent pieces they have! I need to make an inspiration board for a makeover for me too.

  19. I love that you can create a Board like this in Wayfair. I like being able to see everything at once. It’s helpful to compare.

  20. Ryan Escat says:

    The flowers are all looks stunning and beautiful. I like them all!

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