5 Reasons Why to Buy a Used Car

Fantastic. You went to the local body shop for an oil change, and you come out with an estimate for future car repair that could pay for oil changes for the rest of your car’s life. Recently, I had a similar experience, and now I’m faced with a decision. What car do I want next? Before I can consider the model and the color, I have to be a practical adult and consider what I can afford.

Most loaning agencies want you to think that you can have any car of your dreams, but you know better. You know that buying a pre-owned car can be smarter.

  1. You want to build your own equity fast.

You usually hear this kind of advice when buying a house. You know, always go for a fixer upper so the value of the house will be in your pocket, not someone else’s. A similar principle applies when buy a used car. Someone else has already had to pay for the natural depreciation of the car when it was BRAND NEW! You don’t have to pay those costs! You’re saving money by letting someone else have the privilege of a one-week new car smell, and once you pay your car loan off (or maybe you were smart and paid in cash!), you have equity!

  1. You understand that a little can go a long way.

Many people consider cars to be a big purchase. With the price tags of cars we see advertised online, obviously this is a natural reaction. Often times, your necessary ride doesn’t need to be the price tag of a new car. If your daily commute is 10 minutes away, the likelihood of needing just the car basics is high. Though we want to look nice and presentable which reflects in our car choice, we don’t have to drive the Prada of cars, and sometimes if we’re lucky, we can find Saks Fifth Avenue at Walmart prices.

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