Tips For Keeping Your Used Car In Top Shape

If you make the choice to purchase used, these tips for keeping your used car in top shape are going to keep things running for years to come. Any vehicle investment is something you want to have last for many years. Being able to keep your car or truck running smoothly will make your investment even better in the long run.


Have regular tune ups. This is key for any vehicle but is definitely a must do tip for keeping your used car in top shape. Regular tune ups will alert you to underlying problems, as well as keep things running smoothly. At least once per year have your mechanic take the time to do a thorough check of your car You should also regularly take it in for oil changes and basic maintenance needs.

Things to have your mechanic check or change regularly:

  • – Oil and oil filter changes
  • – Air filter
  • – Fluids
  • – Belts checked or replaced
  • – Spark plugs
  • – Brakes and tires
  • – Air conditioning and heater upkeep

Repair things before they break. There are many things that may not need to be replaced regularly, but if they do go bad can lead to other costly expenses. Checking things like your brakes, timing belt, radiator, transmission and even simple electrical needs on a regular basis and replacing at signs of wear is important. A routine replacement can prevent you from having multiple other problems associated with a break later down the road.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder to have regular tune-ups and changes on my car. We drive a minivan that’s almost 20 years old. It actually has an electrical issue that makes the oil light stay on constantly, and the brake light comes on intermittently. Because these lights are on all the time, I forget to actually pay attention to when my car does need service!

  2. I never really knew what needed to be checked periodically, and what is okay to check every once in a while. So this was really helpful for me! I never knew that I should check my brakes often, so I’m glad I know now! I think that my oil filter needs to be checked, so I think I’ll check the brakes while I’m at it! Thanks for the help!

  3. Silas Knight says

    This is really helpful for car maintenance. I am not very handy with vehicles, so it is good to know what is best in maintaining them. I was unaware that the air filter needed attention, so I will keep that in mind.

  4. I like how you give a list of the things that need to be checked or changed regularly. I think that most people don’t take their car into the auto repair shop as much as they should. Cars require constant maintenance. If that maintenance is kept up, then the costs of repairs go down as well.

  5. I am not good with cars, so I am grateful for these tips you have. I like how you talked about repairing things before they break. That might sound contradictory at first, but like you said, with maintenance, you can find signs of wear. I will have to remember this!

  6. I hadn’t thought about asking a car mechanic to check the seat belts systems when I take my car in for maintenance. It makes sense that keeping this in mind can help you stay safe while driving. I can see how making sure you take your time and find someone you can trust ahead of time can help you save time and money in an emergency.

  7. Thanks For Sharing This Helpful Blog.

  8. This is very Helpful thanks!

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