Declutter Game – Prize $100 Cash!

Declutter Game

For those who haven’t been following along with our Live With Less series, we had a challenge last month to completely clean a small space in your home.  You can read more about it here but the gist is we separated our space into sections and worked on it a little at a time.  I was excited about it but I found out that that process overwhelmed many of you.  I’ve been there before.  Many times.

This month I want to do something a little more fun and a little less daunting – let’s play a game!

Declutter game - $100 cash prize!

A game that will hopefully end with everyone owning less stuff and one winner walking away with a $100 in cash!

The game is a simple one.  For the month of February, you need to get rid of one thing on the first day of the month.  On the second, two things.  On the third, three things….and so on.  Clothes, toys, tools, junk, decorations, etc.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it!  It starts off easy but it will soon get trickier.  Just think though, this is the shortest month of the year.  You can do it!!

Because we’re already 4 days behind you can make them up at anytime this week.

How will I choose a winner?  We’re all winners by getting rid of our unwanted belongings but I’ll choose a winner from the people who take pictures of their discarded items each day and do one of three things 1) Share them on social media and tag them #LiveWithLess, if you’re not active online 2) Email the pictures to me at or 3) Share them in our Live With Less Facebook group.


  • – If you skip a day are you disqualified? No, but you may only skip one day at a time.  Two consecutive skips will disqualify you from winning but you’re welcome to continue playing.
  • – Can you track my shares on social media?  Yes, if you use the #LiveWithLess hashtag I can track them.
  • – How can I make sure my emails get delivered to you? Okay, so no one would really ask this but for my sanity, could you please put #LiveWithLess Day 1 in the subject line?  Thank you!
  • – How do I make up the days that have already passed?  Simply take a picture of one item by itself, two items by themselves, etc. until this Saturday (the 7th) when you should be caught up.  By then you should have a total of 28 items being trashed, donated, or set aside to sell.
  • – If I share pictures of my junk in the Live With Less Facebook group will all of my friends see it?  No, not unless they are in the group.
  • – Will you be sharing the items you’re getting rid of?  Yes!  I’ll be posting them on Instagram and in our Live With Less Facebook group daily.  Forgive the bad quality pics, this is going to be a quick thing every day.
  • – What if more than one person makes it to the 28th?  That would be wonderful and I would choose a winner at random using
  • – What if no one makes it to the 28th?  Then I’m keeping the money for myself and going to the spa! 😉

A Side Note:

Have you been selling some of your items that you’re tossing?  I started selling some of my unwanted things online and have been shocked at the money I’ve made.  So far this year, I’ve pocketed $550!

If you have any questions or if I missed something please let me know.

Who’s ready to play?  I hope you’ll join me!  This will be more fun with friends!

If you’re just now joining us and want to catch up on past posts you can find them all linked here on the intro post to our Live With Less series.

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  1. I’m so bummed that I just seen this! I so wish I could’ve participated from day 1 *sigh*

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