Five Fabulous Blog Posts – Beauty, Compassion, Dandelions, & More

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It’s rare these days that I get a moment to myself and for the most part, I’ve made my peace with that.  This is the season of life that I’m in and I’m learning to embrace it.  Today the stars nap times aligned and I was able to retreat to my office for a few minutes of writing.  While I had my editorial calendar in hand I couldn’t manage to find the words I was searching for.  Instead of going about my housework as I probably should have, I stopped by some of my favorite bloggers to see what’s going on in their world.  Pausing to read the words of other bloggers who have poured their heart out on a page was refreshing.  I cried a few tears, laughed, and shook my head in agreement.  Then I decided to round up those posts and share them with you in hopes that you might find them a blessing too.

Some of these writers are personal friends of mine and some are just “friends in my head.”  You know, I read their words so often that I feel like I know them and I forget that they don’t know me.  Do you do that too?  Maybe some day we’ll be friends here on earth but if not, I’m certain we will be in Heaven one day!

  • – Courtney from Women Living Well wrote a terrific article about Sound Doctrine.  In it, she explains what it is and why it’s important.
  • – Lisa-Jo Baker shared a post entitled, “How to Make Your Daughter Feel Beautiful.”  Grab your tissues!  This article is packed full of great advice and raw emotion.
  • – Tracie Miles has a beautiful guest post on about Jesus’ Compassion.  This devotion may help you view the cross in a different way.
  • – Sharon Glasgow shares about how she fries and eats dandelions.  Yep, you read that right.  Dandelions!  Now I’m regretting that we had our lawn treated for weeds.  Sort of.
  • – Renee Swope is a new contributor for and her recent post “I don’t really know you, yet I want to” is fabulous.  It’s a candid discussion about getting to know someone.  Truly knowing someone.

I hope you’re able to slow down and take a look at one or two of these posts for yourself.  I think they’ll be an encouragement.  Now, where’s that laundry basket?

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  1. Robin Rue says

    It’s so weird, but someone in my spin class was just walking about eating dandelions today. I was totally grossed out, but apparently she isn;t the only one lol.

  2. I love how you talked about knowing people “in your head”! I am still a newbie to the blogging scene. I am just now getting to “know” a lot of great writers!

  3. redheadbabymama says

    My grandmother used to each fried squash blossoms when she was a kid. I hear dandelion and pansy salads are delish!

  4. suelee1998 says

    eating dandelions? hmm well I have heard of this, but I have never personally tried this, but why not?

  5. I can remember picking dandelion greens with my great-grandmother. I hated them but loved the time I spent with her gathering them!

  6. I’m still working on making peace with the lack of alone time. Thanks for the post round up!

  7. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy says

    Sometimes it’s great to enjoy reading other blogs and not worrying about writing on your own! I love the post about How to Make Your Daughter Feel Beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the round up! I love visiting other blogger’s blogs and seeing what they’ve been up too.

  9. mommadjane says

    I love finding new blog posts to read. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Karen Koblan says

    I love round up posts! Thanks for sharing your picks and I’ll have to check them out.

  11. SippyCupMom says

    Thanks for sharing all of these great posts. I love discovering new blogs.

  12. I’m very blessed that my husband sees to it I get some alone time most every day. <3 Thanks for sharing these blogs, I look forward to checking them out!

  13. Well now I have some new blogs to visit. Thanks for the intro

  14. Slow down? What does that mean? I don’t think any of us know how to! 😉

  15. I love reading other blog posts! Looks like I have some blogs to check out!

  16. How fun! I often find myself getting lost online.. reading blogs. Really refreshing and motivating! Thanks for the fun list.. totally off to read about those dandelions!

  17. Janeane Davis says

    It was nic eo fyou to share a few blog posts that you enjoyed so that your readers can get exposed to something new and a little different.

  18. Thanks for sharing these motivating posts!

  19. Veronica Solomon says

    I like that you have shared a few blogs that have inspired you in some way. Way to share some blog love

  20. Jenni E. says

    I love stopping to take the time to read some of my favorite blogs. These all sound like terrific posts. As far as the dandelions go….YUP! Most people don’t realize they’re edible. My sister makes dandelion jelly, and it’s FANTASTIC!

  21. traceynicole says

    Reading other people’s blogs is so great. You learn more and for me, it inspires me to write.

  22. Thanks for sharing these! I’ll check them out!

  23. mail4rosey says

    This is a nice post. I do feel like I know some of the bloggers, even though we haven’t met. That’s a cool factor. 🙂

  24. Great list round up. I just read How to Make Your Daughter Feel Beautiful and it was powerful.

  25. Terry from Candida Journey eats dandelions too. I thought it was strange when I first read that, but apparently many people do! They have great health benefits.

  26. Keikilani Jackson says

    I just love those days when Nap times align! It is a beautiful thing and I seem to never be able to decide if I should sit and do nothing or run around like crazy! LOL

  27. agape084 says

    Yay for aligning nap time! Thanks for sharing your “friends” with us!

  28. I’m glad that the naps aligned for you today. Sometimes we just need to take the time to read the encouragement of others.

  29. Rachael Ebner says

    Thanks for sharing. I will check out a couple of these blog posts. Have a great weekend!

  30. thats a great list of posts. thanks for sharing soem new reads

  31. Debbie Lamb says

    Thanks for the listing of post – sharing with my friends

  32. TheNewClassy says

    I remember eating fried dandelions in elementary school. I don’t remember much else, or if I liked them. I just remember doing it. 🙂

  33. Alesha @ Full Time Mama says

    Fried dandelions? Sounds interesting… Gross, but interesting. lol I’ll have to check out this list when the stars (or nap times) align for me next! 🙂

  34. Camesha says

    I totally have bloggers that are friends in my head. That’s the thing about sharing our world with the world. It’s a beautiful thing. Thanks for sharing these posts. I better get to reading…

  35. I’ve had dandelion before. I don’t remember it being bad.

  36. I read this whole big article once about eating dandelions. It was super interesting reading about what others call weeds and want to kill but the author cherished.

  37. I’ve eaten several dandilions before, they’re actually quite good. Thanks for sharing all those posts, they were fabulous 🙂

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