Prince Lionheart’s Wheely Bug Review

I’m here to tell you about the CUTEST, most adorable little mouse you ever did see!  Do you think Cinderella’s mice friends were cute?  Well, they may be but let me tell you, they’ve got nothing on this mouse.

Wheely Bug!

Seeeeee!  I told you so.  : )  This mouse is a Wheely Bug from Prince Lionheart.  They gave one to my daughter to try out and she absolutely adores it.  She’s had it now for several months and it’s still a toy she plays with daily.  She’ll bring it food to eat, sit on it to draw or read, and of course she enjoys riding it around our house.

She enjoys riding it so much that I had a very difficult time snapping a picture with her on the mouse where she wasn’t moving.  Even when she reads or draws on it she’ll scoot around a little at a time.

Wheely Bug

Here’s a picture I managed to take while she held still for a few seconds.  Aren’t the mouse ears a fun touch?  I think they’re technically supposed to be in front of the handlebar but she likes to move them behind sometimes…and put hair bows on them.

Not only does my daughter love her little mouse but I do too.  It’s a quiet toy that helps her be active and use her imagination.  That’s a big win in this mama’s book!  It’s a classic toy that’s built well to last a long time.  I imagine her kids will be able to play with this one day.  It’s base is made of wood and the mouse itself is covered in a soft but sturdy material called PU.  That’s a poly synthetic, man made, leather that’s waterproof for easy clean up (from the inevitable spills that come from having a toddler).  It’s multidirectional castors are perfect to help her take laps around our living room with ease.

Riding Wheely Bug

Check out the mouse’s cute tail as my daughter rides away!

The Wheely Bug is a simple toy that gets hours of use in our home and I highly recommend it to anyone with a little one.  They come in two different sizes:

  • – Small 15″ L x 9″ W x 8 ¾ ” H (seat) for 1.5 yrs + ($69.99)
  • – Large 18 ½ ” x 11″ x 10 ½ ” for 3yrs + ($79.99)

Click here to go to Prince Lionheart to take a look for yourself!