Ice Pop Recipes: 101 Homemade Ice Pops

101 Must Have Ice Pop Recipes

Besides maybe a cool glass of water, nothing tastes better on a hot summer day than a homemade ice pop!  You don’t have to settle for the store bought ones or ice cream truck varieties that are loaded with refined sugar and artificial colors.  You can make your own!  Just grab your favorite ice pop mold {I’m partial to the BPA free Trovolo brand}, blend your favorite fruits and veggies, pour them in and freeze.  If you need some ice pop inspiration, I’ve gathered 101 different ice pop recipes for you.  I’ve included everything from Raspberry Vanilla to Avocado to Chocolate & Salted Caramel.  Enjoy!  Oh, and if you found this post helpful please pin it so others can see it too!

  1. Cherries & Cream {Zoku}
  2. Chocolate & Salted Caramel Pudding {Bakers Royale}
  3. Cranberry Orange {Zoku}
  4. Avocado {Food Republic}
  5. Plum Smoothie {Country Living}
  6. Coconut and Mango Rice {}
  7. Raspberry Vanilla Parfait {Tastebook}
  8. Fruit Pops {Country Living}
  9. Lemonade Stand {Somewhere Splendid}
  10. Orange Julius {A Night Owl Blog}
  11. Pina Colada {Loves Food and Art}
  12. Boston Cream Pie {Something Swanky}
  13. Girl Scount Samoa {My Baking Addiction}
  14. Kiwi {Country Living}
  15. Nutella {Daily Waffle}
  16. Rainbow {Kitchen Corners}
  17. Blackberry Lime Cheesecake {Simple Bites}
  18. Orange Banana {Country Living}
  19. Strawberry Vanilla {The Cutting Edge of Ordinary}
  20. Pomegranate Raspberry and Nectarine {Good Life Eats}
  21. Orange Creamsicles {Oven Love Blog}
  22. Strawberry Shortcake {Bakers Royale}
  23. Mint Chocolate Cheesecake {Good Life Eats}
  24. Strawberry Lemonade {Pass the Sushi}
  25. Blackberry Rose {Country Living}
  26. Blackberry Honey & Yogurt {Lottie and Doof}
  27. Peanut Butter & Jelly {Mama Loves Her Bargains}
  28. Dark Chocolate Pineapple {Got Chocolate}
  29. Sweet Tea {Food with Family}
  30. Strawberry Ricotta {My Baking Addiction}
  31. Pumpkin Pie {Kitchen Corners}
  32. Minted Watermelon {Food and Wine}
  33. Herb Infused {Babble}
  34. Pistachio Cream {Little Inspiration}
  35. Butterscotch {Chow}
  36. Cereal & Milk {The Little Foodie}
  37. Mango & Salted Coconut {The Design Files}
  38. Strawberry Spinach {Kate’s Creative Kitchen}
  39. Pineapple {Veggie Wedgie}
  40. Pomegranate Limeade {Jerry Stone’s Blog}
  41. Coconut Milk {Hybrid Rasta Mama}
  42. Kiwi Orange Cream {Desserts for Breakfast}
  43. Spring Flower Bouquet {Family Fresh Cooking}
  44. Oreo {Little Inspiration}
  45. Dark Chocolate Pudding {Craving Chronicles}
  46. Blueberry {Rooted Wellbeing}
  47. Daphne Oz’s Breakfast Smoothie {The Chew}
  48. Red Azuki Bean {Craft Passion}
  49. Strawberry, Banana, & Spinach {Lost Garden}
  50. Rosemary Infused Orange {Dishes From My Kitchen}
  51. Cookies & Cream {Just Baked by Me}
  52. Blueberry & Yogurt {Food0licious Pictured}
  53. Apple Cider & Rosemary {Bon Appetit}
  54. Mexican Coffee {Taste for Adventure}
  55. Watermelon Jalapeno {Jerry Stone’s Blog}
  56. Cardamom Rubarb Sorbet {A Good Appetite}
  57. Jello {For Food}
  58. Yogurt {A Mom’s Take}
  59. Cantaloupe & Cherry {Honest Cooking}
  60. Coffee & Milk {Anne Jisca’s Healthy Pursuits}
  61. White Chocolate & Berries {David Lebovitz}
  62. Rocky Road Fudge {Dinner’s On Me}
  63. Peach & Sour Cherry {The Whole Kitchen}
  64. Chocolate Mocha {Beyond Wonderful}
  65. Lemonade Cucumber {Family Fresh Cooking}
  66. Watermelon Mint {Eating Out Loud}
  67. Orange and Vanilla Cream {Taste of Home}
  68. Peach Coconut {Mother Thyme}
  69. Lemon Dream {Whipped the Blog}
  70. Chunky Peach {Eating Well}
  71. Raspberry & White Cherry {Verses From My Kitchen}
  72. Balsamic Strawberry {Style at Home}
  73. Strawberry & Cream Cheese {Dairy Goodness}
  74. Cantaloupe & Cranberry-Orange {Martha Stewart}
  75. Red, White, & Blueberry {Serious Eats}
  76. Triple Berry with Lemon {My Recipes}
  77. Mango Orange {6 Bittersweets}
  78. Caramel Popcorn {Zoku}
  79. Honeydew {Baker Gal}
  80. Raspberry Lime {My Pantry Shelf}
  81. Peach & Mango {Whole Foods Market}
  82. Watermelon & Blueberry {Eating Well}
  83. Maple Mocha {Taste of Home}
  84. Snowy Peak {Martha Stewart}
  85. Banana & Coconut {Wandering Chopsticks}
  86. Strawberry Banana {Williams-Sonoma}
  87. Fudge {Taste of Home}
  88. Macaroon {Cooking with Alison}
  89. Raspberry & Yogurt {Martha Stewart}
  90. Honey Yogurt Berry {Joyilicious}
  91. Strawberry Coconut {Oh My Deer}
  92. Cucumber & Cantaloupe {Rookie Cookie}
  93. Veggie {Care2}
  94. Lemon Buttermilk {Smile Monsters}
  95. Soda Pop {Growing a Green Family}
  96. Banana Chocolate Chip {Fix Me a Snack}
  97. Spicy Pineapple Coconut {Fine Cooking}
  98. Maple & Squash Pumpkin Pie {}
  99. Green Tea Peppermint {Vanilla Garlic}
  100. Cherry Peppermint {Meghan Telpner} 
  101. Vanilla Tofu {Growing a Green Family}

That’s all, folks!  I hope you are able to try out and enjoy a few of these yourselves.  If you do, please come back and tell everyone which ones your family enjoyed!