20 Lessons We Can Learn From Downton Abbey

Lessons from Downton Abbey

Do you love tuning into Downtown Abbey each week and watching the adventures of the Lords and Ladies? Many do, as Downtown Abbey seems to transform us to a magical place of beauty, intrigue, mystery, and of course drama. If you are a Downton Abbey fan, take a look below at 20 lessons we can learn from watching Downton Abbey. Next time you tune in know that you aren’t just being entertained; you are learning a little something fun as well!

1. Breakfast in bed can make anyone feel like a Lord or a Lady.
2. A simple walk around the grounds and gardens are good for the soul.
3. Any outfit can be made fancier with a hat…especially if the hat has feathers.
4. A great pair of elbow length gloves is a must have for every wardrobe.
5. Nothing brings folks to the dinner table like a gong.
6. Mr. Carson can solve just about any problem. Now if only he lived in our basements too!
7. Silver candlesticks add instant glam to any table. A lush table covering does so as well.
8. Writing letters is very chic…and quite romantic.
9. A crystal chandelier can make any space feel grand.
10. Getting dressed each morning would be easier with a valet or ladies maid.
11. Most problems can be solved over a cup of tea.
12. Announcing your guests as they arrive will make them feel extra special.
13. Referring to your work clothes as your liveries will make people think you are fancy.
14. It is uncivilized to talk about money with friends.
15. No self respecting lady leaves the home without a hat on.
16. A gentleman should always stand when a lady leaves or enters the room.
17. A crackling fire in the family library is a great way to end the evening.
18. Telegrams need to come back in fashion.
19. Calling anyone you love “darling” is sure to make them feel adored.
20. Every gal needs an Anna to bounce their problems off on before bed.

See how much Downton Abbey has taught us? It surely transports us to a beautiful place and time, when attention to detail, fine manners, and standards were truly in place. The next time you enjoy an episode, see if you can spot these lessons mentioned above.

What else have you learned from watching Downton Abbey?

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How to Host a Downton Abbey Party

Downton Abbey Party

Calling all Lords and Ladies! If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, you are no doubt getting ready to kick off season five. Will Anna and Bates find happiness? Will Mary choose a suitor? Will Edith find out what happened to her lost love? The questions are many, but the one thing you won’t have to worry about is how to host a Downton Abbey themed party! Take a look below at some fun tips to help you plan your own Downton themed soiree, perfect enough for the Dowager herself!

1. Get into character.
When inviting guests, why not invite them to get into character? Fancy hats are a great way to do just this, as are hankies, long jeweled necklaces, and other wardrobe finery. Browse local thrift and antique shops for the perfect accessories and come dressed to impress.

2. Break out the china.
Now is the time to use that fancy china you have been sitting on. Pretty plates, teacups, saucers, and other pieces are perfect for such a party. If you don’t have any, browse thrift and antique shops where you can find simple china pieces for a few bucks each.  {This is the set I’ve been dreaming of on Amazon} Look for not only teacups but cake plates, snack plates, and fancy stemware.

3. Make themed treats.
Tea cakes, finger sandwiches, small cookie bites, and small savories are all perfect for such a party. Don’t forget the tea of course, as well as condiments such as sugar and cream. Keep snacks small and bite sized, so they can fit on a saucer alongside a cup of tea. You can buy many frozen, bite sized appetizers at your local grocer, as well as tea cakes and mini desserts.

4. Don’t forget the finery.
Dress up your table to impress with fresh roses, cloth napkins, a lavish tablecloth, silver candlesticks, and plenty of tapered candles. You can find faux silver candlesticks at most thrift stores, or spray paint a wooden pair silver.

5. Set the sounds!
While your guests sip tea and chat about the latest scandals, let the sounds of Downton Abbey surround you. Play the Original Downton Abbey Television Series Soundtrack for all to enjoy!

Transform your own home into Downton the estate when you give these tips a try. They are the perfect way to get into the spirit of all things Downton as season five draws near! Now, if only you had Mr. Carson to help serve, and his staff to help clean up!