What Moms Can Do With Lukewarm Coffee

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Lukewarm Coffee Recipe

As moms we’re running laps around our house making sure the kids are fed, cared for, and well, just safe and alive.  If we can snag a bite of food here or there we’ll take it.  No matter what changes in our routine, one thing stays the same.  We start our coffee pot every morning like clockwork.  We might only have one eye open but we are determined that we will have our coffee despite all odds.  We love that coffee.  We NEED that coffee.  We need it to be normal.  To function.  To be kind.  To survive motherhood.  Somewhere around the second trip to the microwave to heat up our morning coffee we admit defeat and promise to try again tomorrow.  But what if I were to tell you that there’s another way, mamas?  A way that you can have your morning coffee and drink it too?

No longer will you have to toss your half-filled mugs or leftover coffee sitting in the pot!  No longer will you despair that you had wasted precious money and even more precious bean juice down the sink!  No longer will your eyes look tired and your step be pep-less.  Now you can make this cup of deliciousness instead…and feel fancy while doing so!

To make said cup of deliciousness:

  • –  Pour your room temp coffee to a cocktail shaker
  • –  add a splash of half & half (or coconut milk if you’re dairy free),
  • –  add a smidge of raw sugar
  • –  and add a lot of ice
  • –  Shake vigorously
  • –  Pour over ice.

The end result is yummy!  It comes out frothy and perfect, and it’s free!  You’re welcome, tired mama!  Coffee drinking mamas unite!  Together we can have our cup of coffee and conquer the world.  Or at least rid the floor of Legos before supper time.

What Moms Can Do With Lukewarm Coffee