5 Steps to Remove Clutter From Your Life

All of us end up with a clutter filled home and mind throughout our life. With the busy times of keeping up with a career, raising kids and keeping a marriage afloat, there’s no wonder that many of us end up feeling overwhelmed and cluttered. When you realize that clutter has taken over your life and home, there are a few things you can do to help remove this clutter from your life, today I am sharing a few tips to help you become clutter free and in turn feel less stressed.

5 Steps to Remove Clutter from your Life

Tackle Junk Drawers

Most people have a junk drawer in the home that’s full of odds and ends. The first tip to removing clutter from your life is to tackle the junk drawers. Organize each item into a category, then donate or recycle any items that won’t serve a purpose in your life.

Take a Relaxing Bath

If you find that your mind is cluttered, taking a relaxing bath once a week can help to alleviate this clutter in the mind. With our busy lives, we tend to hold so much in our thoughts and in turn can feel overwhelmed and tense. A relaxing weekly bath will remove clutter from your mind easily.

Revamp Daily Routine

As time goes on you will find that your routine becomes cluttered and you simply kept living life every day adding more things to your routine. In time, you have to pause to reflect upon what your daily routine involves. Cut some items from that routine and revamp it so that you feel more relaxed.

Clear off Flat Surfaces

If your home is like mine, the kids and others tend to drop items on that open countertop in the kitchen or the dining room table. Flat surfaces are famous for gaining clutter and it’s time to take back that surface! Make it a rule to never place any items on flat surfaces in the home, put them in their place. (You may also like our Tips for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets)

Designate a Space for Everything

Lastly, in order to maintain your clutter-free lifestyle, you will have to make sure that you have a designated space for everything. Have a family meeting to discuss these changes so that everyone is held accountable for removing the clutter from your life.

There you have it, 5 steps to remove clutter from your life. These tips are meant to inspire you to make a change and work towards living a reduced stress lifestyle. Once you implement these tips, you should feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders and in time feel great about living a clutter-free lifestyle.

Divide & Conquer Closet Clutter – Day 2

For those who don’t follow my “Letters to My Daughter” posts on Embracing Beauty, I am pregnant.  Very pregnant.  Just as my nesting urge is kicking into high gear, my energy level is dwindling.  That’s where today’s Clearing Closet Clutter advice comes from.

Usually, when I clean a closet I’ll pull everything out, go through the draining 20 question decluttering game with every item, run out of time, and throw everything back in.

Messy Bed

Here’s a real life picture to show you the proof.  This time, however, instead of shoving it all back in I just left it there.  I had not only ran out of time but also energy.

My suggestion to share today is to divide and conquer.  When you have a chunk of time sort through and organize your shoes, another time your purses, and so forth.  Doesn’t that seem so much less daunting?

I’m pretty sure that I’m learning a lot of household organizing and cleaning lessons being pregnant.  First, I learned how to Spring Clean in a Month and now I’ve learned this.  What’s next?

Clear Closet Clutter in 3 Weeks!

Go here to view out previous tips to Clear Closet Clutter in 3 Weeks.

Clear Closet Clutter in 3 Weeks!

Clear Closet Clutter in 3 Weeks!

I have to admit, this Clearing Closet Clutter series is partly for you and partly for me.  I hate to declutter!  There, I said it.  Decluttering involves decision after decision and that can be mentally exhausting for an indecisive person like myself.

Should I keep it?  Should I donate it or throw it away?  Would someone else want it?  What if I need it someday?  Should I take it to consignment? Could someone I know use this? Should I save it for them?  Would it offend them if I offered it to them???

We make these decisions for ever item we find.  Tiring to say the least!  What adds to the fatigue is that we usually set aside an entire day (good old spring cleaning) for this task.  As a result of these decisions made in rapid secession and with the hours spent on end organizing and tossing it’s no wonder we get burnt out.  OR we may even anticipate this agonizing event and continue to procrastinate until clothes fall on our head each time we open the closet door…not that that has ever happened to me!  ha.

The result? More clutter. More and more clutter.  And, whether you recognize it or not clutter = stress.  It’s true, I don’t always like to admit it but I know it’s true.  For me closet clutter is the HARDEST clutter to get under control.  Any other area is manageable but with the closet it’s so simple to shut the door and put it out of site and out of mind.  So here I am, open and honest with you, ready to start a three week series on Clearing Closet Clutter.  I’ll be sharing inspiration from others along with pictures of my own short comings as well as personal triumphs.

Since this is the first part of the series we’ll start with an easy task!

My first idea is to leave a bag or box in the bottom of your closet where you can toss items you want to get rid of.  As you are scanning the closet for something to wear and you find an old sweater two sizes too small, drop it in the box.  An old tie from the 70’s that you’ll never wear again?  Drop it in.  You get the idea.  {My family also keeps a box in the garage for old electronics, appliances, books, etc.}  Whenever your box is full you can have a yard sale to earn a little extra money or drop it off at a local charity.  If you decide to donate and you have kids don’t pass up the opportunity to take your kids with you to let them see charity in action.

Check back tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day, etc.) for another segment of Clearing Closet Clutter…

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