Make Your Home Smart With Lennox

October 21, 2015 just rolled around and we aren’t as tech savvy as Doc and Marty McFly thought. We still need roadways and we don’t have hoverboards. We do have smarter homes though, and some homes are really decked out. What kind of technology do you have in your home that makes it “smarter?”

I guess our home is pretty dumb. We don’t have much technology the Doc would approve of, but I do enjoy all my kitchen appliances. I enjoy my microwave the most. It’s a standard microwave, but it has a hood function that sucks the “cooked” air out and lets us breathe easier with less smell in the air. It’s also my favorite because of the storage feature. I don’t have to clutter my counters with a microwave because it’s attached above the stove. I love that. Nice clean lines. The timer feature – simple but a life saver. Our laundry room is upstairs from the main floor, so I set a timer on the microwave, so I know when to go get my laundry. It saves me so much time and energy from running back and forth because with kids, I need to conserve all of my energy!

One smart home feature I’d love to have is bluetooth light bulbs. The light bulbs act as a speaker system for your music. Turn on your phone or tablet, turn on the bluetooth, and you can hear your music in every room that you have a speaker bulb installed. You can even set the tempo of the music to match the tempo of the blinking bulb (which its color can be changed too) if you’re in the mood to really party. Last time I saw these for sale, they started at $70 a light bulb, so I think it will be a while before we make that “want” a “need” in the budget.


I also wouldn’t mind have a smart HVAC system.  We just installed one in our new home and I can’t wait to move over there and try it out on a regular basis.  Lennox has a smart HVAC brand called the iComfort S30® which lets me control my home’s temperature from my smart phone and it even let’s me set your home’s temperature to a certain “feel-like” degree.  So if I want it to feel like 72 degrees it can do that for me.  We won’t have to figure out the humidity and all the aspects that affect the temperature!  This will be very handy in the fall and spring when we’re constantly adjusting our thermostat from heat to air.  The Smart Away™ mode will even use my smart phone’s GPS to sense when I come and go, adjusting the temperatures accordingly to save energy and maximize comfort.  How cool is that? Setting my temperature away from home is nice but setting the heat to rise just before we wake up is my favorite feature!

What smart home features do you drool over? What is your must-have smart appliance?  For more information on a Lennox HVAC system you can visit there website here.

Lennox’s HVAC Smart Home Technology

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lennox but all opinions are my own.

Most of us choose our favorite season based on our temperature preference. I love the fall because it’s cool and crisp and anticipates even a cooler time. My HOT friends love the summer and the time off with their kids too (most of them enjoy that aspect). One thing irritating for us fall lovers is the fluctuating temperatures. Often times we ask ourselves what season it will be this week.

I’m a bit behind in home technology, but there are HVAC systems that help you control the temperature of your home remotely. iComfort® S30 from Lennox is a wireless-enabled touchscreen thermostat. It’ normal like other thermostats which you can control from the wall, but you can also control it from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop! It really ups the convenience aspect because the program will give you weather updates! Instead of having to figure out what your weather will be like for the day and then walk to the thermostat to adjust it, you can do it remotely. I always struggle with remembering to adjust the thermostat before I leave the house because I’m in a rush to do this and that. If I forget, no problem. I can do it from my phone. It also adds convenience because it alerts you of scheduled maintenance system problems.


If you activate this feature, you don’t even have adjust the thermostat’s schedule to when you are home. The GPS in your phone will alert the system when you are home and set the HVAC system to your desired temperature.  The Smart Away™mode brings comfort, convenience, and efficiency together in a blended synergy.

The Feels Like™ temperature mode will let take humidity and temperature into account and adjust the system’s temperature to create your desired temperature in the house! For you HOT readers, I’m sure you would love this!!!

For those of you plagued with allergies, you’ll love this feature. The Allergen Defender monitors the amount of pollution and pollen in your area based on zip code and turns on the fan to eliminate these nasties from your home! Here’s a video that explains this feature more in detail.   

You can also find out information on Lennox’s website.