How to Combat Seasonal Allergies

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies

The weather is finally warming up and when you step outdoors, the stronger rays of the sun feel great as they hit your skin. Spring weather makes most people long to spend more time outside. This is especially true for active individuals who can’t wait to ditch the treadmill for a run through the park or skip a class at the gym to engage in an outdoor activity.

Along with the improving weather conditions at this time of year, however, is the increasing number of allergens that keep many of us sniffling, sneezing, and rubbing our eyes. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, about 40 million people in the United States reportedly have some type of allergy, with seasonal allergens topping the list of the most common allergy triggers. While allergies are no fun, they shouldn’t confine you to a life spent indoors.

Dr. Josh Sandell of Orthology, a world-class solution for rapid recovery from physical injuries and chronic pain, has put together some tips on how to make your way through allergy season as effectively as possible so your seasonal sniffles don’t slow you down or keep you from enjoying the great outdoors.  Because my whole family is suffering right now I wanted to share these tips with you so that you might get some relief too!

Pollen Counts

Pollen counts vary from day to day and even throughout the day, so it’s best to head outdoors when counts are at their lowest, whenever possible. Some claim that pollen counts are highest during the morning hours, while others say they peak more around midday, but later in the afternoon or evening is probably the best time to head out for a run or other physical activity if you’re susceptible to pollen.

Check the Weather

Weather can also have an impact. Dry, warm and windy days bring with them higher pollen counts than cool, damp days. There are plenty of websites and apps that can provide you with information about pollen counts so you can monitor the best times to head outdoors or when to consider staying inside.

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is not only cathartic, but it can actually help relieve your suffering from allergies as windows, blinds, and items in old storage could be harboring dust and mold which can cause your allergies to act up. Doing a thorough spring cleaning by vacuuming carpet and washing down surfaces can get rid of potential irritants and give you a great workout in the process!  {Check out our 1 Month Spring Cleaning Guide and our Top 12 Dusting Tips and Tricks!}

Top 12 Dusting Tips and Tricks

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Endust for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dusting Tips It’s that time of year again.  Oh, you know the one.  Eyes are watering, flowers are blooming, and the kids are running around the yard.  Spring has sprung!  For many of us spring is also the beginning of our annual ritual of spring cleaning.

I want to share my top ten tips and tricks for one cleaning chore that will never end….laundry you guess?  Well, not today.  Today we’re going to tackle the topic of dusting.  Bunnies in your lawn are cute, dust bunnies hiding behind your couch are not so charming.

*Heads Up: We have a spring cleaning giveaway at the end of this post!*



  1.  Let’s talk tools.  You want something that will grab the dust as opposed to just pushing it around…and you don’t want one that will leave lint or feathers behind.  I’ve heard rave reviews about feather dusters made with ostrich feathers.  I bought one and while I feel like a fancy maid while using it, I don’t feel like it really grabs the dust.  That may be because I wait a week (or more!) in between dusting but who has time for more than that anyway?  If you dust frequently and don’t have grime left behind from kids that you also want to get off while you dust then an ostrich feather duster may be great for you.  For me and my chaotic life I prefer a microfiber cloth.  It’s great!
  2.  Another tool I like to reach for is Endust dusting spray.  It’s not a polish that will leave a yucky residue on your furniture but a dusting spray which is just what I need.  Endust is a silicone-free formula that’s designed to leave a natural shine without any build-up.  It helps grab the dust and erases the fingerprint smudges.  Plus, my daughter loves the lemon scent it leaves behind.  Where to buy?  You can pick up a can of Endust Lemon at, Walmart, or almost any grocery store.  Here’s a coupon for it!
  3.  Dust from top to bottom, THEN vacuum.  I read this tip in a magazine when I was a child and I remember it still.  I have a tendency to want to vacuum first but that will only stir up the dirt that will later end up on my furniture again.  Dusting from top to bottom keeps me from dusting something twice.  If I dust the bottom of the bookshelf first and work my way up, the bottom shelf will have a thin layer of freshly fallen dust on it.  Remember to go top to bottom.
  4. Dusting delicate items When I was a kid one of my chores was to dust the items on our family’s coffee table.  I can still envision the two deer and the doe that had the crossed legs.  I loved how shiny they were once they were clean!  To clean delicate items lightly spray your microfiber cloth with dusting spray.  Use a moist Q-tip or clean painting brush for those hard to reach places that dust can collect.
  5.  Walls, chair rail, door frames, crown molding, window sills, and baseboards.  Whew, I get exhausted just writing all of that out.  These areas can surprisingly hold a lot of dust.  My mom had me clean our wood paneled walls when I was younger and I have my kids clean our walls now.  This is a great chore to pass on to any youngins you have at home.  Microfiber cloths are again my go to rag of choice.  They’re also great to cover a broom with and use to reach the high places you can’t reach without a ladder.
  6. Electronics.  A quick swipe with a CLEAN microfiber cloth usually does the trick but if there is any build up from sticky little fingers use a wipe especially for electronics.  I would recommend testing a new wipe in an inconspicuous area if you haven’t used that brand before.  If you’re cleaning and crevices around vents or cords it’s best to turn off and unplug the device before dusting.
  7. Curtains and Blinds.  Vacuum both sides of your curtains regularly to avoid build up.  I’m sure it’s recommended to have them laundered on a regular basis too but I never do…maybe I should.  For dusting blinds you could use a feather duster, or a microfiber cloth and painstakingly go over each row.  What I do is fill a bathtub with warm soapy water and dunk the whole set of blinds in there swishing them around, wiping quickly and patting dry before rehanging.  That might not be the best way but it works for me and it quickly gets them sparking clean.
  8. Couches.  I love to deep clean my furniture by using the tools on my vacuum to “brush” my cushions and to get in the crevices and get out any left behind crumbs.  Why do I like to do clean a couch?  I’m weird I guess.
  9. Ceiling fans.  We have a special duster especially for fan blades.  It’s easy peasy and leaves the blades clean.  A chair and a cleaning rag work just as well though but I’m lazy.
  10. Light fixtures.  Yearly I’ll clean the ceiling lights.  I wish it was more often but I’m just going to be honest with you.  I’ll clean the floor and table lamps more often with a damp cloth but the ceiling lights get a once a year treatment.  If I’m up to the challenge I’ll clean each light by hand but most of the time I’ll set them in the dishwasher and let it do it’s thing.  No one has to know! 🙂
  11. Behind the refrigerator and stove.  The first time I cleaned behind mine was when I was pregnant and I wanted EVERYTHING clean.  It was disgusting and took much longer than it should have to clean it because the grime was so thick.  I now clean back there more often with a rag and hot soapy water.  Cleaning behind these may keep your appliances working longer but it also eliminates crumbs that unwanted pests may feast on.  Plus, you’ll feel like super woman for having cleaned something that no one would ever see just because you could.
  12. Furnace vents.  I use our vacuum’s attachments to regularly clean the dust that is in the vents in our home.  This is a job my daughter loves to do for me.  It’s recommended that furnace ducts should be professionally cleaned every few years.

There you have it folks, those are my dusting tips that will hopefully help you clean your home more efficiently and keep dust from accumulating and effecting your health. Out of curiosity, how often do you dust around your home?  Also, if you have any great dusting tips I would love to hear them.  Please share and tips or tricks you have in the comments below!


Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

Endust has created the #DustOff challenge to promote spring-cleaning and their Multi-Surface Dusting Spray.  You can enter by tweeting OR posting a before and after photo on Facebook of a surface you have dusted using the #DustOff hashtag.  No purchase is necessary and you don’t have to use Endust Products to enter.  There will be 5 winners, each receiving a spring-cleaning package filled with Endust products along with a $100 gift card.  Winners will be chosen and announced on Endust’s social channels on May 4, 2016.  Good luck!!

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How to Find 15 Minutes a Day to Declutter

How to Find 15 Minutes a Day to Declutter

It can be overwhelming to try to declutter your home when you take a large chunk on at once. Rather than attack it full-force, you are probably more prone to put it off. Day after day, the task seems less than inviting. Daunting even.  You’re not sure but you think you heard your pile of papers and dust bunnies mocking you.

What if you set aside 15 minutes to declutter? Would you be able to approach it then?  Try these tips to get yourself closer to a clutter-free home.

1. Set a reasonable goal
If you want to take on a closet, for example, you will not be able to get it all done in 15 minutes. Start with a shelf, time yourself for 15 minutes and do a really job purging what you don’t need and re-organizing that particular space. The next day, continue with that shelf if needed or move on to another one.

2. Use the KRRT rule
Decide if you want to keep it, re-use it, recycle it or trash it. If you have not used it within the past year, then it is not an item you need to keep. Can it be donated? Is there someone you know who needs it more than you do?  Sometimes, by asking these questions, our perspective on the item changes.

3. Decide on a home
Everything you are re-organizing needs a home. If you just toss it back on the shelf, it will become chaotic quickly. By having a specific home for each item, you are bound to stick to a more organized space. Use bins, jars, labels and whatever else works to keep your space the way you want it. This will add visual appeal and motivate you to stick to your newly organized space.

4. Wake up 15 minutes earlier
I like sleep as much as the next guy. Probably more! However if you’re having trouble squeezing 15 minutes a day to declutter wake up a little earlier. Don’t declutter with your eyes still glued shut but once you’re awake and moving attack a problem area and I bet you’ll have a spring in your step the rest of the day.

5. Talk and declutter at the same time
Can’t chew gum and walk at the same time? Well, this probably isn’t for you. 🙂 The idea is simple, to distract you while you declitter. Hopefully this will help you from overanalyzing everything and make you more efficient. Plus, if you’re talking to a girlfriend she can help give you the nudge you need to let go of some things.

15 minutes a day is all it takes to get yourself started with de-cluttering your living space. That could amount to almost the same time as a Netflix show or a few songs from your favorite playlist.

Declutter Challenge – Area 2 Kid’s Rooms

Declutter Kid's Room Tips

Area #2 – Kid’s Bedroom/ Guest Room

These are the sections to complete for week two.  Week 2 begins Feb. 28, 2016.  What if you don’t have a second bedroom?  Work on another area of your home that isn’t one of the 12 Areas we will get to eventually.  You can even go back and finish decluttering your kitchen if you’d like.  Don’t forget to continually post your pictures in our Live With Less Facebook group to be eligible for our $250 Declutter Challenge Prize! (<— click this link for more details on the challenge!  You’re not too late, we’re officially starting on February 21, 2016!)

*Remember you only have to do 4 of the 5 sections for the contest but if you have time, why not? 🙂

The 5 Sections are as follows:

  • – Closet
  • – Shelves, books, toys, & electronics
  • – Tops of dressers
  • – Drawers
  • – Floors (including under the bed)

Here’s an example of what your week may look like.

Sunday – Rest, work ahead, surf my Pinterest pins, whatever you want to do! 🙂

Monday – Closet

Tuesday – Shelves, books, toys, & electronics

Wednesday – Tops of dressers

Thursday – Drawers

Friday – Floors (including under the bed)

Saturday – Rest, catch up, work ahead, whatever you want but make sure you add the photos of the work you’ve accomplished this week to our Live With Less Facebook group.

What do you do if you don’t have one of the above sections?  Work on the closet for another day or another section of your home (that isn’t one of the 12 Areas we haven’t came to yet).  Have fun!!

Previous Declutter Challenge Posts:

Ideas on Kid’s Rooms:

12 Week Declutter Challenge Recommended Reading

Declutter Articles

These are the required reading for the 12 Week Declutter Challenge.  I hope you’ll find it helpful!




Kitchen Decluttering – 12 Week Challenge


Welcome to the first week of the 12 Week Declutter Challenge! I am thrilled to start this adventure with all of you!

Remember this week’s challenge will officially begin on February 21st but feel free to work ahead!  For full details on the challenge click the link here.


If you’re not already follow me on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, & Pinterest so you never miss a bit of decluttering/homemaking inspiration!

Remember to join this challenge you need to join our Live With Less Facebook group or email me the pictures of your progress.  Between you and me, the group is way cooler because it’s full of fabulous people with loads of encouragement!

Without further ado, here is the rundown on Week #1!

Area #1 is the Kitchen/Pantry

The 5 Sections are as follows:

  • – Counters
  • – Cabinets
  • – Pantry
  • – Drawers
  • – Refrigerator and freezer

Here’s an example of what your week may look like.

Sunday – Rest, work ahead, add an album in our Live With Less Facebook group for this challenge, whatever you want to do!

Monday – Counters

Tuesday – Cabinets

Wednesday – Pantry

Thursday – Drawers

Friday – Refrigerator and freezer

Saturday – Rest, catch up, work ahead, whatever you want but make sure you add the photos of the work you’ve accomplished this week to our Live With Less Facebook group.

What if you have an enormous kitchen and only get 2/3 of your cabinets decluttered?  That still counts because you got two+ cabinets cleared.  Hopefully it will be motivation to clean the rest too but for this challenge you’ve met the requirements.

Ideas for the Kitchen

What to Do When Clutter Overwhelms

When clutter overwhelms

There are ice cream dishes still on the counter from last night.  The dishwasher needs emptied so it can be filled with this morning’s cereal bowls.  There are two loads of folded laundry on my dresser and a load in the washing machine that has been washed, and re-washed twice since yesterday.  The living room is covered with plastic figures and wooden blocks.  The kitchen floor is speckled with drops of milk and splashes of juice.  Not to mention the crushed goldfish and random Cheerios decorating the floor.  The to-do list is longer than I can memorize and I don’t have time to sit down and write it all out.  My head is swarming with thoughts that are echoing just a bit louder than the kid’s who are all demanding my attention at once.  I retreat to the bathroom to sit and have a moment of quiet.  I throw my head back and try to breath deeply, then it happens.  I see the vent above my head is covered with heavy dust and I break out into sobs.

I’m overtaken by my built up emotions, the clutter, my never ending to-do list, my sweet darling children that I would give my life for, and whew, sometimes I just need to take a moment and remember something.

Remember that I have a choice.

Remember that I can CHOOSE TO BE THANKFUL or choose to be overwhelmed, stressed, and weighted down.

Dirty ice cream dishes mean that we’re blessed enough to have extra money for treats.  At one point in my life I didn’t have enough money for three meals a day.  The dirty dishwasher means I should be thankful for many things.  Food to eat, money to pay the energy bill, running water, and well, a dishwasher.  Clean laundry reminds me that I am blessed enough to have family and clothes for them to wear.  Not to mention, I don’t have to drag bags of laundry to a laundromat.  My dirty kitchen reminds me to be thankful for the little mess-makers I gave birth to.  My mental to-do list reminds me that I am thankful for hobbies and opportunities to serve others.

I can be thankful.

Thankful for my life and those in it.  Thankful that I can pull myself away from the madness and reorganize my priorities.  Thankful that I can do things to make my home a haven.

Thankful that I can start.

While running and covering my head is tempting, I can choose to dig my heels in and start.

For me, starting involves me starting a load of laundry while I take a toy basket and scurry around picking up as many toys that are separated from their homes.  I give my kid’s the job of putting away the toys in the basket while I attack the remaining clutter.

As counters reappear and the “stuff” is reduced I can breathe easier.  Life isn’t perfect and my home will never resemble a showroom but they’re both good.  Good again.

I’m no longer overwhelmed by the to-do list.  The stuff.  The urgent.

I can enjoy my kids, tackle chores together, and walk around the kitchen barefoot.

Sometimes it’s important to just stop, evaluate, and then start.

If you’ve ever experienced a similar moment of overwhelm I invite you to join in our 12 Week Declutter Challenge starting tomorrow!  You can find all the details here.  It’s a lot of fun; I hope you’ll join us!  Oh, and there’s a cash prize of $250 too!

January Live With Less Winner Announced

Declutter Game

January was a good month, wasn’t it?  We pitched, we tossed, we decluttered, and we bonded over the love-hate relationship we have with stuff.  As I look back on January I’m excited, thrilled, almost jumping up and down with excitement to introduce our new challenge to you.  It’s a big one ya’ll, full of hard work, promises of success, and of course a cash prize!

Because I know many of you are shouting at your screens, “Okay, okay, enough already, Ashley!” I’ll move on.

With many worthy women who have entered the challenge, there’s only one winner.  Well, technically we’re all winners if we’ve got rid of unwanted belongings in our house….but only one cash prize winner.

The winner of the January Live With Less Challenge 2016 and the recipient of $100 cash is…

drum roll please…

is MANDY P! 

Congratulations Mandy!  You can email me at and I’ll get your money to you ASAP!

Congratulations to you all who entered, even if you didn’t make it to the 31st!  I’m proud of all of you!


Discouraged you didn’t win?  Take heart, you can enter our next challenge starting on February 7, 2016.  Go here for the 12 Week Declutter Challenge details!

12 Week Declutter Challenge – $250 Prize

12 Week Declutter Challenge

Who’s ready to start a 12- week clutter-busting, hold-no-junk-prisoner, challenge?  Challenge, that’s right, this is a challenge and it won’t be easy folks!  The January challenge we just finished up had over 200 people starting off and less than 50 finished.  Most people dropped off around day 11.  This challenge will be different, however, and will be more of a marathon than a sprint.  The goal is a BIG ONE – to declutter and organize your house.  Through the course of the next 12 weeks I want you to look at, touch, and analyze every single part of your home.

We’ll attack 12 areas of our home, one area a week.

Each area will be divided into 5 sections.  You’ll have till the next week to finish those 5 sections.  Do it all in one day, spread it out, whatever.  Photograph your progress, at least one photo of each section is required.  Before and after photos and photos of discarded belongings are fun too but not required!  Add your photos to our Live With Less Facebook group (more on the how-to of that later).

If you run into an section of your home that is already decluttered, great!  Take a photo of it to share then feel free to work ahead, find a better way to organize that section, or work on a project you’ve been procrastinating on.  Do whatever you like, you’ve got a free pass!

Sound easy enough?  Great, let me show you the first area that will start on February 21, 2016.

Area #1 is the Kitchen/Pantry

The 5 Sections are as follows:

  • – Counters
  • – Cabinets
  • – Pantry
  • – Drawers
  • – Refrigerator and freezer

Here’s an example of what your week may look like.

Sunday – Rest, work ahead, add an album in our Live With Less Facebook group for this challenge, whatever you want to do!

Monday – Counters

Tuesday – Cabinets

Wednesday – Pantry

Thursday – Drawers

Friday – Refrigerator and freezer

Saturday – Rest, catch up, work ahead, whatever you want but make sure you add the photos of the work you’ve accomplished this week to our Live With Less Facebook group.

What if you have an enormous kitchen and only get 2/3 of your cabinets decluttered?  That still counts because you got two+ cabinets cleared.  Hopefully it will be motivation to clean the rest too but for this challenge you’ve met the requirements.

Prizes!!!  The favorite part is the prize.  The prize for this challenge will be $250 cash!  This will be our biggest cash giveaway to date!  If we have a lot of participation we might even have a smaller prize every few weeks.

I know I’ll have left something off but let’s start with these Q&As and please feel free to ask questions in our group or in the comments here on the blog if I miss something!


  • – If you skip a day are you disqualified?  Yes and no.  It’s okay to submit your section photo late but only two days late.  Three days late or later will disqualify you from winning but you’re welcome to continue playing.  Remember we’ll cover an area a week, Sunday-Saturday.  Submit any of those sections by Saturday and you’re good.  Submitting them on Sunday and Monday of the next week is permissible.  Submitting them on Tuesday disqualifies you.  I don’t like rules for the sake of rules but it’s a good way to keep us accountable and moving forward. 🙂
  • – What if I’m planning to be out of town one week?  Everyone is allowed to skip an entire week of their choosing.  No questions asked.
  • – What if I don’t have two hours to declutter each section? Don’t worry, progress is the goal, not perfection!  Even if you only have 15 minutes for some sections, do what you can.  If we put off everything till we had enough time to do everything, in the very best possible way, we’d never get anything done.
  • – Where do I share my pictures?  In our Live With Less Facebook group you’ll need to start an album (this is easiest from a desktop as opposed to mobile).  Once it’s created you can easily add photos from your phone.  All your photos will be in one neat organized bundle for you to look over and admire. 🙂  (Some have noted that unless you comment on your photos that you add, they won’t show up on the group wall so if you want everyone to see your updates add a little comment under each picture)
  • – If I absolutely abhor Facebook can I email you my pictures? Yes, but please put the area you’re submitting in the subject line to help me stay organized.  For instance “Area 1 Kitchen.”   You can email these to  You can email these once a week or as you complete them.
  • – When will this challenge start, I just heard about it?  The first week of the challenge will run February 21-27th…and with the two days of grace period you can submit all five pictures on February 29th (Leap Day!) and still be qualified.
  • – Will we be taking Easter off?  Yes, specific details on that will come later.
  • – If I share pictures of my junk in the Live With Less Facebook group will all of my friends see it?  No, not unless they are in the group.  It’s a closed group.
  • – What if I don’t have one of the areas or sections listed?  It’s completely fine to veer from the recommended path IF you don’t have the area listed.  You’re not disqualified in the least.  Simply find another area that needs some decluttering love and share pictures of your progress there.
  • – Will you be sharing the items you’re getting rid of?  Yes!  I’ll be posting them in our Live With Less Facebook group.  Forgive the bad quality pics, these are quick pictures that are usually taken at night. 🙂
  • – What if more than one person makes it to the end?  This would be wonderful and I would choose a winner at random using
  • – What if no one makes it to the end?  Then I’ll keep the money and treat myself to a day at the spa.

In review:

  • –  12 areas of our home, one area a week.
  • –  You only need to complete 11 of the 12 areas to be entered.
  • –  Each area will be divided into 5 sections.  I’ll post at least one week ahead of time.
  • –  Add photos of decluttered sections to our Live With Less Facebook group.

Who’s ready to play?  I hope you’ll join me!  This will be more fun with friends!

If you’re just now joining us and want to catch up on past posts you can find them all linked here on the intro post to our Live With Less series.

Ridiculously Fun Car Accessories

This post is brought to you by Fitzgerald Auto Mall.

These ridiculously fun car accessories will make cruising down the road more enjoyable and less of a drag.  I had fun making this list and I hope you’ll have fun discovering the goodies I’ve rounded up.

Cherry Pie Air Freshner

I’ll start this list off with a sweet treat.  You might not need it, but this adorable little cherry air freshener will freshen up your day too. When you’re tired of looking at your tree freshener, this pie should round things out. Maybe pie isn’t your cup of tea. You can also find “flavors” like popcorn, bacon, cupcake, and Big Foot (pine scent).

Star Wars Car Charger

Maybe you grew up with Star Wars, or maybe you’ve seen SW7 one too many times. “This is the droid you’ve been looking for.” Sorry. I couldn’t help it. The Star Wars droid plugs into your cigarette he and sits in your cup holder. When he’s charging your phone he “bee bop bleeps.” Make your collection complete with Darth Vader car mats and Millenium Falcon Sunshade.

Car Fog Light

Mark your territory (or just look really cool) with this pattern light following behind you. Keep your fam safe and fancy with this rear light especially during rain and fog. When it’s hard to see the car in front, making your presence known will be easy with this psychedelic wonder.

Mini Poop Emoji Pillow

When you’re having a bad or shall we say crappy day, this little car accessory is sure to cheer you up. Next to your daughter’s stuffed Pooh-bear, you can have your own little… Oh, we won’t go there. This mini poop emoji pillow is only $4.40 shipped!

French Fry Holder

I hate it when I don’t have a place to rest my french fries. Whenever I’m driving solo, I have to hold my own fries or cry in despair as they fall in the floor from the cup holder as a I make my 90-degree turn. The french fry holder nestles the crispy heaven-sticks into your cup holder, so they don’t fly out as you drive. Finally, you can eat your french fries peace.

I love French Fries License Plate

Once you’ve bought your french fry holder, you shouldn’t hesitate to declare your love to the world! Say it boldly with this classy I Love French Fries license plate frame.

There you have it, my list of ridiculously fun car accessories!  Do you know of an accessory I left off?